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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence to Eloise Higgins, November - December 1944

November 7, 1944

7 Nov. '44

Dearest -

I have just finished doing a little sewing. We now have a new cap insignia. Its quite similar to the one we already had only it now has both a parachute and glider.

How is the election comming? I'm sitting here wondering just how it will come out. Tomorrow of course, will tell.

I planned on a pass for over the week end but I had to work Saturday afternoon, so Sunday afternoon and evening Sgt. Hodel and myself spent at the Hughes. We had a grand time. I don't know if I already told you or not that, that Mrs. Hughs is a Red Cross nurse and that she and some other nurses have invited Freddie (Sgt. Hodel) and myself to a private hospital dance this comming Wednesday. Friday evening we four are dining out and then going to a ballet at one of the local theaters.

Tell mother that I'm glad she and yourself were able to visit the Rieter's. The lady in Alexandria is really a queen. She certainly treated me fine. Please give Mrs. Rieter my best regard.

With All My Love,
Be -Be

November 24, 1944

24 Nov. '44

Dearest -

Another Thanksgiving Day has passed and I'm now back to the same old grind. Freddie (Sgt. Hodel) and myself spent the afternoon and evening at the Hughes. We have been quite busy and if possible we may spend the weekend with them. It is so peaceful and homelike sitting in front of there fireplace and relaxing. So you see we may have a quite a weekend.

Did mother tell you that I may soon be following in Harry's footsteps? I haven't received news from home since the 6th of Nov. and conditions now exist so that I don't expect any for some time yet. However, all is well and yesterday was truly a day of Thanksgiving. During the meal at the Hughes yesterday. Reverend gave a grand toast, something about the unity of the two countries existing forever.

Must hurry as Cpl. Hayes just brought us in each an order of fish and chips.

Love for Ever,
Be - Be.

December 9, 1944

9 Dec. '44

Dearest -

I just returned from the show, here in camp, Benny Goodman in "Sweet and Low Down." It was a very good picture, as musicals are my favorite.

I hope you are now having good weather, we are having mud and more mud.

So far I have received three packages. One from the Brinkmans, one from your kind mother and the one that contained my favorite eats, stuffed dates. Please thank your mother for me. I also thank you a million.

Dad mentioned that Dwight may be leaving for the service Dec. 7th, has he gone as yet? If so, I wish him all the luck in the world.

I finally caught up with my mail here in France after not receiving any for a full month. It seems that V-mail letters get thru much sooner than air mail, but you just can't write much on them.

I have several pictures taken, but I guess I won't be able to send them home as yet. You never mentioned, weather or not you ever received the white material. What do you think of the idea?

I should write Kenny and Marcille yet but I'm just not in the mood, so please give them my regards. Tell mother that I think my Christmas this year will be just about like Dwight Mohlers, only in another country.

Well dear, I'm sending you all my Love.
Always Yours,
Be - Be.

December 17, 1944

17 Dec. '44

Dearest -

I just finished writing Marcille and Kenny each a short letter and I do mean short.

This is Sunday evening and it has been a dreary day. My mind was in Napoleon all day. This morning I attended services here in camp and I worked for three hours this afternoon. I received a North-West this evening, dated August, so you see it isn't much good.

Have you started on the garment, as yet? Who is working on it, mother or Tillie and Ida? I received a card from Ida and Tillie.

Its now 6:30, I think I'll shave, then relax and read the remainder of the evening.

Tell your mother I miss the nice letters she used to write. Wishing you the Best of Everything.

With Love,
Be - Be

P.S. Merry Christmas Grandma Frease, and Mother and Dad Higgins.

December 31, 1944

31 Dec. '44

Dearest -

Conditions are about the same as when I dropped the folks a few lines. Please don't worry, as I'm coming through O.K.

Our letters have finally caught up with us, although our packages are still on the way.

We are unable to write much news just at present, so in closing I assure you I'm O.K. and God willing I'll remain so.

Letters may be scarce for a while, as I hate to write, but please keep them coming my way.

The folks perhaps are steadily listening to the radio and the De Soters may be able to give a little enlightenment.

It will indeed be a happy day when we shall return to the States.

With All My Love,
Be - Be

P.S. I heard from Eleanor and Stan.

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