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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, December 1943

December 24, 1943

24 Nov. [December] '43

Dearest -

This is the nite before Christmas and only a few of us stayed in camp. It doesn't seem much like Christmas as the weather is so much different form that of which I am used to, at Christmas time. Also our gifts were received so long ago that we no longer have any thing left for Christmas.

I received your letter to day and a three paged, typed, letter from Marcille. Yes, I've received all the packages.

Are you watching the Army's movements by the papers? There certainly is a lot of air activity.

Well, I can't keep my mind on my letter, so must close. Please don't expect me to say much. Well tell you all when I arrive home.

I couldn't help but drop you a few lines, as you are always on my mind.

With Love,

December 25, 1943

Somewhere in Britain
December 25, 1943

Merry Christmas
And a
New Year!

December 27, 1943

27 Dec. '43

Dearest -

In one sense of the word I had a rather gloomy Christmas. But when I listened to the roaring planes over head, I knew things were happening in our favor and perhaps I might be able to join the family by next Christmas. I stayed in camp and we talked about things in the States. At six thirty we said, "Oh the folks are just now sitting down to a big feast," it being six hours later your time. We also spoke of our travels. I have been around more than I thought. I've visited 38 of the 48 States and four foreign countries. Of course much of it was traveled in peace time.

Yesterday I went to Redding and attended a show and later went to a dance. I had a fair time.

I received ten Christmas cards to-day. After the first of the year, I'll send a list of the names to either you or mother, of whom all I received from.

Charles Bernecke and I are around 130 miles or more apart, but we are trying to arrange a meeting.

I received a card and note from Eleanor and Stan. I was so pleased to hear from them.

Will close with all my love,

P.S. I'm still dreaming.

December 31, 1943

31 Dec. '43

Dearest -

This is New Year's Eve but it certainly doesn't seem like it. However this is the last writing I shall do this year, so I must drop you a letter. I received three to-day. Yours, mothers and Emma's.

You have ask several times about my hearing Dr. Maier. No, we are unable to get him, on our set. Marcille has written me a very long letter but failed to answer some of the things I am very anxious to know about. Ask her if she received the money order I sent her, November the 8th. I received a letter from Rev. Zschoche yesterday.

The food situation here is a lot different from what you are used to. Yesterday, I had my first egg since I have been in England. We can't complain, as we still eat much better than the civilians. (I wonder what chicken tastes like!)

Please drop Rose Weaver in N.Y. a line for me. I just can't make myself sit down and acknowledge all my cards. To much on my mind, I guess.

You can watch our activities by the papers. I suppose you have read who the General is that is directing the big push.

I do hope Jo is getting along O.K.

Please give my love to your folks and grandmother,


P.S. Is mom working to hard? If so, have her get rid of some of the cattle. When I return I want her to be the same mother I left behind. You know we were always together.

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