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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, January - May 1944

May 4, 1944

4 May '44

Dear Folks -

Today brought me four letters, Emma's, Garnet's, Frances Mary's and Eloise's. I can hardly wait until I get F.M. picture. Yes! Mother, I received Mrs. Cheneys sisters picture, but I'm to busy to visit her at this time. While I'm thinking of it, please send me Uncle Dave's, son's address. Has she ever remarried? What was her first name. Just in case. You should have taken Eloise along to Montpelier when you and Kenny visited there.

Mom, I certainly enjoy your letters, but please use a darker lead pencil or pen, as the last couple were so light that I had difficulty in reading them. And you know I don't want to miss anything.

I'm CP to-day and it is now 9:30 P.M. and things have quieted down, as I shall attempt to write a few letters.

F.M. was wondering about my insurance, yes, mother take the money out of my account and buy it up. The insurance book is in my box.

I can hardly find enough news to fill this letter, how will I be able to write any more?

Well folks good luck and God bless you,

With Love,

May 19, 1944

19 May '44

Dear Folks -

I haven't been able to write for the last few days, as I have been very busy. If at any time my mail should stop coming your way, for a short time, please do not become alarmed, as the reason will be that I am just too busy to write.

Tell Eloise that I have no additional news, so I shall not be writing for a few days.

How is everything at home? I haven't received any news for a few days.

Well I have a rifle to clean yet to-nite, so I shall sign off for now.

Love to you all,

May 27, 1944

27 May '44

Dear Folks -

I haven't any news, but just a note to assure you that I'm O.K.

If the intervals between my letters should be longer than you think they should be, just don't become alarmed. The reason will be that I am just to busy to write.

Just follow the news in the papers and over the radio and you will have a fair idea of whats happening.

Had a busy day to-day, including doing a weeks washing.

Please give my love to all, and remember me in your prayers.

Wishing you fine health and all the happiness in the world.

With Love,

May 30, 1944

30 May '44

Dear Dad and Mother -

Yesterday I received eight letters, to-day none. From what I gather from your letters, you must be very busy.

You still remember what outfit I'm in, don't you? Look in the photo book mother started, and listen for the news by radio.

Yes, mother, Hughes received your letter and was very pleased with it. I had written Eloise that they received it.

Your letters are rather confusing. Is Marcille now married?

Well I had better close for now, as I just have to much on my mind and I can't think straight.

Wishing you all God's blessing.

With Love,

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