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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, February 1945

February 2, 1945

2 Feb. '45

Dear Folks -

At last I can tell you where I spent Christmas. To-day I received a letter containing the clippings. Yes I was in Bastonge, through all of it, so you can see I didn't have a very peaceful Christmas, but a thankful one.

I'm now thirty miles from my Aunt, living in a private home, with three elderly people. Two speak german and on e French. I can get along pretty well on the limited amount of French I know, but I'm sunk when it comes to german.

To-day brought me letters from De Nelda, Eloise, Mabel, Marcille, Brinkmans, and one each from each of you.

I'm now in the same Army as Doris, I think.

Heavens only knows when I'll get home, but please don't worry, I make it sometime.

Love to you Both,

P.S. This is the title we have gained.
"The Battling, Battered, Bastards of
the Bastion of Bastogne."

February 5, 1945

5 Feb. '45

Dear Folks -

Mail is rather scarce, the last few days. Friday I am wiring home some money, so please let me know, as soon as you receive it. I also have mailed to you a souvenir or Bastogne. I hope it gets through O.K. as I indeed prize if. I've also ordered, for you mother, and also for Eloise, each a special pin, which is the emblem of my Division, and my glider wings. It will be sent to you direct from a factory in the States. It perhaps will be a month or so but I know you will like them.

Everyday is just another day but yesterday (Sunday) I worked until 5:30 and attended Divine services at 6:30, the first service I have been able to attend for nearly three months.

Yesterday was a queer day. I was riding in a Jeep all day. The 2nd was Mabels birthday and mine shall soon be here once more. How many more must I spend in the Army? I've spent three already.

Conditions look bright now so here's hoping.

With Love,


Dear Folks -

I'm still at the same place, since I last have written you. yesterday brought me two letters from Emma, one from Fredia and one from Eloise. I understand a truck load of mail just arrived, so I'm expecting a quite a bit this evening. We now have our office set up pretty well and myself and three other fellows from my section (Supply Section) are sharing a room in a private home. You can't find us for feathers, on top and bottom. The room is terribly cold and no lights but after you get in bed, you are all set.

Last nite, I worked all nite, up until 4:00 A.M. and then I slept almost until eleven.

Must get to work, so I'll close and drop Eloise a line as soon as I get time.

With Love,

February 8, 1945

8 Feb. '45

Dear Folks -

A good friend of mine, T/Sgt. Fredrick Berneth, my section leader and bid partner, will be visiting his parents, is La Porte, Indiana, in about three weeks. He expects to contact you but if he is impossible to do so, perhaps you can write him and make arrangements to drive to Indiana. His wife and baby live in New Orleans, La, but I think they will all be in Indiana, at that time. He has never seen his little girl. I know you will make a special effort to see him and get the lowdown. He and his wife and baby would perhaps come to Napoleon and could be entertained by Eloise and France Mary and Lauren, but his people don't have a car. Following, is address of folks in Indiana. 316 Grove St., La Porte, Indiana and his wife's address, 4921 S. Pricur St. New Orleans 15, La. I do hope you will meet him.


P.S. A letter from Marcille today.

February 12, 1945

12 Feb. '43 [45]

Dear Folks -

Just a note to let you know that I received three packages to-day. The one from you mother, one from Fredia and one from Eleanor and Stan. Everything came through pretty well except the apples, but Eloise that did come through O.K. were certainly good. Thanks mother for yours, including the films and please thank Frida. Send me Dwights address. I would like to write to him. He sent me a Christmas card but I've lost it. Gee Frida that fruit cake certainly looks good. I'm eating apples tonite and we will cut the fruit cake tomorrow nite.

Everything here is O.K.

My Love to you All,

February 19, 1945

19 Feb. 45

Dear Folks -

Today is my birthday and how I wish I were home, Mother I received the pictures you sent and they made me very happy. You look as sweet as ever. That was certainly a swell, natural snap. Thanks a million. I received many Birthday cards.

I have certainly been busy since Sgt. Bernth left. I do hope you get to see him.

By the way mother, do my monthly allotments come thru O.K.? Have you received the extra large additional check?

Do you remember the review you saw, shortly before I left the States. I doubt if a fourth of them are now left. I wish I could understand German better. The town cryer is busy yelling now.

Well good nite everyone. Everything here is O.K.

With Love,

February 21, 1945

Feb. 21st 1945

Hello Anne + Chris,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your Christmas card and wishes for the New Year. So far everything has been fine. We had a wonderful dinner for Christmas and New Years day. We are living in house now in a village and its really appreciated, after leaving tents and mud. The weather has been wonderful, and we all pray that it continues being fair, so our airplanes can fly. I wrote Byron a couple of times, but I can realize how busy he is, and his daily procedure is rough, so I don't feel hurt by not receiving a letter to much. I wish you wouldn't wory its rough, and hell all over I know, but you mothers have to realize that God is beside each and every one of us. We to had a job today that couldn't be left until it was finished such strain + efforts made it possible for these few extra having of leisure.

Love Junior.

February 26, 1945

Feb. 26, 1945

Dear Friends,

I will write you a few lines in answer to your Valentine. We had a very nice mail yester-day. I received 25 letters. Several of them was Valentines. It makes a person feel good to know he still has friends back home think of him. I hear you folks has had a real winter this year. You sure have had your share of snow. We had over two feet but it only stayed four weeks. We still have very cold nights. The snow warms up in the day time. The farmers are doing a lot of plowing. I guess e will all be ready for summer. We all hope this summer will bring and end to this war.

So long.

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