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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence, January - February 1865

January 1, 1865

January/ 1. /'65
Athans Allabama
Swancreek Blockhouse

Well Jack & Will I shall tri too write a few lin too you too let you know that I am all write a few lines too you too let you all know that I am all write yet & stil hope that those few lines will find you all well & a geting along well & a going too school & ahaving agood time. wel I have But little too write too you Both I thought that I would write a little & send it sads letter & make a rite Big leter. we have had a Big time sense we have had the laste fight the laste was at Nashville & a prety hard wone & sense that time we was after old hood & scart him a cros the Tennasee rive & the we turned back too this place wher we ar know at. we ar 8 mils from the regment the regment is stationed at the town & co A & B is out on the railroad down too wards the river. co A is at Swan Creek Blockhouse & co B is at the other wone a Bout 2 miles of then we ar all alone at this place & feel all write & at home as long as we shall stay here & that is till we will B ordered away from here. this is all of this story & all that I can think of at this time

My Well Mearm Elder a litle short word too you a bout those stockens. I was moste darned glad too get them for I onley had wone peair of those socks that I brot from home & the wreason that I had them was I had them on when the Johneys got my knapsack all that they did get did knot ammount too a great deel. I will tell you all that they did get they got a portfolio & 4 stampt invellops wone shirte wone pair of drawers 1 Blanket 1 ruber 1 pair of homaid stockins & aBove all they got that fotograft of I & sads I fancy they got a prety picture when they got it. well this was all that they got O Yes they got that silk hankerchief & a very few othere things then they left me with out a snot rag well this is all at this time or relce I will hav nothing too write the next time then I will close fror this time hoping too hear from you all soon

I still remain yours
J.H. Dicken
Direct your leters too
Co A 64rth Ohio
via Nashville

O Yess You spoke of knot hearing from Curt I have knot heard of him sense I saw him at Chattanooga I heard that the 9 Ohio Cavelry was with Sherman then I heard that they was still at Chattanooga there foure you have heard of him sense I have I think that he is at Chattanooga

that Box you spoke aBout I did knont get too look for it But Curt told me that he would get it for his lutenants was a going there & he won get it for him

he has knot Ben in any of the cavelry that was up at Nashville for I inquired of the General of the hole cavelry force that was there & the 9 Ohio was knot there atall

January 2, 1865

camp on the revene
rock county in Alabamma

January the 2. 1865
Mrs Sade E Dicken

I take tis privelege too drop a few lines too you too let you know that I & the wreste of those boys ar all well at this time I have but little too write perhaps I will collect a little till I get threw & after I get threw & put it all too geather it will make a prety big leter. well we have had aprety hard old time too get here when we started on the march we started for the tennsee river But when got with in 25 or 30 miles then we was ordered back too hunttisville All all though the distents is a bout 25 miles from this plase perhaps before we get there we will be ordered some whers elce I cannot tel & but little doo I care Juste sow those other nine months goes on & I keep well & don't get any more demoralized any more. well now I shall tell you a little what we have too live on at this present time. we drawed crackers for too days & they ar too laste us 4 or 5 days & perhaps longer we cannot tell the rule is too foriage all that we can get in cuntry then we do the beste that we can do. then I all ways look out for my self that is wone thing shure we get a little corn & grind it eather on our coffa mill or at a mill if there is wone in the country we have got a pretty good supply on hands at this time & plenty of fresh pork & a few molasses O I think that we will get a long pretty well as long as there is any thing in the country when all is all out of the country then I will begin too think that this war will come too a finel close. well I hope then that those time will soon come then we all can get too come home those that is lefte of us. I still think that I will be wone of those lucka wones all thoug know telling god he a lones knowes all things knot I. this is all at this present time know on a marche we ar ordered & know we have finished it we finished it know

January 8the is/65

well Sade you wanted me too tell youall about Bat Hartsock I can tell you all that I heard a Docter say about him he sed that he was aprisner & was in the Johneys hands at this present time & would stay there till he was exchanged & would be Juste as soon as the please well this is all of that. Stay well Sade I am knot shure how soon you will there it is tair tents & on a march a little over a half of a mile this is all at this time & now we have got I think too the place wher we will stay a little while all though I cannot tell we move sow often that I cannot tell allthough we had to gow a Bout 10 miles too this station which is called swan creek Block house is the station where this company is station at 8 miles from Athens

