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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence, March - April 1865

March 18, 1865

Sunday Evening
March the 18th/65

Dear Josh

It is with pleasure that I seat my Self to answer your esteemed favor bearing date of the 5th inst I was truly delighted to know that you are still enjoying that great and good blessing good health For that was my chief trouble when I found you had to go one week from to morrow your time will be half out but then Six more long months must roll on before I can have the unspeakable pleasure of Seeing you and talking with you as in times of old. But every thing looks favorable for a Speedy close. If I could but just hear the glad news of Peace I Should almost go wild with ecstasy. You wished to know if we had heard any thing of Curtis lately we have not he is Commanded by Killpatrick lately he had a battle and was worsted considerable the rebel Generable had two Brigades and got behind him and Surprised him but old Scofield came to assistance just in time and retook all the rebs had taken I was real glad you got those things I sent you with Hartsock they were so long incoming I thought you would never reach you and glad to know you kept those globes and Sent home the Stockings if you did not need them.

Mother told Hall to get that box of Curt's at Nashville for you if it was there yet but I Suppose it has been Sold if you Should get it divide the eat ables with him if you can and keep the rest your Self Should you not need the boots Sell them and Send her the money but if you do need bee Sure and keep them. Your Father has been offered one hundred dollars for your George Colt Shall he Sell it or not if I were you I would not take that I think you ought to have more but if you will Sell him for that Mother would like to have him she will give it willingly but I think you can get more. do as you please you are boss not I

Please except these few hasty lines and answer Soon and oblige your

Dearest Friend
Sadie E Dicken

I have sent you some of your stamps and will send more in this

March 20, 1865

Huntisville All
March 20th/'65

Dear Pork

I take this present time too answer your kind & mos for goten leter that Juste came too yesterday well Said, I hardeley know what toe write for you that would intereste you But the firste thing that I will tell you about is that I had good luck I got that shirte that you sent with George Hall the wreason that I got it was that we left Blockhouse No 37 & went Back too huntisville & the 49 ninth had knot lefte there yet & wone of hour Bays was over there & Brot it too me. well the second place I will tell you about is of kno little aconnt too mention about all though I will Juste tell you that when you hear of such things as Sam Hartsock says I don't want you too care any thing about it for I catend that I & you ar wone. I am very glad that you rote what she sead for she wanted too Juste get a holte of wane of those dam swell heads when you read this leter Juste tri & see what a good fire it will make & don't let any wone read it But you will I think when you find out that Said I call her a great deel more so than Loved after all well sade if you hear any such stuff why Juste keepe it too your self till I get Back there it is all well a nuff for you too let me know all a bout such things But O Sade I would rather knot hear it her for I and you ar wone & I want too remain sow till wone of us is lade in the cool grave. then if you please Juste knot tell me any thing about such things till I get back there then I will listen at you when you can tell me all such stuff well then I will leave this with you & for you too doo the Beste with it you can. well the next is I got that 50 cnts worth of stamps & there was 4 of them then well thus was a plenty for I got those that father sent with Nelson hartsock & now I have got ten or twelve there four I was glad that you did knot send any more too me for I thoug that we would get oou pay then I could Buy a few stamps But I don't hear any thing a bout pay at tall there four I don't think that we will get our pay till our time is out But I cannot tell any thing about it at tall for when we was ordered too leave swan creek we was too gow too Nashville tenn But the order was countermanded & then we onley get too huntisville & we ar too remain her till further orders O I wish that those orders will be too come Back too Johnsons Island But ah now Such good luck I think that order will be for us too gow too helpe General Grant at richmond well if that is the case for wone am ready too gow & sooner the Beter for me well Sade this is all at this time. well as you did knot tell me wheather you was well or knot But I think that you was well & all write well I will tell tell you too that I am in good health & still hope & pray too the olde Gentleman too protect me till my time is out & til I get home & after along life too live in pice with you. well Sade if you get this leter Befour you send that shirte why you need knot send it too me. when get this leter juste write and let me know all of the news. well I close this leter hopeing too hear from you & all the wreste of the folks of that place. I think that if Mary Lybarger will if she gets sam Bowers I say buley for her. well I wont say any thing more about it or her But I think he is a little too yong for hir. this is all I still remain your old hub write soon for it is Juste 1 month too day that I wrot too you

