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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence 1850s

May 9, 1854

May 9th 1854

Well Sade

I came home this morning from Hand Sons they are all well except Adella who has got St vitas dancs I was very sorry to learn that you have been sick but was glad to hear you was better. You Said you was homesick mother says you must come home and go to school here Kate Sears wants you to come and to from her house. Now Sade I want a discription in full of that young gentleman (from Eva) you fell in love with and also the one that fell in love with you. Now for something of my source of pleasure well the first Sunday after you left we all met at your house. Barb Billy S Coll "L" William H Sam H had a very pleasant time I would have enjoyd my self mutch better had Bill not looked at your mother so much. Abel and Nor Seeters came along about three Oclock and I went with them to Racks We would like to come forth now I imagine I can here you laugh at my spelling well Joshua has not been seen since that memorial Sunday I expect he has dried up and went in his hole Rack is sick and Ev has so much work to do she could only write this. Tell Katy I would love to see her and the children give mothers love to her Sade weallwant you to come home so bad for we want to see you

You must look over the mistakes for the pen is so bad

Write as soon as you receive this


January 6, 1856

Buffalo Run [Penn.?]
January 6th AD 1856

My dear cusin I Received your Epistle and was very glad to hear from you. I was also glad to hear that you got home safe from salem that day I started. I am also happy to hear that thomas is doing well. I was sory to hear that you cried in class but I hope you will not do so any more. Your mother's an thomass an emy's Respects are very acceptable and I hope you will Return the same to them from me. I have not went to school any yet but I intend to begin to morrow and go about two months and after that time I shall begin to get Redy to go to iowa. Uncle Sam is going along. we are all well at present if Martin has come Home I have not seen him yet. But I then he had Better Stade there for there are to many idlers in that Valley now. But he can do as he pleases but I think his chance is better there than here. Sarah when you write gain let me Know what you got for your pork a hundred please write again for you done very well this time. Sarah make good use of your time in school for the mind makes the lady. nothing more this time

But Remain Your Cusin
Joseph W. Elder
To Sarah Elder

don't fail to write again

November 2, 1857

Rainsburg Nov 2th 1857

Dear Cousin Sade

After a long and lonesome ride I have seated myselfe to try too anser you vary cind and affectinate letter. I have bin to Bedford and back since two oclock, I was after the Doctor for Rubens little Boy but am happy to say he is grate deal better. Sade I hope that you will parden all mistakes for I am boath tired and slepy and worst of all I have nothing of importance to write, Will & Ruben land safe at home and had a grate deal to tell me, & are vary much pleased with the country,

Our Countey fair came off last week, and was considered pirty good for thiss countey, althow I was not thare, I was ove in Marylend with some stalk, I have quit dealing althow what little I delt done vary well, I am going to teach School thiss winte I expect to begin nex monday,

Benton Cessna is not going to School now he is going to teach school thiss winter I can not tell you when he first came to Ran. I heard that Benten Cessna Mouther is going to get married. As you spoke of coming to school I would just say that Rainsburg is as good and cheap a plase as can be found, I seene you little Bruth last weeke he is well and loocks fine give my love to you mother and tell her that I would write to her if I thought I could write any thing that would interest her. Sade I have all most quit playing cards, Kiss Em Mer & Eve for me and tell them I would like to here from them, I would like to see you all, write sune for I feell all most forgote by you all, I have neve had but one lette from Rache since she was her and have wrote three, ask her if she has forgote me or wheeth she is angry I write to Med but supose she did not think worth while ansering please excuse me for this time nothing more at present good night

GW Cessna

November 10, 1858

Rainsburg November 10th 1858

Cousin Said

I beg leave to address you a short letter you must indeed pardon one for not writing sooner, and at the time you requested me

I have no excuse particularly but that of procrastination, it was not because I have not often thought of thee in view of the perculiar circumstances under which I am pleased this evening I must be brief, and after giving you a (letter is ripped) ...ticular ralative to my health (letter is ripped)... ow I am getting allong. (letter is ripped) ... all beg leave to close.

I depreciat very much that I have nothing of moment (letter is ripped) ... to your consideration (letter is ripped) ... limited faculties (letter is ripped) ... asp such figures of Speech (letter is ripped)... would satiate the cravings of your mind it would be a pleasing task for me to write As a long introduction to a letter is superfluous and tedious I will at once resume my narative.

As My health is and has been excellent my occupation at this time is a tedious one it is that of trying to teach the young ideas how to shoot but I fear I will fail in accomplishing my duty.

I began teaching school last Monday (letter is ripped)... in my one district wher George taught (letter is ripped)... tew I have been going (ripped) ... most of the time (ripped) came from Ohio I must say what short length of time I was there I spent many aggreable. I liked the country very much allso the society particularly that of the ladies. I was very sorry that I left as soon as I did. Is your Algebray class going on yet? If so I fancy you have a very fine one till this time I would like very much if it was so that I could tend it There is nothing of importance transpiring (ripped)... our vicinity at (ripped)... ant.