January 11nth /65
swan creek Blockhouse

Well Sade I will trita finish this leter at this. well Sade I think that this wore has got too be a knice thing for I cannot tell Juste when you will get this leter But I shall ti too finish this leter this time & I think that you will get this leter soon for this letr this company is ordered To stay here for the time Being I cannot tell how long we may stay here the probability is that we will stay here till the firste of May all though I am knot a running this institution at this time. I received your leter dated Dcm 9nth /64 & was glad too hear that you was well & a doing well but I feel too simpathise with you & feell sorey too think that youar sow disloyal & more lonesome than I am. I hope that you will prick up your ears & look up write & feel all write for I am shure of wone thing if I don't get killed or relce get sick I will git threw all write then I think you muste pricke up your ears for a few months then I think that I will get threw all write. this is all of this story. I got those stockings all write & was glad too receive them too. I saw the 49 ninth But I did knot see that Nelson Hartrock there four I did not get that pincushion yet & know I cannot tell when I will get it for we ar struck of too guard this railroad from huntisville too Decatur the distents is 15teen miles this regment has to do this guarison doty there four you can see that I have knot had any time too finish this leter & I would aknot a had this time onley I am on guard at this time. well Sad you said that your cousin was out from Penn too pay you a visit. I am glad too hear of that kind of news & I would a like too a ben thare to share the viset with him & all so too talk with him \r & too seen your uncle John & too a had an old famley talk with him. O I imagine the chat would a ben a gracious one & alovely wone But this infernal wore is the case of a great maney things that would knot of a happened if it would knot a ben for it. I think that I would a ben there too see them & too seen cousin Bill then I think that this wore will knot laste all ways & I think that my time is a getting a long pretty faste 3 months & a half has gone a ready But there 8 & a half too come then I shall Be free again for awhile But I cannot tell how long I Shall be free But I heard that old abe had called out 3 hunded thousand I think that this will finish them out for I think thay they ar about plaid. well sade I gess that I will hafftoo fin ish this leter this time hoping too hear from you soone I still remain your old hub JH Dicken

January 1865

[letter fragment - January 1865?]

that box is knot come too lite yet but I heard from it, it is at Huntsville that is the plase where I will get too gow Prety soon I think then I can get it & Bring it write along then. well Pork I did knot think that I would write But litle too you when I commenced But I too another look over your leter & it made me Sware dam it a little on the loweste of [illegible] & for me too Pity any Body I can not do that in this time of wore if that Bill Lybarger needs pity you with half to do that for him for I think it prabeley was a little his falte or rather Norts all too geather all though all that I would like too know is juste what she had too tell sow long a gow about me I think she is a triing too Bring a little troubele in connection with some other things But I hope knot well Sade I close hoping too hear from you soon write soon I still remain yours truly JHD

If there is any more wants too hear from me just tell them too write too me & will doo the same tell old Baney that I am all write & if there is any more like Lanra that has a great deel too talk about juste tell him too tell it too you & you can tell it too me all write