Direct too
co A 64 Ohio
3 Brigade
2 Division
4 Corps
via Nashville Tenn

coten seede is plade out or relce I would asent you more But I don't think that this will grow up ther for it is little too cold

March 22, 1865

Strawberry Plains East Tenn March 22nd /'65

Sister Sadie

I will now occupy the time in penning you a few lines. Nancy said in her letter that you thought I had forgotten you. I Should of written sooner, but you will please excuse me for I am a poor hand to write. I like to get letters but I don't like to write any for I have nothing to write that would be interesting to read. We left Huntsville Alabama and are now in loyal East Tenn on the Beautiful Strawberry Plains where there is health in evry breeze that sweeps across the plains and joy and gladness gleam in evry Flowing fountain. we had a good car ride to this place I was three days comeing here some of the Boys got here in two days and some in four days. there were none of the 101st that come together we all got scattered in changing cars in the night in stevenson and Chattanooga. it took about fiteen train of cars to run our Division down here. the Boys had a jolly old time. we got here two days before any of our Officers. some of the Boys got as high as a cats back as Abe Mack says. we came through safe with the exception of one train they run off the track and Killed three men and wounded fifteen, well Sadie I guess I must close. I have not seen Josh since I come to my regt. I had calculated to go and see him but I kept putting it off till it was too late I might of went to see him as handy as not for I don't do anything only post some guards once a week. I have not been on picket for over six months well Sadie my friend Kreger says he is in great trouble he says he sent a letter off to old Liberty and expected an answer but he has not received any yet he fears that one was started for him and the guerrillas captures it for they captured two trains last week. please ask Emma is she knows anything about it well sade I guess I would better close for fear of wearing your patience reading this poor scribling so no more for the present this leaves me well hopeing it will find you the same me best wishes to you all
Jacob W. Martin

a word to my plug

well Nancy I have written considerable to you but I must scribble a little more I have nothing special to write I received your letter of march 12th one answer to my letter of Feb 22nd that was my first letter to you after I got to the regt. I write so much that I am getting ashamed of it tell Lib that I will write to her in a few days. Yesterday we had our equinoctial storm I got caught in it I was out takeing a horse back ride I got as wet as a cat. it rained and hailed, to day it is very pleasant well Nancy I will close the Boys are cutting up so that I cant write. I sent your father a letter. I wrote you a few lines. I told you that you could get license for Bill if you wanted to no more I will write in a few days again I sent a letter off the 11th of this month with my likeness in it no more write soon

Jacob W Martin
Martin Martin

March 26, 1865

Kansas O March 26 '65

Brother Joshua

Your kind letter came to hand day before yesterday I was very glad to hear from you and to where you was. and to learn you was well it found us all well and hearty but Sade says She feels a little sleepy her and Mary Thomas was over to set up with old Mr Crown he is very sick Norton has very poor hopes of his recovering he was a little better when they left this morning your Father was taken sick yesterday morning Uncle Stepe and Aunt Becky was there Aunt Beck though he was getting the Mumps but they do not know exactly but he is not dangerous at all you need not be alarmed about him I received a letter from Curt last Saturday we had not heard from him for quite a while but he was well and all right he was at Fayettvill N.C. he thinks the next time we heard from him he would be on the Sacred Soil of Virginia I also received a letter from Curt Boor to day I thought he had forgotten to write he was then at Chickesaw Alabama his letter was dated the 2d of March he was well

Sade requested me to ask you if She Should Send that Shirt to you now or wait till you were Settled or at least Stop to rest awhile She has got it made now and will send it as soon as you want it She would send it now but she is afraid you will not get it till you ar sttled I believe I have told you all the news so I will close for this time I sill remain your

