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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, November 1943

November 5, 1943

5 Nov. '43

Dearest -

Received your second box of candy this noon. The home made was received to day. Its swell, ask anyone in my room, ha ha. It must be the candy you and Bermuda made while at Lakeside, not? I have now received ten or eleven boxes, not bad. I think it really more than my share.

This afternoon a buddie of mine from Warren, Ohio and myself paid a visit to the home of a vicar, near camp. I met the Mrs. After getting off the bus at the same corner near camp, while returning from my trip to London, last week. We had a grand time and have a standing invitation to visit them at any time. We can learn a lot about England from them, while sitting grouped around the fire place. The women here go all out for war work. She is a part time nurse.

I'm going to mail this, cut the swell fruit cake, sis sent and spend the rest of the nite playing cards.

I love you,

November 19, 1943

19 Nov. '43

Dearest -

I just returned from a pass to Sherborne and had fourteen letters and greetings awaiting me. It will be impossible for me to acknowledge all the cards I've received so maybe you can insert a note in the paper, thanking all my friends for remembering me during the holiday season. I'll send a list of the names that I received from, after Xmas. But the note can go into the paper anytime.

I just received a letter from Charles Benecke who is also here in England. He is trying to arrange some way of meeting me. I hope we can work it out.

I think all the boxes came through O.K. I still have some of the candy you sent.

Must close and write a couple more letters.

Happy New Year Dear.

With Love,

November 26, 1943

26 Nov. '43
Somewhere-in England

Dearest -

Yes, Thanksgiving is over and we had turkey for dinner, but it was very limited. There is six hours difference in your time and ours, so when we were eating dinner, you were still in slumberland.

I haven't been out a great deal, altho I expect to go to London next week, on pass.

I received a package from The Brinkman's yesterday and a letter from them to-day. Also a letter from mom. It wasn't photographed, because she failed to print my address, therefore it was delayed somewhat.

I do hope Dwight is better by now. He certainly is having a siege of it.

Is your folks and mine following the war, by a map or globe? Its nice to have one handy so that when a town is mentioned, you can look and see where it is situated. A couple of the fellows that I work with, drove through Stratford-On-Avon and Coventry, last week on business. I hope I'll be able to go there some time.

We are working hard and feeling fine, with plenty of food so I think we had a lot to be thankful for.

With best of wishes to all.

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