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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, December 1943

December 15, 1943

15 Dec. '43

Dear Folks -

Mail has been light the past week, for everyone. I haven't received but only a letter or two, within the last five days. Whats the matter? Write often, if you find time. Please inform the North-west News to use my current address. They always omitt the first part of address and the paper is always so old, by the time it reaches me. I received one tomto dated Nov. 4th.

I should write Kenny more often, but I haven't anything much to tell, so please forward all news.

We are having about the same weather here that I imagine you folks are having, only maybe not so much snow. We had a few flurries but they didn't last long. Can you imagine sleeping out in a tent, now and then? I do hope this thing ends soon, altho I consider myself very fortunate. We have a lot of fun mixed in.

Will close, and as an Englishman would say, "Cheerio" I've never heard one say good-bye.

Wishing you all a very, very Merry Christmas. Are you having a get together this Christmas?

With Love,

December 23, 1943

Dec. 23, 1945 [1943?]

Dear Friends,

How nice it is when you are so far away to have friends think of you. when we know our friends are still with us it is much easier. Where ever we go or where we are there is nothing like a friend to help you along. So thanks a lot for the very pretty Christmas Greetings. It does not look much like a white Christmas here. If it keeps on raining it will be mud. I do hope you folks had a Merry Christmas. So I will wish you a Very Happy New Years.

Yours truly
Orville Bennett

Season's Greetings
From Great Britain


(Picture of American Eagle with two stars on wither side of it)
(Picture of Holly along the left and bottom edge of page)
(Four Pictures of the North Star)
(A Map of England)
[Pictures all white in a field of black]

December 29, 1943

29 Dec '43

Dear Folks -

I though you might be interested in knowing just how well I was remembered by my friends at Christmas time So below is a list of friends who have remembered me and if you should meet up with any of them please give them my regards as I will not be able to acknowledge all the cards.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knepley
Ida and Tellie Dietzen
Vera and Al Sonnenberg
Die and Bull Brubosen
Carmen and Vern Perkins
Aunt Bertha and Uncle Albert
Velma and George Buckholtz
Ray and Lottie Mohler
The Weavers from Tampa Fla.
Freada and Clarence Huddle
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schueler
Ethel Franz
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cheney
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Bennett
Helen and Blaine Foughty

Francile Heiser
Rosalie Weaver from N.Y.
The 5-H Club
Pearl and Don Austermiller
Mr. and Mrs. Delventhal
Mabel and Ott Leininger
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Higgins
Grandmother Frease
Aunt Nettie and Uncle Tob
Garnet Eisamen
Nora and Otto Brinkman
Rev. and Mrs. Zschoche
The Louden Co.
Betty Husa
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gerken
Pat Kurtz
Marilyn Ann
Aunt Tena and John

All's Well

P.S. And Eloise of Course.

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