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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence, May - June 1865

May 14, 1865

Kansas Seneca Co O May the 14 '65
Brother Joshua

I seat myself with pleasure to pen you a few lines Sadie eyes ar so sore again that she cannot see to write so you will have to excuse her this time. I believe Nancy has told you all the news. I think you will soon be at home and then we can hear you talk which will be much pleananter

I will send my P.S. as it is so [?] No more, your sister

Emma Elder

May 28, 1865

Campe Harker
Sunday morn. May the 28th/65

Mrs S.E. Dicken

I take this present opertunity of answeringe your kinde leter that juste came too hande yesterday baring date of May 21, /65 glade I was too hear from you & too hear that all the folks was in prety goode health all though I feel too simpathise with those have loste a friende or some wone near & dear too them as you did knot tell me that your eys was sore Emma did & have that wreason she Sayde that you did knot write a more lengthy leter too mee well Sadie I feel too simpathise with you for I have Ben Botheide a little with sore eyes my Self But thank heaven that I have got them curede & am well as ever again. will I hardeley know what too write too you that woulde intereste you of any acounte. the 1 is a litle wore news as Kerby Smith has knot surrendered yet & the probability is that the 4 corps will with out a doubt be sent there ror a parte of them. But if they ar it will Be contrary too orders at this time I have seen an ordere too muster out all troops that there time woulde Be out Buy or the 1 of October \r & that is too be dun immediately But we muste give orders a little time & some times they want a greater deel of it This is all at this time on that subject. well Sadie We learnde Buy your leter Mr Wynth was Beriede late Monday & that Elisabeth Sanrs was on the point of death. Oh that She will recover & get well a gain But wone thing shure we muste all die sooner or later then a stand to us too Be prepaired Oh that we was all alittle more humble too our maker. I was too church laste knight & we hade avery goode sermon preechede Buy a christian commishioner of this Brigade there was 4 solgrs arose up & wandede the Breathren too pray for them that they mite gow home a Christian when they will gow home. well Sadie I woulde like too be there too gow too that new church too meeting with you. I think that we woulde have a goode time But I think that the time is knot far off till we shall soon meete again the time is 4 months yet if knot longer But I hope knot any longer well this is all I am in goode health at this time & Still hope that these few lines will finde you the same state of health as I did knot in form you of the Death of B Hartsock I write a little about it as I was inform & was requested to in form his wife at the Sade facte & was he diede in Mississippi the fellow that in formede our lutenan of it was taken prisner at the same time B was. his name (--------) & he was at campe Denison Ohio when he wroate too him this is all at this time

Write soon
Co A 64 Ohio
3 Brigade
2 Division
4 a corps
Via Nashville Tenn

Money has plade out with me. You neede not looke for me till you see me at your side for I cannot tell when that will be. Proberly soon or a quite a while.

Stamps is a getting scarse. Please sene me a few for we cannot get any here unless you woulde rather pay for those leters that I send too you. In fact I don't write many too any wone there four it won't take many of them

June 4, 1865

Sabbath morning
June the 4th /65

My beloved Friend

Last evening I receieved two letters from you and was indeed really glad to hear from you for it had been over two weeks Since I had heard from you but to me it Seemed almost an age but I contented my self by thinging you were about to come home but alas in this I was disappointed but Surely Josh you will come Soon for the Freemont and Daily papers named over Some regiments that were to come to our State to be mustered out and among the rest were named the regiment that you are in the old 64th they are expected to commence coming next week that is this coming week I Still hope you will be here to celebrate the 4th they are expecting to have a gay time in Tiffin if the Soldiers get home O Josh I am So sorry for poor Celia She cannot give up the Idea that Bateman is dead I almost wish you had not written to her yet I do not blame you did only your duty we have one of her little girls living with us this Summer it is So much company to us we could hardly do with out it Martin Klotz is at home came about three weeks ago I think he had better Stayed untill the rest come

O Josh what do you think Charlie Seagraves's have a little red headed girl good for them. well I will Send you three postage Stamps is all I have at this time

The news is very dull I hardly know what to write and you know I am a poor hand to write letters write Soon and don't wait So long

Your as ever

June 12, 1865

Kansas Ohio
Jn 12 1856 [ie. 1865?]

Dear Brother I got your kind letter this week I was glad to hear that you was all right I am all right yet I do hope when these few lines reaches you they will be read with good health we have So much rain that we cant plant corn I do hope you will Soon come home Mart Clutz come yesterday I got a letter from JW Martin This week he all righ yet or was when he wroat he Spoke of cornen to Ohio Som whar oh I do hope he will Soon come for I do want to See him So Bad. Oh I do wish all the Boys could come home. Father and Mother went over to Aroses yesterday I will Send that Pictur to you But it is not white it is Some Dark But you know I am a little Dark so it would not look natural if it was white. Ema is a gonto send hers we will send them to gather. Old Mr Wiant is very lo the folks doant think the will get well any more and So is Liby Sowers is very lo to. They Say She cant live. I herd She had the tyfoid fever. This New church up on the Plank road is to Be Dedicated Next Sunday I wish you and Jacob could Be hear to go with us on that day Oh it will Be So pleasant just come I have not got much to say to day I do hope you will soon come home I would sooner talk than write but so it goes I am willen to put up with the pen and Ink for a while yet any how well I must close for this time I hope to hear from you soon so good Day write soon and often as you can and I will do the same. From your most Afectionated Sister Nancy J Martin to Joshua H Dicken

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