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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, February 1944

February 5, 1944

5 Feb. '44

Dearest -

I have received several unexpected letters, in the past few days. Ive received a letter from Don Aderman of Malinta, who is now a Lt. Stationed in Lorain, Ohio, A letter from Mr. And Mrs. Orva Rieter, a letter from Mr. And Mrs. Vern Perkins and a Birthday card and letter from the Foughtoe's, from Montpelier. On top of that I've received Birthday greetings from you, your grandmother, and Mabel and Ott.

You are one jump ahead of me. You know Berneida's husband and I have never seen him. Did Berneida go back with him? Please give her my best wishes. Say Eloise, didn't you say that Jo had sent me a letter? I have never received it, as yet. Maybe its still on its way. I owe so many letters but I'm not going to answer them. It would take up all my spare time and I would rather just rest.

Helen Foughty would love to meet you, so sometime when it is convenient, why don't you and mother and whoever else you would like, drive to Montpelier for a visit?

I've cabled home some money, to mother, Tell her to please let me know when she receives it. It was sent to-day, I think. I thank you for the greeting and also your grandmother for her beautiful card.

Will spend tomorrow evening with the Hughes', I hope.

With Oceans of Love,

February 8, 1944

8 Feb. '44

Dearest -

I'm writing this on a magazine, perched on my knee while sitting in a soft chair, in front of the new radio, we just moved into our day room.

I haven't much news, but must drop you a note to let you know that to-day I received the four letters that you had written on the 23rd of January. Also received letters to-day from Emma and Marcille. I still haven't received Jo's letter.

I had a pleasant Sunday afternoon and evening. We had a four thirty tea at the Hughes and popped corn later on in the evening.

Where is Mrs. Burton going to live, if she returns to Napoleon? I thought she was going to keep house for her brother.

I don't believe I ever received the long letter from Lauren that you have mentioned, altho I think I have received the rest.

I must drop Kenny a letter yet, so Cheerio and keep your chin up.

With Love,

P.S. The boys Marcille mentioned are still with us, but I haven't seen them for almost five months.

To my

Dearest -
My thoughts are
with you always.
From Byron

To the Sweetest Valentine

How sweet it sounds - "My Valentine!"
And none is sweeter, dear, than mine.
If I should whisper in your ear
Just four small words - "I love you dear."
I wonder would your answer be
That you would give your heart to me.

[Signature of poem's author - illegible]

February 25, 1944

25 Feb '44

Dearest -

How's Eloise? You are asking where the Wittenberg's live. I don't know for certain but Clarissa can tell you. Vanada doesn't run a beauty shop. That's her cousin. She, at present, is working at the County Home. It would be nice if you two could chum together.

Did they ever find out who caused Long's all the trouble? Who did Howard Overluke marry? What did mother name her new dog? So much for questions?

Tell mother not to try and send any boiled eggs. I'm afraid they wouldn't be much good because it sometimes takes a month or so for packages to get here. I haven't received the fruit cake yet. However you could have mother send me some more pop corn.

We didn't have any time off last week end, we were in the field all day Sunday. I'm hoping that we may be able to go into town for services this coming Sunday. The services that we have here in camp are held in the mess hall and it just doesn't seem like church.

With Love,

P.S. Tell grandmother I said hell-o and I thank her for the card, if I haven't already, also give my regards to Mrs. Burton.

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