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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, May 1944

May 3, 1944

3 May '44

Dearest -

Pull up your chair and we shall have a little chat. I didn't receive any mail for ten days and I was lost but today brought me letters from, Stan, Fredia, Mother, Kenny and yourself.

Its now eight P.M. and the sun is shining for all it is worth. Many of the fellows are out playing ball, but of the ten in my room, two are playing ball, one went to town, one sewing braid on his cap, one shaving and five are writing letters. So you see, letter writing is first on the list.

You have ask me on several occasions to request something for you to send me, so please send or have my folks send me, some peanuts dates, or figs or candy.

I don't know if you understand the conditions as they are over here or not, but it is impossible to buy anything. You shall never know how fortunate you are.

The beauty of the homes here, are indeed striking, dressed in their spring finery. Nearly every home has the front yard filled with flowers which are in full bloom this season of the year. The buckeyes are in full bloom, another reminder of good old Ohio.

I'm C.Q. tomorrow, so tomorrow evening I should have time to write a few letters which I have owed for ages.

Please give my love to your mother dad and grandmother.

Yours Always,

May 9, 1944

9 May '44

Dearest Eloise -

I really haven't much news but you have been on my mind the entire day, so must drop you a line. It is now 8:30 P.M. and I just finished work.

Ive often thought, is there anyone else from Napoleon in the same branch of service that I am in? I've never heard of any or seen anything in the papers about it.

Sunday evening we had a grand time at the Hughes. Three of we fellows went to visit them.

Today I received the letter dated April 25 and started by Larry. I makes me wish I were in Napoleon.

You ask what Be-Be meant. Its my initials. On my fatigue clothes I used to have the name, Armbruster, B.B. and everyone, they have nicknamed me Be-Be.

Tell Vi Gunn, to tell Mary McBride, that my address is 326th R/B Engrs. and not 336th. They send me mail and it is always held up because of incorrect address. Don't get me wrong. Mary is the secretary of the Loudin factory where I worked. Ha, Ha.

Well dear, good luck to you and much happiness,

With Love,

P.S. How do you like the name Be-Be?

May 11, 1944

11 May '44

Dearest -

To-days mail brought me the photos and pop corn that you sent. Thanks a million, dear. Who is the one lady that was on the picture, taken at the cottage? Good old Linden. I wish I were there this summer. The picture of Kenny, Bernedia and Gerald was very good. They were taken last fall, were they not? Yesterday I received a letter from Mother.

How do you like the statues? I was crazy about them? They are very antique. Yes, maybe you can have Otto Brinkman paint them. Did Harry say how old they were?

Emma still address my mail P.F.C. I wonder why?

We are having grand weather. It stays light until nearly ten o'clock.

What was the finally verdict on Bob. Kiser? Is he a prisoner of war? Why is Russell Rohrs at home? The following few lines are for grandmother - So glad, that you had such a nice birthday. You certainly fared well with gifts. I only wish that I could have been in Napoleon at the time, but we have a job to finish, before we come back, and I do mean finish it. Asking that you all remember me in your prayers. Greetings to Eloise Mother and Dad.

Love to you All,

May 21, 1944

21 May '44

Dearest -

This is Sunday evening and we just finished supper a short while ago. We had some kind of greens with pineapple mixed with it. It was pretty good. You will have to try it sometime. One of my buddies received a box of fudge this afternoon and was it good? It had a lot of nuts in it. Gee I had better hurry. I see he getting ready to pass it again. Its packed in a tin can and we use our spoons to eat it.

Well, I have just finished my rationed spoonful of fudge, so I can now continue on my letter.

Please don't look for as many letters as you have been getting, as we are now quite bust, and news is limited.

I also received my Northwest News to-day dated the 27 April. Did Margruite Lombardi remarry Bob Vavenbrood (I don't think I spelled his name correctly)?

Give my love to everyone and please remember me in your prayers.

With All my Love,

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