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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, March 1944

March 12, 1944

12 March '44

Dear Dad -

I received your letter dated Feb. 7th just yesterday, March 11th. I hope you don't think that you are being neglected by not receiving more letters from me, but I write home almost all the news that I dare.

The 160 acre farm that you mentioned, is that the one you told me about, when I was last home on furlough?

As far as the political situation is concerned, we just don't have much time to discuss it. I hear both pro and con. I think that whatever the boys were when they entered the service, they still hold fast to their same ideas. The things that make them feel bad, is when they read of strikes and the wages the boys are making back home. I wish you all the luck in the world, but don't spend to much on the campaign.

I'll be following in Harry Knysley's footsteps soon.

Well pop, don't worry about me, for I'll get by somehow. Give my love to mother,

With Love,

P.S. Happy Birthday.

March 16, 1944

16 March '44

Dear Folks -

Things here remain about the same. How is everything in Ohio? Emma has written that Al Sonnenberg and Bob Reeser will be entering the service soon. What is Vera and Martha going to do? Is Dwight Mohler still located at the same place? I heard that you didn't have such good luck with your dog.

Ask Emma if she knows the twins that have the beauty shop, in Napoleon, on the south side? Well that's the name now instead of Wally's daddy-in-law.

I received a letter from Junior to-day. He's quite a ------------- from me now. Stephen and myself spent last evening and we expect to spend Saturday or Sunday evening with the Hughes. Their son-in-law who is a flight officer, in the Air Corp, and their daughte3r are home on leave.

I am trying to arrange another meeting with Charles Benecke if I can get leave.

Mother, thanks a lot for being so faithful in your letter writing.

With Love,

March 25, 1944

25 March '44

Dear Folks -

We are having much nicer weather now. The crocus are now out in bloom.

A buddie of mine from Cleveland and myself are trying to get a seven day leave, to go and visit Charles Benecke. I hope we can arrange it. That reminds me, some of these times, I'm going to send Eloise this fellows wife's address so that they can meet sometime at Lakeside. I've met her several times and I know that Eloise would like her.

Enclosed are a couple of negatives, which I thought that you might like to have refinished. A friend of mine took them with his camera and the Army finished and developes only one of each, so he gave me the negatives. You see the Army censors each picture.

Call Jo and Tom and tell them I received their letter and will answer it when time permits.

Wishing you a very happy Easter
With Love,

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