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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, January 1945

January 2, 1944

2 Jan. '44 [45]

Dear Folks -

Since I have been here, I've received the following mail. Letters from Eloise, Mother Brinkman, Mom, Jo and Tom, and Emma, Cards from Eloise, Eleanor and Stan, F.M. and Lauren and the beautiful Christmas poem from Mother Higgins.

Enclosed are a couple clippings taken from our "Stars and Stripes" paper. I shall eat cut my letter short as the articles speak for themselves.

I'm awaiting to hear what kind of a Christmas you had. I hope everyone had a good time.

Mother why don't you sell the cattle and take life easy? After seeing over and over again, how quickly one can lose the earthly goods, I think its useless to work your fingers to the bone. Just because they are my cattle, don't feel that you should keep them until I return. Its my desire that you sell them, since prices are pretty high anyway and take it easy. However use your own judgement.

I wish I could tell you more but mums the word.

I'm in perfect health and God willing I shall remain so.

Love to All,

January 14, 1945

14 Jan. '45

Dear Folks -

Sorry I haven't written sooner but have just been to busy.

I have been very fortunate in that I have been able to enjoy the comforts of a Belgium home a few nights. My two years of French comes in pretty handy, as nearly everyone here talks French.

I've received packages from Mrs. Gerken, Joe Farleys, and Eloise. Sorry I haven't the ambition to write each of them at this time. Perhaps a little later. Yesterday I received a twenty-five dollar money order from the tomatoe factory, for a Christmas present. Not bad, is it?

I'm safe and in good health, so please don't worry.

My Love to All,

January 23, 1945

23, Jan '45

Dear Dad and Mother -

Just a note at this time to let you know that I am O.K. and very busy. The situation looks good, doesn't it?

Tell Uncle Dave that this evening, I am the distant of Napoleon to Wauseon, from my aunt. I received a grand box from Marie and Joe Farley but I haven't touched it yet. The last mail I have received from home was dated Dec. 31th and it was from Emma.

Tell Eloise to please forgive me for not writing more often. I hope she understands, and I know she will. Also please let Marcille and Kenny know that I'm O.K.

I received a letter from Doris but censorship prohibits his giving me his location. Please let me know what ton he is near. He wants me to visit him and he thinks that you have already informed me of his location.

My Love to You All,

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