Sister Emma

April 2, 1865

Buls gap East Tenn
Sunday April 2and /65

I take this present time too answer your kind leter that came too hand afew days agow wel in the 1ste place I shal tell ror rather let you know that I am in good health at this time & that is all that I care for all is that I ask of god is too Juste keepe me in such good healthe olnay those other six months as I have Bin in those 1ste 6 months then I think that I will Be Permitted too return home \r & in Jan some of those pleasurs of life. laste Sunday I was at huntisville allabama & know I am in easte tennisee But What I was a goin too write a bout was that there we had wone of the Beste meetings that I had Bin at in along time \r & it was onley aBoy that Preached there for us & I seen Sophia Flacks Brother Peter Flack & his son Thomas & they was in the 26 Ohio Regment 2 Division 1 Brigade 4 Corp & they was all write But tel Sophia that Peter would like too hear from his (----) hear how she was agetting along. I heard Peter Preach on laste Sunday there in our camp at huntisville. well Sadie I think that this is all at this time unless I woulde tell you a litle how we got here But that would not intereste you a great deel Oh well I will fill this sheete with something of that kind. well the distents form that Black house too this gap about 4 hundrets miles we came all this distents Buy railroad which was a little Beter than too march all this distents But the cars was a little crouded But I could stand it rite well. this campe that we ar in is an old reb camp & it is in a prety nice place Betwwen the hils and on a prety nice hill we cannot tell how long we will stay here nor we cannot tell where we will gow too probiley too richman now telling. But I don't care Juste sow that we can get it too and end prety soon. I am & will be well satisfide if they will get it closed till my time is out But if knot I fear that our case will be a rather a poor wone But god [ripped] knowed & he will deel with all men acording too there deeds done here. But O I feear olde Jeffersons Davis case on the account of his Behaviore & dis a greeable actions. well Sadie this is all at this time I still remain yours truly

J H Dicken

write soon o yes I got thoos 4 stamps all write I am glad that you set those juste as you did that is juste write this is all for in spection I muste gow now I am of & all write

April 4, 1865

April the 4th /65

My Beloved Friend

I take this my earliest opportunity of answering your last letters bearing date of the 20th and 25th respectively the reason I did not write Sooner was because my eyes we So Sore I could not See. the letters on the white paper glimmered So I could not See one from the other. they are much better now. consequently necessity will excuse me. O Josh the glorious news of last evening has caused every heart to rejoice the Fall of Richmond is what every one interested in the Union cause has been looking and anxiously praying for for almost four long and weary years. thank that high and Supreme being it has been accomplished provided the news are true. Last evening I received a letter from Jacob Martin he is well he Says he is looking for you at Strawbury Plains.

but I do hope you will be permitted to Stay where you are untill you get to come home Judging from all appearances the rebellion will play out in a few more weeks or months at least. Your postage Stamps I have Sent a few at a time but intend to Send them all I thought it better to do So I have Some of them yet but I will not Send them in this letter for fear it does not reach you. I will write a few days a gain. O Josh a little over five months I hope again to See you and hear you talk as of old. Your Father is Some better but your Mother is now Sick Nancy was over a little while last night She Said they thought it as the mumps that was the matter with both of them they will Soon be well. The new church up the plank will be Dedicated on the 28th of May I hope you will get home to go. I was over to your Fathers and Saw Pusses colt it is the prettiest little thing I ever Saw but All Says he would rather have the other one Josh he has to take care of all your other horses I think you might let him have as he wantes it So bad

