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Byron Armbruster World War II Papers: Transcripts - MS 984

Byron ArmbrusterĀ Correspondence: Other Correspondence to Mr. & Mrs. Armbruster

April 17, 1944

April 17, 1944

Dear Friends,

I want to take the pleasure to thank you folks for the Easter Greetings. We know you folks are still with us when you think of us with Greetings. It gives a person new life when he knows he still has friends. I sure enjoyed the Servicemans Prayer. I know many of boys lips has said those words over and over again. Just waiting for the time to come when they will be answered.

We are having some nice weather over here now. I suppose the weather is nice back there. The farmers sure will be bussy now. Hope you folks are all well. It is time for me to be signing off. Thanks again for the Greetings.

A friend,
Orville Bennett

April 18, 1944

April 18th '44

Dear Chris and Anna,

Received your card and many thanks for the beautiful prayer. I have read the prayer several times and enjoy it very much.

I hope this finds you all well and happy. I would like to write a nice letter but I'm afraid I'm going to have to get a secretary for my correspondence. I sure can't complain about not receiving mail. I received 33 letters yesterday. Some were still letters from February.

Everything is going fine and all is well over here. Our time is pretty well taken care of. Its 8:30 P.M. and I'm just getting around to find time to write some letters. I have moved to a new station and when the trees and flowers come out its going to be beautiful here.

I thought I wrote Byron a letter, but never heard from him. Mother mentioned that he seen my name in the Register book at the Red Cross in Historical old Oxford. I have lost his address so all I can do is wait.

Love to all

May 11, 1944

The Cairngorns
Lower Basildon

May 11, 1944

Dear Mrs. Armbruster

It was most kind of you to acknowledge my letter. My wife and I know the anxiety of parents as our only son has now been over two years in India. The day he returns will be a great joy to us. Byron came in with two friends last Sunday and they had supper with us. Byron is very friendly, and I can assure you a worthy son.

When the boys leave this part we shall miss them. They all look so well and fit. They have been well favored in the weather - we have had a wonderful amount of sun. Next Sunday with us is Farm Sunday and we shall ask for blessing on the crops and the seed sown in our fields.

The war has drawn Americans very near to us by its creation of intimate friendship which I feel sure will be maintained after the war is over.

You will be glad to know that Byron is well and happy and naturally looking forward to the time when he will be home with you again.

With our very warm greetings,
Yours sincerely,
J. Hughes and M.M. Hughes

July 15, 1944

The Cairngorns
Lower Basildon
Reading Berks.

July 15, 1944

Dear Mrs. Armbruster,

Just a short letter to inform you that Byron and his friend Stephen spent last Evening with us. They were with us from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and we all had supper together. Both men look remarkably well, and have gone on 7 days leave to-day. Byron was going with Stephen as far as Sherborne in Dorsetshire, and then on to Cardiff to see his friends. Many this way think the European War will be over this Autumn. I sincerely pray it will be so. We have one son and one daughter. Our boy is out in India in his third year. He won't be granted leave to come home until after 5 years service. England at the moment is green with foliage and the countryside and gardens full of roses. We told the two boys while they are on this side of the ocean to look upon our house as their home. We shall always be very delighted to receive them. I hope it won't be long before they are with you.

With our very kind greetings,

Also to Miss Higgins.

Yours sincerely,
J. Hughes

December 1944

Mr + Mrs. C.H. Armbruster
R.F.D. #
Napoleon, Ohio

POT. John Schlosser
R.S.N. 35554198
771 C.M.L. Depot Co. RUN.
A.P.O. # 590 c/o P.N.
New York, N.Y.

Merry Christmas

(Picture of Santa Claus on a cart drawn by a pair of oxen)

July 30, 1945

July 30, 1945
San Francisco, Calif

Dear Mom,

Yes it's really me. I though I better write before you gave me up for lost. I been going to write you and Marcille for a long time but I never got to it.

Received a letter from Bert and also one from Kennie about a week ago. I got those 2 letters from Marcille but I got the last one she wrote before I did the first one. That's the way mail is out here.

Bryon should be a proud guy getting everything he did. I hope he gets to come home soon. If he has 83 points he only needs 2 more, don't he.

I bet the weather here is twice as hot as it is at home.

Received some pictures today from Marilyn.

I've been getting some interesting letters from Bousher.

I should write Mrs. Longton.

Well, I hope you can read this mess, as you know I'm not much good at writing.

With Love,

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