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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence, 1892 - 1898

December 11, 1892

Deshler O. 12/11/92

Dear Auntie and Grandma.

I will do my best to write a few lines to you today. I saw Ma and the children yesterday as they went home. Neal and I went to the train Uncle Jack's expect to begin moving tomorrow. Or get ready at least.

How are you all by this time. Ma said you would was not so well yesterday Grandma. I hope you are better today. Did Floyd tell you about Uncle Joe's coming out? He wrote to Uncle Jack that he and Aunt Lizzie were coming out about the holidays. Expected to be here about 23rd or 24th.

I wrote to Floyd, but may be he hasn't gotten my letter yet, for I did not get it away as soon as I wanted to. I did not go to Sabbath School today nor last Sunday, either. Want to go on home before long. Uncle Jack has gone to take a walk Aunt Et is up stairs, and Mable has some callers. So as a matter-of-fact who is being very entertaining.

Mable says they are to have a Snow house for Christmas, here. What are they going to have in Eagleville.

Did Ma Morrison get any more converts? In his meeting I have not heard anything about it since I came away. Did Ma say how she enjoyed her stay in Wood County? I did not think to ask her yesterday.

Aunt Etta says she can not come down there now, but will as soon after the holidays as she can and nothing happening between now and then I am to keep house for her while she is gone. She thinks it will take her a good share of the time from now on, to get ready for holidays. She expects to have company from Bowling Green. Some of her friends. How is Eva. Did she get her coat finished? Presume so and partly wore out. I believe that is all for this time. Write Soon.

Yours as Ever,
Estella Elder

PS Neal is greatly worried over Uncle Bill's ruler or rule. Spoke of it soon after I came. Love to all.

Stella Uncle Jack says Grandma shall hurry up and come to see them and Aunt Sade too they are waiting for you to come. You have not been to see them for a dozen years so Uncle says.

January 30, 1893

Fostoria Ohio

Dear Mrs. Dicken -

Mrs. E.J. Rosindale told me that you had been looking at the Ridgely property in Eagleville with a view to purchasing. I wish to say that we may come into possession of it, and if we do, it will be for sale. I will be pleased to hear from you in regard to the matter and (aside from business) if you are in Fostoria I will be glad to have you come and see me. I remember with a grateful heart your great kindness to us during our sickness and affliction. Kindly Yours,

Mrs. Lola M. Campbell

March 24, 1896

Cygnet, Ohio
Mar. 24, '96,

Miss Alice Bresler,

I have thought of you frequently since I saw you at Exam, but have been so busy I could not spare time to write. Did you get through all right? Alice, I have a proposition to make to you. I am in need of some one to take care of my little boy; he is seven years old and been going to school but has had a nervous attack and I have had no school for two weeks now. He is able to be up and around but can not go to school and must be kept quiet. I thought Alice you perhaps would come and stay with us and you can study your books I know Just as much as you do at school and I will hear you recite at night if you wish.

We have not much to do and I will help and you will have ample time for study. I do not ask you to do this even then for nothing but will pay you what is right. I only have six weeks until my school is out and if you come and stay I will go to examination with you and I know I can get you a certificate if you do half what you should. This is a good locality for young students to begin teaching as they are not as particular as some places are about teachers having no experience.

Let me know by return mail Alice, If you can't come and can send me some level headed girl do so, but come yourself and I know you will not regret it. I know your mother would let you come.

Let me know tomorrow as I am in a boat and want to look some where else. I don't know any girl here that I could trust him with but I know you was not brought up like most of the folks are here. I will look for an answer to-morrow, we all send love your school mate

Ella Buzzard
Box 520

If you can't come and know of any old lady that is nice and wants a home let me know and I will see to it, but you come, Ella

September 19, 1898

Canfield Sept 19th/98

Dear Niece

Your Mother is busy making a pin cushion out of some silk pieces of mine and I have been working on a dress for one of my little great nieces -

She went to Salem one week ago last Saturday and came back here from Will Elders last evening.

John Campbells wife was burried the day she went to Salem and Wm Ware of Patmos was burried at Bunker Hill yesterday - His age was 94 -

She attended the funeral -

George Elder is Keeping Bachelors hall on a farm near his fathers

They thrashed there Saturday and your mother was over with Ellen - They were at Flora Keelers on Friday -

Ellen's Mothers sister, Mrs Phillips is quite sick, and Ellens mother's mind is so bad she don't know any thing scarcely -

Tell Mrs Van Emmons if she wants to see them she had better come in this fall -

She visited aunt Ary Sharpknock & Will Cessna's and got to see Belle Cessna and Nora Sears.

I will enclose a poster of an old folks contest to be held the night of the 2nd day of the Canfield fair -

I wish you could be here to attend! Why can't you come and attend the fair and then stay till your mother goes home -

Your mother recieved your letter She visited one day at Sam Mackintosh's -

We are having nice weather here just now -

Please write again soon

Lovingly Yours
Elizabeth K- Cessna

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