write Soon and as
often as you can

most affectionately

April 11, 1865

Blene Springs
Easte Tenn

Blene Springs East
April 11nth / 65

Dear Sadie

I take this present time too drop a few lines too you too let you know how I am agetting alonge I am inJoying good health as usual & I Still hope that those few lines will find you injoying good health as usual. well as this is the 3rd leter that I have writen too you I have knot received a leter yet from you yet. But I think that there is a leter or too on the roade too me or at leaste I hope sow. well in the 1ste place I will let you know that those things that I sent too Housemans is there & they will Be sent too olde Mr Powells when you well Juste please get allbert too gow there & get them for you & then you can wash them & get those inferiors of that Blanket & cart over those gloves you will find in the over ead pocket they ar those that I got from J Haupt. you will half too take alittle good care of them for I think that there is a few gray Backs on them. I think that they will Be at olde Mr Powells about the laste of the month then I think that you will get too see this old chap Back there in corse of about 3 months if nothing happens more than I know of at this time on the acount of Jeneral Lees hole armey surendering too Bill Sheridan. there four I think on those termes I think that I will Be Back too healpe Father cut that wheat that I sode for him that is if it is gods will. Last knight there was quite a row in camp all was done Buy a little too much comisary whiskey. there was wone shot \r & wone was stabede & I don't think that this wone that was stabed will live long he was wone of this Regment out of Co A his name is Wm Mcloor this drunk was all on the account of the surender of Jeneral Lees. I fear if piece should Be Declared I fear it wont knot be safe too be about at tall. But I think I can Stand it Let it come as soon as it will it cant come too soon for me. well Sadie this is all. you spokke about Sending me aShirt I tolde Emma that She shoulde tell you that you neede knot Send that Shirte too me till I sent a leter too you too send it too. me well I will write too you & let you know when you shall sende it too me for this reason I got that shirte thate you sent with George Hall & then I will knot need it Juste now you wanted too know about Curtis' Box well George Hall did knont get it as I know of But if there is a Box there for him it will be solde Juste for what any Body will give for it there four I [----] it will not get too see it or get any good of it. well this is all at this teim Still hopeing too see you Be four those other 6 months is paste But if I will half too stay till then I hope that I will I have goode health those other 6 months as I hade the firste 6 months I will Be satisfied this is al write soon I still remain your Dear olde
JH Dicken

till death

write soon
I remember you
& I want you too
remember me
Good Buy

April 13, 1865

Arp the 13th 65

Dear Josh

It is with infinite delight that I seat my Self to the ever pleasant task of answering your letter which I have just received I am happy to tell you I am well but Sorry to tell you Mother is quite Sick She was taken ill last night She Seems no better now I think most probably it is the mumps if So she will be better in a few days. I was Sorry you had to move thought you would Stay where you was untill old Jeff had acknowledged he could with Stand the Strong arms of our Union forces no longer. but perhaps you think the rebellion is So near at an end it matters not where you are So you are Safe from harm.

O Josh I just wish you were here old Liberty Seems quite like an other place every thing Seems to rejoice even the very trees are putting forth their leaves So green. all nature is gladdened by this glorious conquest every thing is as green now as it was the middle of May last year. Josh I am making Carpet this Summer I have it all ready for to be wove Sopia Flack will it in Short time I am fixing my quilth ready to quilt So you See I am making ready to go to housekeeping when you get home. and I think you will not object. Josh I have nothing Strange to write. next Sunday is Easter last easter you was here with me I did not think you then would be So far this Easter. but So it is but a few months more and if God Spares you we will meet again.

Write Soon

I will Send you Some more Stamps
Your old Pork

April 30, 1865

Kansas O April 30th '65

Brother Joshua

Your kind and ever welcome letter came to hand not long Since I was very glad to hear from you and to learn where you was. I hope the war is about played out. the papers are full of good news and I hope it is true. I feared when the President was shot that would prolong the war but I guess not that was an awful affair that assassination at Washington I think

I hope you boys will soon get home and then we will have some gay times we will try hard to get up a good dinner for you you better believe I received a letter from Curt I was so glad to hear from him for it been so long since we heard from him that we were quite uneasy about him he said he was fat and lazy. I also received a letter from Rachael Cook her health was good that was the second letter she had written to me since she left I thought it was about time she was writing She wished to know where you was She said she often thought of you. The health of the people here is better than it was when last I wrote. I guess Sade has told you all the news so I cannot write you a very long letter this time but look out the next time for I will just more than write -

I will close by telling you my health is good trusting when this reaches you you may be enjoying the best of health

Don't forget to write soon to your Sister


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