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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence, 1876 - 1887

July 7, 1876

At home July the 7 '76

Dear Friend Sallie

I have just this moment finished perusing your letter which I have just received And I sit here watching the disappearing rays of the sun as it sinks to rest all nature seems wrapped in deep repose Sallie you know not how I wish you was here with me Oh Sallie "I've thought of thee I've thought of thee, Through change that teaches to forget, Thy face looks up from every sea, For every star thine eyes are set, Though moving beneath orient skies, Whose golden beauty breathes of nest I envy every bird that flies Into the far and clouded west, I think of thee I think of thee Oh Sallie hast thou thought of me," I was almost persuaded sometime to think that you had forgotten as that you never received my letter for I had confidence enough in you to think that you would have answered it before this time but I will not complain it is better late than never and it gave me just as much pleasure to peruse it only I hope you will please to be more punctual in the future I come home one week ago to day as it is slack time not I do not know wether I shall go back in the fall yet or not I was up to Canfield last week but was not town to Dublin you wanted to know wether CC Hunt had recovered he has but I hear some time ago he had cut his knee with a hatchet but I guess not very bad I see him in Salem 3 or 4 weeks ago he bought a violin worth $20, now Sallie if you & I could be there would we not have a dance but time changes every thing and it seemed as though it had made some dreadful changes within this last year some wich I can not fully realize indeed Sallie it never seemed nothing more than a dream to me that you were going west but Alas I find that it was more truth than fiction for we had not got but cleverly acquanted when we were called to part but I must bid you good night for the present

Sabbath Eve July 8th

Friend Sallie I again resume my seat to take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you if I can collect my thoughts enough we have had company all day but none that I cared for I expect likely I Shall go up to Canfield tomorrow again I intended to have stayed longer but our folks sent for me to come home I see Al Boman a few days ago and he said that there was nothing new or strange in Goshen everything was just as usual Sallie I know that you had a good time while in Goshen & I think that you must feel lonely now for I have no doubt but what the society is different from that in which you have been used to going with & Sallie I know how to sympathise with you for I have not acquainted with but one young lady in Columbiana & I do not care a great deal about getting acquainted as they are principally all Dutch people & they are very hard to get acquainted with I was at a picnic the fourth and enjoyed myself very well and had an invitation to go to a dance in the evening but did not go because I was not well enough acquainted with the gent that invited me and then you know I cannot dance anyway Oh they had such excellent music it was the string band of this place you do not know how often I wished that you was here for I thought that you would have enjoyed yourself Mary Wilson & Lucy Arnold were down I did not see them but heard that they were and 2 or 3 of the Mecker Boys and Johnny Fowler. I think that you are acquainted with these persons or at least know them when you see them or else I should not have spoken of them. Melissa Sykes & Emma McEllen are both teaching up around Austintown somewhere. Canfield is improving some Wm Wilcox is going to put up a nice 2 story brick house on the spot where the house stood that he did occupy & Wm Link is building a very fine house Oh yes Sallie I must tell you about the picnic the Goshen folks had some 5 or 6 weeks ago and who the boys went with \r & when they went They went out to the Meandes a fishing Al Boman went with our Mary Margret & Lace Manchester went with Anna Boman And your cousin George took a Miss Sears and Eva Cessna and who the next went with I do not know they say they had a jolly time they went to a Wm Towndsend's in the evening and danced but Sall perhaps it would have been best for me not to have told you this but Sallie I thought that perhaps you would like to hear all the news you could from home I hope that I have not hurt your feelings in so doing but Sallie cheer up there is a better day a coming we may both & all of us meet again and enjoy each others society more than ever if not in this world I hope that we may in the next but I must close I fear that I have already wearied your patience as I cannot write anything that will interest anyone give my best respects to all of your folks & tell your that I want to know if she has found out yet wether CC Hunt was deficent or not as I am anxious to know. the rest of the family join in sending their compliments (mine included) now Sall please write soon and oblige your ever well wishing friend
LJ Close

please forgive all that I have said amiss & excuse all mistakes as I wrote this in a hurry

direct to Columbiana Columbiana County Ohio

December 18, 1883

Kansas Dec 18th '83

Mrs Sarah Deacon - Dear Cousin, I hope you will excuse me, for not giving you a pencil to write off the stripe in my carpet, I forgot it till you were gone, and then when it was too late of course I thought of it. I ought to have written sooner but I have been so busy that I neglected to so.

