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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, January 1944

April 6, 1944

6 April 1944


I'm writing this at work, over noon hour. We keep a C.Q. on duty each noon. I do not have your letters with me as they are in my room, so if I fail to answer any questions ask in your letters. You'll know the answer.

I am unable to carry out the plans I had of visiting and communing with Charles, as my leave has been cancelled. I do hope you and the folks have a nice Easter. I may attend services tomorrow at a nearby camp.

I never have received the package sent me from the Standishes. I really don't deserve a gift from them, but thought you might be interested in knowing that I have never received it after you had told me that it was on the way. It's really the only mail that has been lost, of mine, that I know of. It may arrive yet.

I attended a stage show last nite which was very good. It was an entire G.I. male cast. It was billed as "Skirts".

The Hughe's received mothers letter but not yours, as yet. We spent Sunday evening with them.

This typewriter has a habit of skipping space now and then so please overlook the mistakes.

We hear it's about time for the boss to show up, so will sign off for this time. No, it's not that bad, as I have especially nice officers, very considerate.

Keep you chin up and remember me in your prayers and god willing, we shall soon be together again.

With all my Love,


April 11, 1944

11 April '44

Dearest -

I thank you so much for the candy. It certainly was a surprise. Yesterday I received the pop corn and we had a big time in our room, popping some of it. It pops very well. I'm so happy that you liked the little gift that I sent. I would liked to have gotten something better but its impossible to buy anything without points.

What to you mean when you mention Harry Kneply's moving? I heard they were moving in May or June. Have they changed there minds?

In your letter of March 29th, you were wondering if Belle sent me the double deck of playing cards. No, I have never received anything from Belle but the cards were in the box that I received from your folks, at Xmas time or from the factory. I can't remember. The ribbons you spoke of are the ones I am now authorized to wear.

Did Kenny get home for Easter?

Thanks for the pretty Easter card.

Will closing awaiting another letter from you tomorrow, I hope.

With All my Love,

April 15, 1944

15 April '44

Dearest -

To-day I received no mail, the first mailless day for some time. I only worked until 2:30 PM and took it easy the rest of the day. I popped some corn, read a few papers, did a little sewing and I'm finishing out the evening by writing letters. Its very quite here this evening, as the majority of the fellows have left for town.

Tell Marcille and Bert to remember that they have a brother some where in England, who would be more than glad to receive a few words from Ohio and Michigan, now and then.

Right now I'm sitting in the day room, listening to an American musical program on the radio and my mind is blank. I just finished writing a letter to the 5-H club.

Have you seen Vanada lately? I've written Charles and I haven't received an answer. It sets me to wondering.

Stan is now stationed at the post through which I was inducted. He's very lucky, isn't he?

Well dear this letter must close but that doesn't mean that my thoughts of you have vanished with the ceasing of this writing as you are in my thoughts always.

With Love,

April 22, 1944

22 April '44

Dearest -

I'm in no writing mood this evening, as the sun is shining so brightly and I'm so tired that I just want to sit down and read. I worked every nite this week but Tuesday, of course none of them were later than midnite. I received a letter from Doris Mahler, so I just had to answer his, which I just completed prior to starting this one.

I'm glad you all had a nice Easter and that you liked the Gardenia. Please thank your mother for me, for the lovely Easter card. I especially liked the flag draped over the corner.

This week, mail was slack. I heard from Fredia, Frances Mary, and maybe a few others. I received some more of those swell personal razor blades from the factory.

You mentioned Albert. Do you mean Albert Hershberger? Is he staying at our house now?

Well dearie, my mind is blank so shall sign off. I missed Emma's letter today. Maybe it will come to-morrow.

With Loads of Love,

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