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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, September - October 1943

September 1, 1943

1 Sept. 43

Dearest -

How is everything around Napoleon? Have you already closed your summer home or is there a lot of activity at the Lake? Did mother and Fredias get to Lakeside?

We are very busy, but I'm hoping I can get a pass a little later on, to enable me to visit the Stage Door Canteen.

Please thank your mother for her most welcome letter and swell lines of poetry. I have the last poem, she has written, with me. Has he already started to assemble them, in a book? I also read in the paper the tribute she had written for Lt. Hersheburger.

I worked last nite, until midnite. It is now 9:30, so I shall bathe and call it a day.

Wishing you and your people the best of health and happiness.


October 29, 1943

29 October 1943
Somewhere-in England
Friday Eve.

Dearest -

How is everyone, including Stan and Eleanor? I haven't heard from them for ages, but I guess it would be selfish to expect people to continue to write and not receive an answer.

I wish you could see the estate where I am now living. It is ninety-one room, English, stone, Manor and has a fireplace in nearly every room. At present, it is the only means of heating we have in our room. There are ten in my room and the fireplace certainly makes the room seem homelike. The building is between two hundred and fifty to three hundred years old. Can you picture such a structure? Tell Emma about the fireplaces.

I could certainly use a little more mail. I didn't receive any for two days, until I received one from Freda and one from mother to-day. Both were written, the eighteenth. (Eleven days, not bad).

Things are quite tonite, as several went to town, their first nite out. I may go to-morrow.

I think I'll roast a few chestnuts and then call it a day.

England is just as foggy as you read about.

Give my love to all your people, they are in my thoughts always.


P.S. Grandma, can you manage to keep her house?
How is the gas situation? Ha Ha.

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