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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, February 1944

February 3, 1944

3 Feb. '44

Dear Folks -

Today I received three Birthday greetings. They are a little early, aren't they? One from grandmother Frease, Eloise and Mabel and family. I also received two North-wests: The first since the Nov. 11th issue. They are Dec. 16th and Jan. 6th. Why didn't you write and tell me about the Funchion boy? I knew him well. Please when writing, give me the bitter and the sweet. Last but not lest, I received the pop corn to-day. Will pop some to-nite.

Eloise has written that Bernedia has married, so when you see her give her my best wishes.

Everyone is yelling for me to start popping the corn, so will close and get to work.

Love to All,

To Mother.

We take so much for granted
In our usual stolid way
And words that should bespoken
Seem the hardest words to say
Yet deep below the surface
There's a well there thoughts are stored
and memories of the kindnesses
That make you so adored.

An affectionate Greeting
With best wishes for your Happiness

Happy Birthday Mom,
With Love,

February 9, 1944

9 Feb. '44

Dear Folks -

Great news, this morning for breakfast we each received an orange, the first since we arrived in the E.T.O. I still have it and will enjoy it in a few minutes.

No Pop, so far I haven't been able to listen to Dr. Marer's services. We have a new radio but it doesn't work very well. This isn't the old U.S.A.

I won't be able to write to morrow nite, as I won't be here, so thought I'd write to let you know that I received Pop's, Mother's, Laurens, and Helen Foughtys letters to-day plus a Card from Aunt Bertha. My papers are coming through, some nine and ten weeks late. In the Dec. 30th issue, I see where Harold Durham was reported missing in action. Is it true? He and I worked side by side at the factory. Ask Viola Gunn. It took forty four (44) days for Laurens letter to get here. Please use V-mail. It has priority.

Thinking of you always and praying to return soon.

With Love,

February 15, 1944

15 Feb '44

Dear Folks -

I have received several valentines and Birthday greetings including Herby's, Joy's, and Frieda's, which I received today. To-day I also received a letter from Chas. Beneike and Rev. Aschoche. Yesterday I received four letters. One each from the following: Mother, Marilyn Ann, Emma, Garnet and the day before, one from Kenny. I have never received the letter that Eloise said Jo mailed to me.

Here I am, a half a page and nothing much more to write. It seems like my mind is blank. I can't think of anything to write.

Please tell Garnet, Emma, Freida's and other sisters that I look forward to and enjoy reading their letters and hope that they forgive me for not answering them. Just to much else on my mind.

We were going to have a Birthday tea on my birthday Saturday evening but Saturday will find me on a several day field problem. The tea was going to be at the Hughes'. It would be nice if Marcille would drop them a line.

Sending my love to all. Your Son,

February 19, 1944

19 Feb '44

Dear Folks -

It certainly doesn't seem like my birthday to-day, but I guess it is. I'm off of work a few hours this afternoon, but we will all be busy tom-morrow.

I received Marcilles novel birthday greeting. We aren't allowed to draw anything like that on mail. I certainly received a lot of cards. I also received a book entitled "Byron." You remember Lord Byron the poet? It was from the Hughe's.

I sure was surprised to hear that Uncle Albert's are having sale. Are they going to move to town? Also, who is moving on the farm?

Well this is the end of the news for this week. Received Eloise's card to-day and yesterday from Mother, Emma, and Fredia.

I'll be glad when the second front is opened.

Love to All,

February 26, 1944

26 Feb '44

Dear Folks -

I have been receiving my share of mail but today brought me none. I haven't much news but I thought I would write and give you the address you asked for. Following is their address, but his parish is in another village. Rev. and Mrs. S. Hughes, The Cairngorn [CENSORED].

I had this afternoon off, so I slept and ate the dates that you folks sent. Tonite we shall nibble at the peanuts.

I think I shall listen to the radio and do a little reading and then crawl into my straw mat. That's all we have slept in since we arrived here in E.T.O. Even that seems good after being on an overnite problem.

How is Lauren making out in the draft? I hope he shall never have to leave home.

Sending my Love to All,

February 28, 1944

28 Feb. '44

Dear Folks -

Just a line to let you know that I received the fruit cake to-day. thanks a million. It certainly is a swell cake. Ask anyone in my room and I'm sure they will al agree. I received F.M. second V-mail today. If I shouldn't mention all the mail I receive doesn't mean that I haven't received them. I received valentine from Mabel and a birthday greeting from Mrs. Reiter.

I sent Eloise a handkerchief of which I was almost ashamed to send. It looked so cheap but its almost impossible to buy any thing here and I wanted her to have something from England. You folks couldn't realize what its like here. I gave three shillings and seven pence for it. Thats the equivalent to a little over seventy cents. Some price for a hanky and it only looked like a ten center, but that's about all we can buy to send home. However the sentiment is there anyway.

I was in Oxford one day and saw Junior Lapiss name on a registration book in the Red Cross. I have been all through the colleges there, Mother, I hope you had a nice birthday

Love to you both,

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