One thread of green on each side of this, two threads of pink, then one thread of green, this forms the center of the stripe - one thread black, one of copperus color, and one of black, then two threads of blue, then two threads twisted black and red, one of drab, then two more black and red - three of green, four of drab calico, three of red, and four of blue. This is one side of the stripe. I hope it is not too late to be of use to you.

Very truly yours
Sarah Cessna

4 pink4 pink
2 copprus
6 green6 green
6 black6 black
7 red6 blue
4 red
8 blue
6 drab

December 1, 1885

Kansas O Dec 1st 1885

Well Sade we Received your of the 25 & was glad to hear that you were all getting along well, But was Sorry to hear that Viola was not well yet, & as for the Sheep we will come out & get them as Soon as the roads gets fit for us to come

We are all well Except we have all got good Colds

April 4, 1886

Mark Center Defiance Co. Ohio
April 4th 1886

Dear Aunt Sade

I will write you a few lines to let you know how we are getting along.

We are all well at present except Pa. He has not been well for quite a while.

He (----) (----) well as he used (_________________________________) well I will have to just help get dinner (?)

After noon

Pa and Ma went to Preaching They left Clyde to home. A week ago last night Pa & Ma went to Defiance and left Clyde to home then too. We sit up until they come home. They did not get home till almost midnight.

Cora and Ella Crawford and I went up to Edol Crawford's last Monday came home Wednesday. We went to Bryan last Monday and came back to Edd's on Tuesday. Eva your Pa said I should tell you he was right side up with care and he will write to you before long.

How is your hand getting is it any better. I suppose wone of these fine days will bring you out here. We will be glad to have you come.

When is Aunt Sade or Grandma counting out? If Grandmas wants Lillie to come and stay with her this summer Ma will come out out there with her pretty soon whenever she wants her. But if she does not want her she will not come as we intend building a barn this summer we will have our hands full.

Pa, Ollie and I went to Hicksville two weeks ago yesterday to the examination and I made the riffle at last for twelve (12) months and if you will I would like to have your little school bell. I will be as careful with it as possible and will send it back when I get through.

I have got the school east of us for this summer. Do not know when it will commence.

Eva you must come out this summer and make us a visit. I suppose Wanda is almost as large as Clink was when they were out.

I would like to come out there and see you all.

I got a letter from Curtis three or four weeks ago. they were all well then.

Well I will have to close for this time hoping to hear from you soon good by from

Estella Elder
To Aunt Sade

Jun 19, 1887

June 19th 1887
Cumberland Valley

Dear Cousin Sadie

It has been a long time since I have heard from you or any of you there has been many changes and ups and downs since I have heard from you but my mind runs back to 76 Centinel year and the good times that we youst to have I think that I wrote to you last but it has been sow long that I will forgive and endeavour to get you to come to see us and spend the sumer and bring some lady frend with you there is Camp meeting at the Union Grange Camp Ground this year comencing in August. I would be pleased to have you come sow you could atend it and have some of the good old times that we youst to. I often think off the good times that is past but I havent any dout that we would have a good time again if you visit us again. I have been think of visiting Ohio this fall if all gose well. If I am sow fortunate as to get out to see you I want you to make it suit sow that we will have a good time. but I want you to come down to see us first and then we will talk about it From your best Cousin

James Anderson

Cumberland Md
Seford road Md

direct to above

Please write soon and say that you will be in Cumberland on some certain time not far distent Give my love to all inquiring friends if ther is any and recive a good portion for Sadie Good by hoping to hear from you soon very soon

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