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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence No Dates

October 24 [no year]

To Mrs. E. [Elizabeth] Hollington (Bowling Green) from Mary A. Hollington (West Unity) October 24 [no year, probably post-1884]

West Unity
October the 24

My Dear Sister
I have thought of writing to you before but I thought I would wait till I heard from John he went west and is at his unkeles W.H. he likes the west I hope it will do him good I am verry lonely you now Something about how it Semes by haveing Mary gone my health is not verry good I have Liver chills every day I wish you would that heir receipet and send it to me and Will be verry much obliged from your Sister Mary A Hollington

Much Love to all write soon

October 26 [no year]

To Elizabeth Hollington (Bowling Green) from M.A. Austin (Martinez California), October 26, [no year]
[Note: there are two envelopes with this letter, one addressed to Samuel Lamb, Bowling Green, with an illegible postmark, and one addressed to Elizabeth Hollington, Bowling Green, with an Omaha, Nebraska postmark of October 27, no year]

Omaha Oct 26,

At your brothers request I write and let you know his condition. He seems very very weak is out of his head and in fact is as the case seems to me very low.

I will subscribe
M.A. Austin
P.S. A physician on the train tell me it is doubtful if he gets to his journeys end.
W.G. Lambe

December 29 [no year]

To Mr. [Joseph] Hollington (Bowling Green) from Mr. J. Foote (Tontogany) December 29 [no year]
[Note: envelope is postmarked Rockford, IL and dated Jan 10]

Tontogany Dec 29
Mr Hollington


Mr Foote says that one of your daughters was afflicted with fits and as I was troubled with them for more than 20 years and done everything we could hear of, found nothing that done any good until I tried Dr S.A. Richmond, Samaritine Nervine and I think it has affected a perfect cure and I feel anxious that every one should give it a trial, you can get the medicine at West and Truax in Toledo but you better state the case and send right to the Doctor as there is other medicine that will be needed in a severe case

Doctor SA Richmond
St Joseph MO
Mr. J. Foote

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