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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Parents, April 1945

April 1, 1945

France 1 April '45

Dear Folks -

Today I have been very busy, but my few idle moments brought back sad memories. Grandmother Leifer passed away on the first of April. By the time you receive this letter, I expect to be in another country.

Today, Easter Sunday I took time out and went to church services in my work clothes. They had a special Lutheran Communion service. I took communion with Meyers and Badenhop, to gether with about fifty other Lutherans. Inclosed is a copy of the order of service.

Today brought me several letters, from Fredia, Eloise, Mrs. Gerken and yours, mother. Eloise stated that she had sent me a telegram. As of this date, I have never received it.

I'm so glad Marcille and Bert had a leave and also that Sgt. Bernth and his wife paid you all a visit. Was Marcille and Bert home at the time? Did you ever receive that cloth I sent you from Bastogne?

Please excuse my short letters but I just don't have much news. My Love to you All.

April 7, 1945

7 April '45

Dear Folks -

I haven't received any mail for several days but it all stands to reason. Were you surprised when you heard I was in Germany? This isn't all a bed of roses, although at present I am living in a private home. We had the civilians move out, but they left us some beds, so I'm sleeping in a bed, for a short while.

This is really a hell of a way to live but I figure I've been very fortunate. I assure you that I'm O.K. so please never worry.

It's almost impossible to write much, which would be of interest to you and still pass the censors, so I'll keep it stored in my head, until I return.

Hoping alls well,
With Love,

April 13, 1945

13 April, '45

Dear Folks -

Well, here I am, so far safe and sound. The coming of spring makes one wish that he was home. The trees are in full bloom and the pansies and other early blooming flowers, are beautiful. The section we re now in, isn't as war torn as some I have been in.

The news this morning of the presidents death, was quite stunning.

Yesterday I received an Easter greeting and a handkerchief from Christian Jennings. I also received the one from you, mother.

You perhaps am wondering just where I am located. Please don't worry, as I'm not on the front lines.

My Love to You All,

P.S. Thanks for your letter Marcille. I think its grand that you can be home, altho it perhaps is hard to leave Bert. Please write Bert, Kenny and myself often.

April 15, 1945

15 April '45

Dear Folks -

Sunday afternoon and just another work day, however this afternoon I'm not quite so busy. My boss just left for Brussels and when the cats away, the mice will play. This is a nice sunny day and the civilians are passing up and down the streets, in their Sunday best. They certainly aren't hurting for a thing after robbing all the other countries of their possessions. We aren't allowed to say so much as "Good Morning" to them, and which I think is a good thing.

Has Sgt. Bernth started back this way, as yet? Sgt. Ulrich wife in England, received Eloises' letter and was very pleased. Do you suppose Kenny will be going overseas? I certainly hope he doesn't.

Well mother and dad, please don't work to hard and I hope and pray we shall soon be together once more.

With Love,

April 29, 1945

29 April 45

Dear Folks -

Just a line at this time, to let you know that I'm O.K. Sorry I haven't written sooner but it was just impossible. I know you understand.

Things are pretty interesting just now, something new all the time.

I can't think of much more to write, that would pass the censor, so I'll sign off.

With All my Love,

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