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Sarah V. Elder Dicken Papers: Transcripts - MS 997

Sarah V. Elder Dicken Correspondence, No Dates

Date Unknown

(letter fragment - date unknown)

Mr. GH Deacon

We received your letter but Oh my was of no use we were pennyless And pop had gone to Pig Count(ripped)... did not leave us not one cent I am sorrow that we could not help you. I guess that is every thing (ripped)... concerning money. We have also began to pack up some needed things to move to that crazy old Pig Country.

(ripped)... Well I should
(ripped)...ling after
(ripped) Oh my
(ripped) - Sgglets [?] the bother



"Now is the constant syllable ticking from the clock of time; now is the watchword of the wise; now is on the hammer of the pendent. Cherish thy to day, and prize it well, for who can promise if it shall have a morrow"

That which is now yesterday, and enrolled in the enafaceable records of the past, was but a few hours ago our now, in which we thought and acted, and of those acts we are now in some measure reaping the consequence Upon our to day, then, will depend much of the happiness or the misery, the usefulness or the worthlessness, of our tomorrow; and not without cause hath the proverbial philosopher, is his quaint, strong language, called to day, "the harvest of yesterday, and the seed corn of to morrow," Such it is to all; but when the hearing of present and future actions is considered, the injunction to cherish our to day, and employ it well, comes in the double emphasis to us for to us is a long and dreary future opening, with its glowing hopes and bright anticipations. But thinkest thou that the web of that coveted future will be a tissue of thine own weaving, and that its hues of dark or bright will take their tinge from thy employment of to day; "Lay not the flattering unction to they soul, that an idly or ill spent day can be redeemed tomorrow." It never can. Thy yesterday rests with thy God and its acts have gone to make up a part of thy character, and gone forever.

Londa J Close

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