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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - July - September 1942

July 8, 1942

July 8 1942

Dearest Family:

Received your air mail letter this morning and was glad to hear that you have been feeling better but you should by all means have some help so that if you get to feeling better you wont have a relapse. You haven't gone to the hospital for this examination that I requested - please do this so that if there is some foci that is causing the arthritis it can be eliminated.

Would suggest that when you come you make the trip by train coming directly to New York City where I could meet you. Perhaps you should come alone for there are not many facilities here for entertainment - in fact you will have to live in a tent and mess with the soldiers. Have been terribly busy and have a lot of responsibility which keeps me tied down pretty well.

Gerald Henning was in New York last Saturday evening and I had a nice 2 hours visit with him between boats. - but could not get a very coordinated story out of him he seems to be a little confused shall we say.

I am glad to see that you are developing a nice bank account for it is a very comfortable feeling I assure you.

Wish you the best of luck in selling the house but will say that you had better place it in the hands of a real estate broker probably Bill Yager.

Will you send me my swimming suit at once. Also the lining to my trench coat without fail.

I bought another trunk and can send home my traveling bag as it might be injured laying around here. By the way, how much was my check for this month. we understand there was a little increase in allowances.

Col John Beeson my commanding officer is a 32nd Degree Mason.

I miss you a lot and wish you all the luck in the world.

Your Devoted Husband.

August 30, 1942


Dearest Family -

Saturday I was transferred temporarily to the surgical service at the Station hospital for a period of 2 weeks. It seemed rather nice to get back into the operating room again. We operated a sliding hernia and a varicocele of the cord and have a lot of cases lined up for this week.

We only have 28 hours off each week and all of the officers must stay on the post most of the time. Monday, Hugh will be on the surgical service with me.

Fae left for Texas yesterday by plane, at first she was unable to get a reservation for two weeks but at the last minute some one cancelled their reservation which was her good fortune.

I hope you have found the key to your trunk so the children can get their presents. It must be nice to be home under your own roof once again and begin to lead a normal life.

I wish you would see if Dr Birney has sent in for my application blanks to the F.A.C.S. I have been very busy working on them and such a job it is to get those cases written up.

Also have some one send me some of the more recent cases and to exercise a little care in picking out the good ones. Especially the stomach resections and thyroid cases. I have only 60 cases here and will need 100 in all.

I haven't heard a word about transferring permanently or the promotion, so we will have to sit tight until some definite word comes through.

The officers are under considerable amount of tension awaiting some thing definite to happen.

Sandra are you thinking about starting to school? Susan I hope you will try real hard this year and get good grades.

Tell the hospital gang hello and give my regards to the folks.

With All My Love,

Tell Dr Rector that I have been invited to take my last 2 degrees in Royal Arch Masonry at Red Bank N.J. Sept 8 1942 which had been requested by the local lodge (Spirit Lake)

September 27, 1942

Station Hospital
Office of the Surgeon
Fort Hancock, N.J.

Dearest Family:

I arrived safely in New York, 8:30 AM Saturday morning and I remained in NYC until 2:30 PM to catch the boat out to the Fort. Everything here is about the same, John Edy is transferred to the Paratroopers and is leaving next week for Ft Benning Georgia and in all probability will see Lloyd Schuneman. We have not received our news as yet and it is rumored that our outfit will not get away with the 61st although this is not definite.

I stopped in Chicago as went to the headquarters for the F.A.C.S. and made all the necessary arrangements and my petition cannot be acted upon until next spring, however will finish the papers and case histories which will be necessary anyway.

I met Lt. Saul Suptowitz on the train coming out of Chicago, as you will recall he has been stationed at Camp Grant all the time since he has been in the Army and he is being transferred to a field unit and got a little furlough home before leaving.

Lt. Manget is still in Camp Grant, Captain Stubbs is being transferred right away.

I saw Harold Sharp last evening and delivered the "kiss" his wife game me for him. His tent is only 100 yards from our head quarters and he seemed to be so happy to hear from home and to know that every thing is O.K. Will you get Bob Flemings New York address and telephone number and send it too me at once he would like to have it.

I cant tell you how happy I am about conditions at home and the trip was very much worth while, regardless of where we go. I have the peace of mind that every thing is O.K.

Give my best regards to everyone and thank them for the nice cordial reception I received when at home.

All My Love,

September 30, 1942


Dearest Family:

Today is pay day and after a 10 mile walk over to Seabright we spent the afternoon in headquarters listening to the world series baseball game.

It has been real cold here in the tents and some mornings it is quite an effort to get out of bed but today they finished putting wall board around them and tonite it seems a little more comfortable. Can well understand why we have to have heavy flannel underwear.

Yesterday was a big brigade review and all the troops on the post passed in review: The 1225-61 and 52nd hospitals were massed together in 1 batallion [sic] consisting of around 400 men and I acted as adjutant for this group.

Col. Walson came to inspect our company from 2nd Service Command yesterday and we certainly should know all in a few days but as yet nothing has happened except we have about all the equipment we need.

John Eby and Sis left yesterday for a 10 day leave before reporting to the Paratroop Battalion at Ft Benning Georgia

Graham Edwinson's promotion came back after being in since July 22 with a notation that he had not served enough time to deserve a promotion so I am very skeptical about mine going through at this time although nothing has been heard as yet.

I received your picture yesterday and it was certainly a lovely surprise, I will keep it very close to me at all times especially if this real cold weather continues.

I received a nice letter form Rowena and the case histories that I asked her to send me and she tells me they have been extremely busy since I have gone - collections over $4000.00 and business $3500.00

Give my best regards to Dad and all at the hospital and a big love and kiss to you all at home.

All my love Roddy

P.S. We are going to try to get some baseball tickets to the World Series and take in a game - for this would be an excellent chance to see me.

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