Cousin Said while we are seperated by miles let us carry (ripped) pondance that we (ripped) up our (-----) (ripped)... with a frequent exchange of letters I dare say that there is no one who loves to reade a letter from a friend more than I do that it is in irksome task for me to write

I must soon close I hope that those few lines may onely be an introduction to our future corispondance.

Nothing more at preasant but remain your ardent friend
(ripped) J Cessna
PS A letter from (ripped)at your earlest convenience (ripped) read with pleasure (ripped to end)

Mr Joshua K Dicken
Via Louisville
Camp Wood Kentucky [notation added latter than date of letter, probably 1861-1862]
Company K 49 Reg
OVI Send in care of
Captain JM Patterson

February 12, 1859

Rainsburg February 12th 1859

Cousin Sade

I received your esteemed letter dated the 28th of December and perused it with exceedingly great pleasure for it bid to memory the pleasant visit that I had in Ohio My time has been very much occupied with my school as I would have replied sooner therefore I beg to be excused After giving you a few particulars relative to my health and how I am getting along I shall beg to close My health is and has been exceedingly good. I am getting along middling well with my School it will soon be out have eighteen days yet to teach for four month.

After my School it out I think I will go to Pittsburg to School at the Iron City Commercial College I do not know for certain if I will go in the Spring or not till next fall

Well Sade as your School teacher is a single gentleman I fancy you have a very pleasant time going to school and enjoy your selfe very much but as for the facsimile I don't think it dos add much to your pleasure I heard that you had the find of this week the merry jingling of sleigh bells I suppose it is very pleasant for you in know it would be for me by some unfortune luck our snow this winter is all rain we have but very little snow and plenty of mud this winter none since George left I should like very much once more to hear the lively jingling of bell I was at a wedding last Tuesday Cousin William McClellan and Miss Eav was married We had quite a lovely time indeed.

Sade I would like very much to enjoy myself at a game of Seven - up with you but as for you beeting me I think is very hurtful for I still practice some yet I was sorry to hear that your Algebry class has gone to oblivion but glad to hear of the Literary that was substituted in it plase I hope the members will all manifes a desire to attend.

I must bring my letter to a close give my love to all my enquiring friends if there are any acsept a good share for yourself

Nothing more but remain your well wisher

J Cessna
PS Write soon & give me the particular news
Mr. Joshua H. Dicken
Gallia Co.
Company H Regiment 21st
In care of
Capt. Blackmun

Mr. W. K. Cessna
Gallia Co. Ohio O.V.I.
Co.D 12 Regt.

August 7, 1859

Home Aug the 7 1859

Friend Sallie

I received your letter two weeks ago to day I had almost come to the conclusion that you had forgotten that you had promised to write to me, Our folks have all gone to meeting but Leib, John and myself, Sallie I would love to see you most dearly and I hope I will see you before long I expect Allen hopes so to I would liked to of seen you and him preforming that night at Bowmans or I do not know that I would either it would of made me felt so bad Sallie I was up at the picnic but considering one thing withe another it did not pay me as well as I suppose it did some of the rest, Leib Cook has left Cooks and gone to Robert Manchesters she has been gone about three weeks, Maria Leyman broke her leg last Tuesday I was over to see her last Friday she broke it about half way above the knee she has to lay on her back al the time and will have to for about three more weeks Sallie I think the new church will be done the last of september and will be dedicated some time in october if you do not fall in love with some of the boys up there and forget to come home then I suppose you will be there then we have had preaching in the new church twice there has been two carpet sewings in it we have sew rags to make a carpet for the new church Mother and two of the Mrs Bowmans are going to take it up to the weavers in Canfield next Thursday I spun some of the chane for it last week was I not in good buisness then Sallie,

Cousin Agnes Mae is at Uncle Johns now she was here last week and will be here the last of next week she has learned me how to knit tating [tatting] I do like her so well Sallie I cannot think of enything more to write worth reading if this is so good by I remain as ever

Your friend Mat

Forge me not as time doth pass
On golden pinions free
Rermember me that is what I ask
And Ill remember thee

September 9, 185-?

Rainsburg Septembe the 9 [185-?]

Friend Sade

Aftere a long delay I take the privilege of ansering you vary cind and exceptable lette whitch afforded me a grate deal of sadisfaction I had write to Med and Began a letter to you last weeke when fanthe came home and tole me that Ounkle and to of the Girls was down and so I poste poned writing till I seene them, thay ware here and I spent a vary plesent time with them I left them in the valy last Sunday morning it is not worth my while to tell you enything about them for thay will be at home against you get this Sade I am at a loss for to know what to write for I know that the girls will tell you all that Is going on. I have bin to see you little Brouthe some five or six times since I came home he is well and loocks fine. I am well and getting along vary well I was at Campmeeting too weeks agow and had a vary plesent time but did not get relidge we have a vary fine school at rains and a grate meny ladies althow you know that I am know that I am Ladies man. I am still buying and selling stock yet. Althow it is getting vary dull business her Sade I would like to see you all but am not sertain when I will get to expect to come to Ohio next spring for I fell in love with you pirty Country, Sade please excuse this horable lette and remembe what I tole you about letting eny one see it give my best respects to aunt lise and all in quire friends write sune and give me all the nues
GW Cessna

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