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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, January 1944

January 7, 1944

7 Jan. '44

Dear Folks -

I'll drop you a line, although I haven't anything much to write. I have three letters here before me, all dated Dec. 20/43. I received Eloises and Emma's the fifth of Jan. and Mothers yesterday, the sixth.

Mom, I wish you and Emma would fill the entire space provided on the letters, for that purpose. You know the more news the better for me.

I haven't met up with anyone from back home, as yet, but I expect to have a visit with Charles Benecker on of these week ends. Was it his dad or Uncle that bought Heilman's farm?

I've been very busy and when nite comes I'm ready to roll in bed, instead of going on pass.

I'm anxious to hear how you Christmas plans turned out.

Sending my love to all,

As Ever,

January 16, 1944

16 Jan. 44

Dear Folks -

Its now one o'clock and I just finished eating a chicken dinner, the first chicken I've had for over four months and I've had one fried egg during that time. However we can't complain to much about our food. Its pretty good, considering everything.

To-day is so foggy that you can see only a few yards ahead. Mud, mud and more mud. This afternoon Frank and myself are going to visit the Hughes'. I wish I had some more popcorn to take with me to pop, in their home. It doesn't grow here. If you can get a fruit cake or some salted nuts, please send me some. The nuts would have to be sealed in cellophane or in cans, otherwise they would become very stale enroute. Altho, even stale ones would taste pretty good. Another item I wouldn't mine having, is dates. Are there any in Napoleon. Expected a letter today, but didn't get any. Please give my love to all,


January 21, 1944

21 Jan. '44

Dear Folks

I'm on C.Q. this evening and I have received a fist full of back mail, so must tell you about it. the following are Christmas greetings: Lucy Bechtel - Dec. 9th, Marcille, Dec 14th, Lauren's folks, Dec. 15th; JO and Tom, Dec. 15th, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Grim, Dec. 17th, F.M. and Lauren, Dec. 18th. The following are ordinary letters, Garnets which contained a home made beautiful lace cross, pink trimmed in white, for a book mark, dated Dec. 10th; Frieda's, Dec 15th; Emma's, Dec 13th, F.M. and Lauren, Dec. 10th and a letter from the factory. So you see that why I want you to write often. All mail must not come through.

When writing, you ask the questions, its easier for me. Please thank the above that sent me cards.

I expect to meet Charles Benecke to morrow noon. I hope everything works out O.K.

When writing, use V-mail. I think it gives better service. I sure miss the North-west News.

Love to all.
More Love,

January 23, 1944

23 Jan. '44

Dear Folks -

I had a very enjoyable week end. Charles spent the week end with me. He had a leave and was on his way to London. It's the first either of us had met anyone from home.

I'm still receiving Christmas greetings. I received one from Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith yesterday and also a letter from Dorthy Diemer, of Little Rock. Saturday I received letters from Paula Knipp, Tillie Orthwein and Emma. Dorthy said I should say hello to everyone in Ohio. Tillie said that her boy is in the Hawaiian Islands. Is that where Junior Leifer is?

You of course read the papers as to the activities of the war so there isn't anything for me to add.

We are having very damp weather at present, a lot of mud. Wishing all, the best of health and happiness.

With Love,

January 27, 1944

27 Jan. 1944

Dear Folks:

I have only a few minutes to spare at this time so shall type you a few lines. It goes a little quicker than writing by pen. I really do not know what to write about when I do sit down to writ a letter, so please ask me the questions. I also have a few to ask you. how are my allotments coming through? I may send an extra check or money order now and then so think nothing of it. just add it to my account. Did Marcille ever receive that poem I sent?

I received a letter from Kenny yesterday. He said it has only rained once this winter where he is located. It rains nearly every day here. I also received a letter from Eloise stating that some popcorn is on its way. I hope it arrives before the 6th. of February as I and a buddie are invited to tea at the Hughe's and I'd love to have some corn to take with me. They had never seen any popped until we popped some in there fire place a few weeks back.

I certainly had a grand time over the weekend. I guess I have written you that Charles spent from Saturday noon until morning with me. I also received a letter from Paula. I've given up trying to write so many. So when you see her, thank her for the letter. She was telling me about the good time she had visiting you.

Please check on the North west again. Charles doesn't get his any more either. We both feel lost without it.

Will close wishing both of you much love,

Your Son,

P.S. Give the rest my love. I think of them every day.

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