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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, October - November 1944

October 9, 1944

9 Oct. '44

Dear Folks -

I've been sitting here now for nearly a half hour and I don't know what to write. I've written Eloise all about the good time we had over the weekend and I know she will let you read her letter.

I'm enclosing a picture of the wedding that was in the city paper. The real photo will follow later. They certainly make a nice couple

I took another glider flight to-day. I guess I've traveled nearly every mode of transportation except submarine. Shall I try that? No, don't worry I don't think I'd like that either.

Give my best regards to all.
With Love,

October 13, 1944

13 Oct. '44

Dear Folks -

I have letters here in front of me, from Freda Emma, Mrs. Brinkman, Mother and Eloise. I can't write to all altho I appreciate these letters and would feel lost without these weekly visits. I guess I'm just expecting to much.

I'm glad you liked the pictures. Did you receive the ones for Mrs. Gerken? She perhaps would like the negatives but I'm unable to send them, so shall bring them with me, if possible, when I return. You spoke of me sending films home. We aren't able to send them home, its strictly again rules.

Mother Brinkman wrote me a six page letter. She certainly is faithful.

Enclosed is a clipping form our "Stars and Stripes" paper

With All my Love,

October 23, 1944

23 Oct. '44

Dear Folks -

I had a lovely quite week end. Rhona and Jack, the Hughes daughter and son-in-law are home on a leave, so Sgt. Hodel and myself spent Saturday and Sunday with them. We had a grand time popping pop corn in the fireplace and freezing the ice cream, you sent me some time back. It was swell. It was also nice to forget the army routine for a little while. Thursday two Ohio nurses, who are friends of Steve's are coming to spend a leave with the Hughes. We expect to see them. Today Russell called me and said that it was U.S.A. week at these home, as a lady from Hollywood California was also coming to visit them for a few days. I have never met her but her son was born in England and is a Lt. in the British Army. I know him quite well as he was wounded a while back and recuperated at the Hughes. His brother is a prisoner of war. SO you see the Hughes really hold open house.

I haven't received any mail for three days. Did you get the pictures for Mrs. Gerken? Excuse change in ink. We use which ever is the handyest.

I have been very busy here of late. You will have to read between the lines. The chestnuts are beginning to fall and the holly is lovely with its red berries. It makes one rather homesick because it reminds us of Christmas. Its been several years since I've spent Christmas at home.

The radio sounds good just now, so I shall sign off and listen to radio and read.

My Love to you All,

November 1, 1944

1 Nov. '44

Dear Folks -

How the time flies. I can't remember when I have last written to you. I hope it hasn't been as long as it seems, to me.

I just finished addressing ten Christmas cards. I don't know just when I'll drop them in the mail. I'm not sending many this season. I've already received five greetings, Some from Elosie's people and one from Mrs. Deventhal.

I sure thank you for Doris and Dwights addresses. It was sure to bad for Boucher but I can understand. Why was Bob Rieser in the Hospital?

Mother, I received you Air mail letter yesterday and I like it so much better than a V-mail. It makes one seem that we are now closer together. Yes, mother your family is certainly scattered in body but not in spirit. I know we all think of home daily. Marcille in Utah, Kenny in Washington and myself just here but we pray that we shall have a reunion in the not to distant future.

I never cared much for grapes, while home, but when they are now mentioned in letters, my mouth waters. Yes indeed any fruit. Very little fruit is raised here, and what little there is, is for civilian consumption. A little bird told me you have sent some apples. Your really an angel.

Out of ink again. Well folks, everything is as good as can be expected, so please don't worry.

Please give my regards to the rest.

With Love,

November 13, 1944

13 Nov. '44

Dear Mother and Dad -

I have been wanting to write you sooner but it seemed like there was something to conflict with my writing each evening. Even tonite I began to give up hopes of writing, as I went to the P.X. to draw my rations and I had to stand in line nearly two hours. That's the Army, just one long wait.

I just droped a Christmas greeting to the Gerkens and included a handkerchief made from a historical parachute. I received a letter from them this week.

I'm Jay's sponsor, so please buy him something for Christmas form my allotment. I sent home $175.00 a while back. One of $100.00 and one of $75.00. have you ever received either of them? Please always leave me know when you receive them. I've sent Eloise two gifts. Has she ever received them? Yesterday, I received a large box from the Brinkmans containing a heap of peanuts. Please call her and thank them for me. They are so kind.

Saturday afternoon I went up town and got a haircut at the Red Cross, then went shopping for some "thank you" cards thinking I wouldn't have to write so many letters of thanks for the packages I hear are on the way, but I couldn't find any. They just don't have them. I then went to the show, ate supper at the Red Cross and finished out the evening with Sgt. Ulrich and his wife. She told me that she had written Eloise a letter. Sunday Sgt. Hodel and myself journeyed to London. Tomorrow evening we are having a little party at the home of Sgt. Ulrich wifes folks. Her brother who has just turned nineteen, is entering his majesties forces. You shall have the privilege of meeting her, as she is going to make the States her home, after the war.

Gee, can you imagine this, me starting a third page? Did Eloise ever receive a letter from Jack and Rhona Ellis? Please give Marcille, Kenny and all the rest, near and dear to me, all the news that you think they might be interested in. I think I'm lucky if I get a letter off to you and Eloise, each week.

There are just to many in here now "shootin the bull," so must close.

My Love to you All,

P.S. Mother you're an Angel, writing me those interesting letters. I'd certainly be lost without your weekly visit.

November 22, 1944

22 Nov. '44

Dear Dad and Mother -

The last letter I have received from the States was dated Nov. 6th. The only package received so far, was from the Brinkmans. Circumstances have arison whereby I don't expect any mail for several days yet. I guess I'll get it all at once.

Received a letter from Emma the other day and she said she just finished canning her kraut. I wish these Krauts were all canned.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I really have a lot to be thankful for, but it just doesn't seem like Thanksgiving. Of course, thanksgiving isn't celebrated over here but the Hughes have ordered a turkey for Christmas. They have to pay five pounds for it. Isn't that awful. Oh I forgot, maybe you don't know how much that is. Its twenty dollars.

Steve and I aren't together just now. Does Fredia ever write his sister? Honigman isn't with me either just now. Does Eloise ever write his wife?

Well I've been at this letter exactly one hour and haven't written much yet. I think I shall sign off and polish my boots. I think I'll be able to spend part of the day at the Hughes.

With all my Love,

November 29, 1944

29 Nov. '44

Dear Folks -

I have been putting off writing to you, as news is very scarce. If Eloise would continue to write Margerite, in Cleveland, she could give her some news of interest.

I expect to meet Doris soon. I hope it can be arranged.

I haven't received any mail from home, since the 6th of the month, and conditions now exist whereby I don't expect any, for some time yet. The only package I've received thus far, is the one from the Brinkmans. It was certainly swell of them, to send me that package.

How I wish I had some 616 films. I have a camera and no films.

I'll perhaps have a lot of mail when I catch up with it, or it with me and then I'll have something to write about.

I'm in best of health and I wish you both, best of health and happiness.

With Love,

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