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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, July-September 1943

July 3, 1943

Somewhere in Tenn.

Dear Folks -

Enclosed is a clipping of interest. Please watch the "Life" magazine. There will be pictures of our unit in it.

We are now twenty miles south-east of Nashville. Arrived last nite, but are moving out the fifth.

We will receive mail to-nite and maybe we won't get any more until next week end.

The tribs here are terrible, but I'm getting along O.K.

Please drop Eloise a card and tell her that I may not be able to write her this week. No more mail going out.

I still think Ill be able to get a furlough later on.

We have 50,000 maps to distribute tomorrow, so no Sunday for us.


P.S. You won't be able to visit me at this time.

September 3, 1943

To Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Armbruster
Napoleon, Ohio
R.R. #3

From Pvt. Byron Armbruster
H.S. Co 326th ENGRS.
A.P.O. #472 % Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

3 Sept. 43

Dear Folks -

Everything is O.K. I received your letter and one from Emma to-day. Did Eloise send you her letter? This may be the last letter for a little while. I didn't get up to the Stage Door Canteen. I would have liked very much to have gone.

Some of we boys are going to the show tonite and they are almost ready, so I'll cut this letter short.

When writing me, always let me know when you received my last letter.

News is scarce, so I'll close wishing you all the best of health and happiness.


Send mail
12 Sept
19 Sept
26 Sept
10 October
18 October

November 7
" 14
" 22
" 28

September 22, 1943

To Mrs. C.H. Armbruster
Napoleon, Ohio
R.R. #3

From Pvt. Byron Armbruster
H-S. Co. 326th Engrs.
APO # 472
% Postmaster New York, NY.

22 Sept. 43

Dear Mother and all -

Just a note to let you know I'm O.K. Nothing new has happened, since I wrote Eloise the last letter.

The last letter I received was September, the third and I don't expect any for a couple of weeks yet. However when I do catch up with the mail, I should have a quite a few letters to read.

When writing Kenny and Bert, please give them my best regards. I don't see how Bert can like the navy. It makes me feel like I'm drunk, all the time. Is Kenny still stationed at the same place? I hope Ruffer likes her job. Please let Jo Groll Rettig read this letter. I haven't enough news to write to all.

Wishing you and the rest of the folks the best of health and happiness and Please don't worry, if there is any to do, let me do it. Assuring you all is well.

with Love,

September 26, 1943

Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Armbruster
Napoleon Ohio
R.R. #5

Pvt. Byron Armbruster
H & S. Co. 326th. Engrs.
APO# 472, % Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

26 September '43

Dear Folks:

Just a note to let you know that I'm O.K. We have been in a port for a couple of weeks and go ashore nearly every day and take long hikes through the countryside. It sometimes seems to me that I'll wake up some time and find that it has only been a dream. The scenery and homes reminds me of some of the stories we used to read in school.

It seems rather difficult to write, so shall writ very few persons with the exception of you and Eloise. I hope the rest will understand and I know they will.

Well its time to throw my blanket on the floor and go to sleep. For some unknown reason I'm unable to rest in a hammock.

I'm going through an experience that time will be unable to erase, taking the bitter with the sweet and all in all the moral of the group is very high.

Dad, are you still in the race for State Treasurer? If so, I wish you a lot of luck. Are you still working in Adrian? I'll undoubtly get a lot of news when I catch up with my mail.

Wishing best of health and happiness to all.
With Love,

September 30, 1943

30 Sept. '43

Dear Folks -

Just a note to put your minds at ease and please always remember that no news is good news.

We have been delayed enroute and are in port.

The last mail I received was just a month ago and I do not expect to receive any for a couple of weeks yet. Also you may not here from me again for several weeks. Even some of the letters I have written previous to this, will not be received for a couple of weeks yet.


Dear Folks -

Please give Eloise and all, my love. Does Lucille Ruffer like her job? Ruffer always was a swell kid. Whomever you wish may read this note but especially leave Jo Rettig read it.

Answering you all is well and God willing, I shall remain so.

Much love to all, especially you Mother, Dad and Eloise. I know you are remembering me in your prayers.

This is certainly an experience, time shall not be able to erase.

Again assuring you I'm well and happy.


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