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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, January 1944

January 9, 1944

9 Jan. '44

Dearest -

Where are your letters? The last I received from you was dated 20th December. I received one from mother today dated the 27th. Tell my mother that I have received all the letters that she mentioned.

I have been having a pretty bad cold, otherwise everything is O.K. I was so sorry to hear of Jo's loss. When you visit her, tell her that I felt very badly over it. She had quite a sorrowful Christmas.

Does there seem to be many fellows, from the service, home on furloughs? When will Kenny be getting one again?

I don't know whats happened to the Northwest News. I haven't received one for several weeks and do I miss it.

I'll close and look up something to read, only everything is so old. Our papers we received from the States this morning were dated Dec. 11th, a month old.

Hoping you all had a nice New Year's.
With Love,

January 11, 1944

11 Jan '44


I received a letter from you to-day dated Dec. 29th. I was awaiting to hear from you to see what kind of a Christmas you had and you hardly mentioned it. Perhaps you have written one prior to that one, and I haven't received it. I certainly hope so, otherwise I would be disappointed.

If I ever by chance ask any question, in yours, or in letters home, please answer them at once. Even then, I have to wait at least a month or maybe more for an answer.

If you shouldn't receive any mail from me for several weeks, don't become alarmed. It will either mean that I am very busy or negligent.

Our food is pretty good, in comparison with the outside, altho nothing like home. What does chicken and noodles taste like? I can almost taste your grandmothers steam pudding. Tell her that's what I want for my first meal, when I return home.

Sending my love to all.
Yours Always,

January 12, 1944

12 [January] 1944

Dearest -

It was just as I had thought. Yesterday I received a letter from you dated the 29th and to-day I received one from you, dated the 26th. I'm glad you all had a nice Christmas. Marcille had written me and described the giving out of the gifts to the children. Its to bad your mother and grandmother had to miss the party. It was sure nice that Eleanor and Stan could come home for a short visit.

I have been very busy, but so far, so good. Well I'll close and see if I can get a haircut. We have a fellow from our company that cuts hair a couple of nites a week. He has set up a shop in the same building in which I live.

Please keep the mail coming my way even if I am forced to slow up my writing.


January 19, 1944

19 Jan. '44

Dearest -

I have two letters before me that I have received from you, dated Jan. 2nd and Jan 4th. I'm so glad to hear that you had a nice visit in Columbus. You stated that Eleanor went bowling. Isn't she still working? I should write several people such as the Standishs but my time is to limited, so won't you please let them know that I think of them often but time doesn't permit me to write. I even neglect writing my sisters and brother.

Do you have any difficulty in reading my V-mails. Maybe black ink would be better.

I will be doing no writing over the week end, as I expect to visit with Charles Benecke. Do you remember meeting he and his friend one evening into "Mikes" while I was home on I think my first furlough? He is a good looking fellow and wears glasses.

You worry me when you say your grandmother doesn't feel well enough to go visiting now and then.

You failed to answer my question quite some time back about across the street. Remember?

My love to All.

Always Yours,

January 29, 1944

29 Jan. '44

Dearest -

Yesterday I received a letter from you, Fredia and Kenny and to-day one from Garnet. I'm C.Q. this evening again, so shall write as it is pretty quite now. A lot of the fellows went to town. I just walked past the kitchen, and the fellows are cleaning chickens, so if nothing happens we may have chicken to morrow. The last time we had chicken, I got a back and neck. That's something isn't it, That was always the dog's feed, whenever we had chicken at home.

Fredia has written that mother has the flu. I do hope she is O.K. by now.

Do you know Vaneda Wittenburg? That's Charles Benecke's friend. It would be nice if you too could get to gether sometime.

I'll agree this letter is short, but I've nothing else to write. I'll add a note to your folks.

Dear Folks -

I think of you often, but what can I do? I know there is no need in trying to write you, as you get the news from Eloise. So greetings Mother and Dad Higgins and grandmother Frease, and God willing, everything will be O.K. until such time that we can have a happy reunion.

Love to All,

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