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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, June - July 1944

June 12, 1944

12 June '44

Dear Mother, Dad and All -

I have seen [CENSORED] here in France. We are doing O.K. I thank God that I have been reared in a Christian home, as He above has given me much comfort.

Please do not worry, as I know your prayers shall be answered. I assure you that I am well.

Please convey this message to Eloise, and give her my love.

With all my Love,

June 15, 1944

15 June '44

Dear Mother, Dad and All,

I mailed Eloise a letter last nite but I think I forgot to date it, so in case she is curious you can tell her.

I suppose everyone in the States has their ears glued to the radio. That's where you will have to get your news, as mums the word at this time.

Well, Dad and Mother, please don't worry, as it doesn't help matters.

I assure you I'm O.K.

Love to All,

Jun 20, 1944


Dear Folks -

You perhaps know by now that I have been in combat. I have seen much sorrow but yet I have much, for which to be thankful.

I have a lot of which I would like to tell you, but deem it unwise to say much at this time.

I assure you I am well, and please don't worry "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1.

Please tell the Brinkman's, Emma and Bert, F.M., Fredia, Mabel, Marcille and Kenny to continue to write me, even if I do not find time to answer them. Tell grandma Frease, and Mr. and Mrs. Higgins. I send my regards and my love to you and Eloise,

Please do not worry as I'm O.K.

With All my Love,

June 23, 1944

23 June '44

Dear Folks -

I have been awaiting mail for several days and today brought me six letters. Two from Emma, two from Eloise, one from Mabel and one from you, mother.

Emma mentioned strawberries, Gee they certainly must be good. Any fruit would taste good to me. Of course now, what little we get cooked, we have to do ourselves, altho we get by pretty well.

How fortunate you are that you can eat and sleep in peace. One has no idea what war is like until they take part in one. However I'm getting along O.K. and looking up.

Please don't worry, as I'm well, and give my love to all.

With much Love,

July 1, 1944

1 July '44

Dear Dad and Mother,

Have been wanting to write you for a couple of days but just never seemed to have the time.

I suppose you have been getting the news from the papers and radio, about our unit as many of the folks have written the boys here, that our unit is getting much publicity.

How thankful I am to have a home to go to after this earthly turmoil is over, as the cities here are nothing but a heap of rocks, once we pass throu them. War is hell, as you have always heard but God willing I shall come through O.K.

I haven't received F.M. picture or the film and don't expect them as yet, as no packages are coming through at present, however our mail is coming through O.K.

Sending my love to all,
With Love,

July 7, 1944

7 July '44

Dear Folks -

At present, I'm stationed in the rear and things are quite. It rains one moment and shining sun the next.

I've mailed you a portion of a parachute. Its not quite a half, so you can see how large they really are. I think they are pure silk. Some are white and some green. Do what you like with it. The landscape of Normandy was littered with thousands upon thousands of them. So I suppose every lady here about will have a new silk dress, but after four years of being overrun by Germans, I guess they deserve a break. The civilians treat us swell and my two years of French comes in handy. Fourteen or fifteen years ago while sitting in my French class, little did I realize that some day I might use that language.

Today brought me three letters from Eloise, one from F.M. and a card from Carmen and Perk.

I guess there isn't much news that I can write about, so good luck, God bless you and please don't worry.

With all my Love,

July 19, 1944

Western Union



July 22, 1944

22 July '44

Dear Folks -

Things have been happening fast, which accounts for me not writing you more often. So I ask forgiveness. Did you receive my cable gram?

We were given a leave, I guess to help forget, and so Steve my buddie from Warren, Ohio and myself took a tour of England. We went to Sherborne, then to Cardiff, Wales, then to Birmingham, then to Leeds and on to Harogate, to spend some time with the Hughes daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ellis. He is a Flight officer in the British Air Corp. We had such a splendid time, that I did forget the war for a little while.

Please don't let the papers mislead you.

I had written the Gubens a letter June 12th but was unable to send it until I had received word that the family had been notified. I will mail it to-day. very sad, but one of many.

I'll be looking like a Christmas tree soon. We can now place a bronze star on our ETO ribbon and we have been cited by the president, which gave us another ribbon, a ---------- -------------- one to wear on our right side.

I never did receive the picture F.M. sent. Tell Fredia I thank her very much for being so faithful in her writing. Did you have a good time at the lake?

With Love,

P.S. Mother, please write larger when writing me. Thank you.

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