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Gerald R. Rees Papers: Transcripts - MS 1007

Gerald ReesĀ Correspondence - September 1944

September 1944

Sunday A.M.

Dear Mom,

We are on guard this weekend, so I'm writing this while "in the guardhouse". We are on duty for two hours and then off four, so it won't prevent my going to church. I was about to get a two-day pass to go to S.A. when my name came up for guard, and you can imagine how disgusted I was. Now we go on maneuvers for three weeks, so that ends the pass business.

Since we're "maneuvering" right here in Texas, our mailing address will probably be the same, so don't hesitate to write. These will be pretty sissified maneuvers compared to the ones in Louisiana, because I'll have two trucks and can carry along anything I darn please. Could even take my radio, but we haven't rigged up a power supply for it yet. In that respect we'll be better off than most outfits when we go overseas, because we'll have room to carry along extra personal equipment that is usually left behind.

Sometime this week I expect to send home a box of stuff which I can do without; just throw it in a corner some place. Hope you don't move before I get back-what a job that will be.

The enclosed picture doesn't have me in it, because I was away that Sunday; it will give you an idea of what our chapel looks like though. The captain sitting with his wife and baby in the front row was my battery commander until recently. Most of the boys are from my outfit. The small balcony in back holds a Hammond organ and an occasional choir-when they can get a director.

There has been a lot of rain here in the last few weeks, and the dirt roads along which we do our work are a sea of mud. The nights get very cold now, but the noon sun is still a scorcher. Hope the rain in Toledo has let up enough to let the painters finish. Are the houses still the same color? A change would have been nice.

Sorry to hear about the attack of summer flu. Remember what happened in the big flu epidemic, and don't try to get around and do a lot of work before you are completely over it. That's your biggest fault-not giving yourself a chance to recuperate from those things.

Thanks for the clippings about Mr. Demorest. It sounded like an obituary, but a lot of it was true. Langstaff is the logical man to succeed him. Does the Blade still have that miniature news-sheet on Monday night? And have you seen any indication about when Bowling Green U. will open or how their enrollment is? they may open later this year because of the navy program there.

No, we didn't get Labor Day off. Christmas is the only holiday the army recognizes, if that. did the men call to get Lee to play in the band, or has he finally given up?


September 20, 1944

U.S.O. [postcard]

Wednesday A.M.

Dear Mom,

Do you enjoy these long newsy letters? This size card is just right to pack in a bag without smashing and don't require saying much. Our average has been good this week-worked two nights and loafed three days. Survey has advantages that the other jobs don't-they have to work most of the time. I'm learning a lot of new constellations and getting rather interested in astronomy.

Is Vernon still at the same place? He wrote me in May, so I guess I owe him a letter.


September 25, 1944

U.S.O. [postcard]

Monday P.M.

Dear Mom,

Much obliged for clippings on Toledo and B.G.U. doings, and the church calendar. We get no news of any kind out here. Jack's letter came; he's at Harvard, and his folks are living at Trenton, N.J.; their Birkhead house is closed for the duration. That's an impressive list of service people from the church-could you find the where-abouts of Cal Sing, Ray Dix, Kenny Young, etc.? No cause for alarm-yet-in contents of that box; just a periodic housecleaning. Sorry I walked off with the house-keys.

Still hope for pass to S.A. soon. Everything's going fine here; the busier they keep us the happier I am, and right now I'm well satisfied. Hope you and Pop are O.K.


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