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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, August 1944

August 4, 1944

4 Aug. '44

Dear Folks -

Things have quieted down somewhat and we are now back to normal army routine. I feel O.K. only outsiders tell me I have aged a lot in the last few months. Its rather amusing.

I have wired $75.00 to-day, so let me know when you receive it.

Steve's girl friends sister, is a nurse stationed here in England. She is also from Warren. I have met her several times. The other day she paid us a surprise visit, so Steve and I each got a twenty four hour pass. We had a nice time.

It seems strange, but we wear our wool OD's all summer. It never gets hot like at home, altho to-day is a nice warm day. Tomatoes and even grapes and peaches are grown in green houses, they will not thrive in the open.

It's a wonder I get so much mail as I do, as I never write very much. You have all been very faithful, I received a card from Lauren's folks, and a letter from Kenny since he has been transferred. Lucky -----.

Call Jo and Tim and tell them I'm thinking of them.

Love to all,

August 9, 1944

9 Aug. '44

Dear Folks -

I'm working a few hours this evening, so shall dash of a few lines before I start and answer a few of your questions. Yes I receive letters from Marcille quite frequently and about she getting married, I didn't know what to say. Its certainly a lot to take into consideration at a time like this. I guess she is old enough to be her own judge, but I've seen some of my good buddies fall and leave wives and children. Did Mrs. Gerken ever get my letter?

I've received he two cute little boxes of candy one from Fredia and the one from you. Thanks a lot. I could use some more pop corn if I had it now, but if you would mail it now, we perhaps wouldn't be here by the time it reached England. I don't know what to write , so you please ask the questions and I'll answer them if I can.

I was surprised to learn that Mabel's sold the home. I received her letter to-day. To-day also brought mail from Eloise and Aunt Bertha. I never mention all the mail I get. Fredia is very faithful, also Emma, but she sliped by without writing this week. The Boys are waiting for me to go to work, so must close,

With All my Love,

August 16, 1944

16 Aug '44

Dear Folks -

Today brought me four letters. One each from Garnet, Mabel, Eloise, and the Gerkens. Can you keep a secret? Let no one read this. While on the other side, I took a picture of Wilburs grave, but the Gerkens must never know as yet, for fear the pictures might not be good, so I don't have them developed as yet and it would be a disappointment to them if they didn't turn out O.K. It may be months before I get them. I do hope they come out O.K. It would be such a consolation for them.

Did you like the green material? What are you going to do with it? Garnet said she would like a snip of it. I have been putting in long hours and even now its going on [CENSORED] and still light. I also received my July 5th Northwest this evening, so shall sign off and read it.

P.S. Yes mother I always forget to tell you. I received the snaps that you sent. Thanks a million. Your a real pal.

With All My Love,

August 23, 1944

23 Aug. 44

Dear Folks -

My mail is slacking off the last few days. To-day brought me a long letter from Kenny. He certainly is fortunate.

Tell pop I voted Monday and sent out my ballot.

I've moved into another room now. There are only six in the room besides myself. One each from the following States. Michigan, Ohio, Penn., Virginia, Tenn, and Mass. Oh yes, and me from Napoleon.

Yesterday I received letters from Fredia and Frances Mary.

I'm thinking of Emma and Bert tonite because one of the boys in my room is varnishing his guitar. I'd appreciate it if you would have Otto Brinkman paint my statues. Have Nora look at them and see what suggestion she has. Gee the progress of the war looks good, doesn't it?

With Love,

August 27, 1944

27 Aug. '44

Dear Folks -

This is Sunday afternoon. This morning I attended church in town. When we returned, we had a big chicken dinner awaiting us. This evening Steve and I are going to visit the Hughes. His girl friends sister is a nurse here in England and in a few days she is coming to visit him. I think Steve and I shall get a day or two leave. She has been here once before and stays at the Hughes, each visit.

Mail has been rather slack, or maybe it just seems so. I received F.M. letter this noon. Please give this address of Steve's sister, to Fredia. She is married and has two children. They are Catholic and her husband is in the Navy. Mrs. Woodie Cousino, 721 Cass St., Monroe, Michigan. Her name is Kay.

How do you like my new stationery? By the way, you can send air mail letters instead of V-mail, if you like. They both get here about the same time. The Fay Bien - Crain Rien on the emblem means, Do Good - Fear Nothing. The plumbbob in the center is for Engineers and the rest stands for Air Corp.

9 P.M. Just returned from Hughes we had tea and a very nice chat.

Give my Love to All,

August 30, 1944

30 Aug. '44

Dear Folks -

It is late and I must get to bed, but have decided to drop you a few lines. I just returned from a twenty four hour pass. I had a very nice time. By the way, I have often wished I had Emma's Aunts' address. I might look her up. Yes, I often think that I would like to visit her autn, if she is anything like Emma. She must be close to ninety, isn't she?

I missed mail call today, so I don't know if I had any mail. Mail has seemed rather scarce. I guess every one at home is also, busy. Mother, thanks a lot for your letters. I look forward to your weekly visits. I certainly appreciate them. I received a North-west News last nite, but haven't had time to read it.

Will close wishing you heaps of happiness.

With Love,

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