February 11, 1865

Blockhouse No 36, Allabama
February 11nth /65

Miss Sade E Dicken

I imbrace this present privelege of answering your moste Splendid loong looked for leter I was very anxious too hear that you was injouing your Self very well & onley had 17 teen days of School when you wrot too me your leter was dated Jan the 30 which was a few days on the road when you write too me I would like too know when the leters was wrote too you that you answer sow that I can tell wheather you get all the leters that I write you for I have wrote too you a few letrs & I don't knot wheather you got them or knot there four I would like too have you too date the wone that you receive afore laste. well this is all about the letrs & about all the news that I have here is prety well run out for we don't get agreat deel of news here thare four But little I can write about at this time well I under stand that Ted & Norte has inlisted & ar agoing tu the ware a little while if I understand your leter write that Nort has plade the shananam with my old gall I was a little a fraid that he would get his Neck in too the holes & it would titen on him & But all write I think that if it is the I am sorrow for him But I think that he is old nuff too lok out for such things that will Bite best at knight I hope that there is not any more of that kind of things a going on there But as for those 2 Boys agoing too ware I think if they put them threw as well as they put us threw they will wish that they never had heard of this cursed rebellion there four you can tell that I think that I will half too stay till my time is out which will be out on the 27 of September next well I hasten & tell alittle more about some of those that you wrot about me too & won is Bill Cessna. I was gld too hear that he was maried & well of it & that fleck was about too fli on too Racal & take the feathers out of him & that James buy the los is about too ride Menty that is too slayweed hur I mean & fam Bower's has taken that cousin of yours a sleying too I fear that he will lite down on too her carcass like a hawk on too a chicken & fly of too his nest there poor school marm Meary is gon too teach a quite a diferent school than she has any ride of. this is all of the abuse that I can give you cousen at this time. you know sister Em muste take a few words you sed that you thought that she would live and die & old made But sade you or wrong for I herd of hur & I know alittle betr than that for pay Boy Fed still taks atrip across the Meadow But probley it will stop the walking part but I think that those read invelops will be in cerculaion again Pork when I write too you for trooth I don't want you too acracked stay about it for I will find out all about thouse things that is I mean all in good time. I close at the top on the other side then turn over & seeeeeeeeeeeeeee & forgot it I will write mor thi next time I write write soon & often for I think that you write Juste when it soots you best that will soot me then this is all O yes for got too tell you that I was well I will you know I am in good health as I ever was in all of my life & hope the same you ar

JH Dicken
Direct as befoe I will send you a leaf that this is a kind of tree that grows here & there leavs is all winter green there name I forgot this is all I shal write more the nextime I got those sock & forgot it I will write mor the next time I write

well mis Elder I think that this is about time too let you know that I have knot quite forgoten you yet all though I thought that you would hear from me every wonce in a while there four I did knot write too you sooner I know I want you too write & let me know all a bout the things that is agoing ovrthere & allsa about the weathere & wheather appa & all of his Boyses ar a yeliung along & wheather Emma is a teaching School or knot O yes there is mamma I of course would like too know how She goos along & tell hir that I will write hir that leter soon as we get in too camp But god oinley nowes when we shal get in too camp Soon or knot I think knot on this side of the tennsee river & then we shall then I can write a leter too all that I promest ehm four I wil clsoe this letr at this time hopeing too hear from you soon write soon

I still remain yours
JH Dicken
E Elder

here is a stamp or too
take and (-----) here if you can for I cant

February 21, 1865

Tuesday afternoon
Feb the 21st/65

Dear Josh

I received your very kind letter dated the 11th inst and was indeed truly glad to hear all was well with you for it is truly a Source of great delight to know you are in possession of that great and good blessing called good health. O Josh to day is So beautiful the Sun is So warm and pleasant it is one just Suited to a lazy person or rather one desined to bring on that old and well known disease called Spring fever which you know I have an attack of every Spring.

This Spring it seems to be worse than usual but hope soon to recover. My School closed last Saturday you better believe I am not Sorry. Poor Em will have four weeks after this week. I fell Sorry for her. Josh I am So glad your time is out in September it is a few days sooner than I expected it O if God only Spares your life and health the year will Soon be gone yes time is moving on golden wings every day that rolls into eternity leaves but the number less.

Josh I heard that you have apair of Socks and gloves in your possession belonging to Joseph Haupt of Bettsville I understand that Dr Norton has gone for him and there is a probability of is beeing discharged So if you need them write So to me and I will pay for them now besure and tell me in your next letter So I will know what to do. The health of our neighbors is pretty good with a few exceptions Albert Ash has the mumps but is nearly well I Suppose next will be us as none of us has had them yet.

I was over at your Fathers to day and they are all well Nancy has not heard from Jacob for a bout three weeks She is very anxious to hear from him. She Says She has written to you but but got no answer. We intend to Send your Shirt with George Hall when he goes back again he Said he would take it.

Write Soon and often

Yours truly
Sadie E. Dicken

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