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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, September 1944

September 2, 1944

2 Sept. '44
England -

Dear Mother and Dad -

I have letters lying here infront of me from Eloise, Fredia, Emma, Carmine and pop. Fredia said she canned 145 qts of peaches. Gee, I sure wish I had one right off the tree. We get canned fruit but the only fresh fruit I have had this summer was a couple plums and even then I felt that I was robbing the civilians. There is very little fruit here.

Desutters have a tree of plums in their yard and they sure have a nice home.

We have been very busy and I haven't much news. My mind seems to be blank at this moment. Oh yes, I wish you and mother could have seen Desutters home. It sure is nice.

I ask that you remember the boys at the fighting fronts, as they need spiritual, as well as physical strength, at this turning point of the war.

Please give Eloise my love,

With Love,

September 11, 1944

11 Sept. '44

Dear Folks -

I had a very nice week end. Steves friend came to visit us. She stayed at the Hughes. We had an afternoon and evening pass both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon we took a boat ride on the Thames river. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice time. We took some pictures but it takes months to get them developed, censored, etc. I am enclosing some snaps that were taken in May. I just received them. It takes that long to go through all the red tape. I hope you like them. I have two of myself only, so please give one of them to Eloise.

Saturday I received two letters from Eloise and one from Fredia. Sunday, I received letters from Emma and Marcille, to-day a paper, only.

I certainly would like to help you get ride of some of those musk mellons. They must not grow them here. At least I've never seen them. At the Hughes, last evening, I had al the mushrooms I could eat. They tasted something like egg plant.

Please give my love to all, I just can't make myself write more letters.

With All My Love,

P.S. I'm thinking of you both, every minute of the day.

September 17, 1944

Page I
17 Sept. '44

Dear Folks -

Another historical day. No doubt you have had your ears to the radio most of the day.

Mail seems very scare. Haven't had any for two days, except a paper. I received the package several days ago. Thank every one who was responsible for sending it. Thank grandma Frease. I understand she packed it and did a fine job.

You have been misinformed about having to request, packages for Christmas. However I only want food and nothing else, Anything else would only be extra baggage.

Anyway, heaven only know where I shall

Page II

be by Christmas time. I may e spending it, eating rice.

I wish I could think of something interesting to tell you but my mind is in a state of confusion. This is indeed a strange world. One is called upon to do things that he has always been taught, is wrong. However we much fight for God and country. I pray this earthy turmoil shall soon draw to a close and we shall be able to return to our homes. So much for that.

I haven't the time to write Mrs. Brinkman to-nite, so please give her this message. She was asking me if I went to many parties.

Page III

I sure get around places. I'm invited to a party to be held in a couple of weeks and we are going rowing, you know what I mean, rowing on the river. Don't forget to tell mother Brinkman how I enjoy her letters.

I may not be writing very often for a while but never worry, just busy. The Hughes' are now on a vacation. Did you ever receive the pictures?

I intend to write Kenny tonite yet, so will end this letter. Is Marcille married yet?

Hoping this finds you all well.

With Love,

P.S. Send me some films
No. 616.
Flash!!! Today the black-out if lifted and we now have dim-out.

September 20, 1944

20 Sept. '44

Dear Folks -

Yes, I know it, you have been worrying again. Sorry I haven't written sooner. Please let me do the worrying if there is any to be done. I think I'll know when to do the worrying. Things are looking pretty good aren't they?

You ask me what I want for Christmas. Well, you can always send me some films for my camera. Size 616.

Received a nice long letter from Mother Brinkman and letters each from Emma Fredia, Rev. Zschoche, Eloise and you, mother.

Gee, I could sure go for those marshmallows, you were telling about, but I don't care much for watermellon.

I intend to drop Eloise a line to-nite yet, so must close.

Please give my love to all.
With Love,

P.S. Did Emma ever receive the "Yank" magazine I sent her?


Dear Folks -

Boy, this has been a busy and eventful week. Now for a big surprise. Yesterday, the 27th, I was best man at a very beautiful, white, church wedding. The lucky fellow is a close friend of mine. He is Tech. Sgt. Art. Ulrich, from Indiana and she is a charming English lass, living near here. In months to come, you will receive pictures of the wedding, and to think that Marcille choose the same day for here wedding. My mind was in Salt Lake City, every once in a while that day. The reception was lovely, drinks by the galore but of course food was a little scarce. It may sound strange, but you know not what rationing is.

Things, are happening fast but never worry, it seems like I just carry on from day to day, never knowing what shall happen next but I thank God I have always been very fortunate.

I am unable to write everyone that I would like to, so please give them my best regards. I am enclosing two presents. Please give them to Mr. and Mrs. Gerkin. They are the ones I have mentioned to you.

Amost an identical one appeared in our Stars and Stripes paper I while back.

I do hope Kenny stays where he is, altho if he should cross, he would never have to tread in my footsteps.

It has been quite cool. Lovely dahlia weather and do they have swell ones. I've never seen such beautiful ones grown with such little care. The mums are now coming into bloom.

Mother, please don't work to hard on your new job. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard you were helping out at the factory.

I must write a couple more letters, so in closing, I wish you both best of health and happiness.

With Love,

September 30, 1944

30 Sept. '44

Dear Folks -

This has certainly been a busy week. I'm even working tomorrow. I took two flights, and was best man at a large wedding, on top of my normal duties, so you can see that I have been busy. I shall soon be doing what Mabel and Otto just did.

I have sent you a couple of snaps for Mrs. Gerken. I hope you get them O.K. I have a lot of other pictures but will not be able to send them. I'll bring them with me, a year from this coming Christmas. No, I hope I'll be home before that.

I've been waiting on Marcilles address. Please send it to me, also send me Doris Mohler's address. I might be able to look him up.

Sending my love to all,
Your Son,

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