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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, December 1944

December 6, 1944

Dec. 6 - 1944

Dear Folks -

I've finally caught up with my mail. To-nite I just finished reading twelve letters and opening Christmas boxes from Eloise and Mother Higgins, also I received a book from the church. The letters ranged from Oct. 25th to Nov. 25th.

Yes, I indeed had a typical Thanksgiving, dinner, but some of my buddies were not as fortunate as myself. Please let me give you the right "dope." Four of my letters tonite contained a question, asking when I was wounded. Why does everyone think that? I am perfectly healthy. Yes mother, I received the box containing the clippers. Thanks a million. Also thank Mother Higgins and Eloise for the kindness shown me by sending me such lovely boxes.

I'm sorry, but I just can't write letters. If I write Eloise and you folks, I feel that I have really accomplished something.

Yesterday I got my first birdseye view of Eiffel Tower.

The water that I had on the stone heating is now boiling, so I'll close and go take a shave.

It certainly is great to see a lot of the old faces, after an absence of three months.

Gee these stuffed dates and cookies certainly hit the spot.

Hoping this earthly turmoil shall soon cease and I can once more lead a normal life.

Love to you Both.

December 12, 1944

12 Dec. '44

Dear Folks -

Just must drop you a line to let you know that I received the box you sent. Yes mother thanks a million, for the films. I received the box that contained three rolls of film and the swell peanut brittle, plus a lot of other sweets.

Enclosed is a map that I just cut from our "Stars and Stripes." I know that Pop and Uncle Dave will be interested in it.

Let me know what branch of service Dwight is entering. I hope he will like the Army routine. I think he's the type that will like it better than I do.

I'll close now and continue to nibble on the peanut brittle.

With all my Love,

P.S. It certainly doesn't seem like Christmas.
I feel about the same as you said Dwight Mohler, did.

December 29, 1944

29 Dec. '44

Dear Mother and Dad -

Just a note to assure you that I'm in perfect health. By the Grace of God, I have successfully come through a siege of Hell. You perhaps by this time have a good idea as to where-a-bouts.

We didn't have time to observe Christmas, outwardly, but now the tide has changed and we are all very thoughtful.

I hope everyone at home had a very Merry Christmas. We'll have our Christmas whenever our our packages catch up with us.

How does Dwight like Army life?

Please give my love to Eloise, as I shall not be writing for a few days.

Sending my Love to All -

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