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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - October 18-26, 1942

[October] 18, 1942

The Commodore
"New York's Best Located Hotel"
42nd Street * Right at Grand Central Terminal * New York City

Dearest Mary:-

Another Sunday, with nothing to do but look at the four walls of a tent, have read the paper from cover to cover and now am reading "Mud on the Stars" by William Huie and by the way it is a good book you should read it.

Today is Hugh's birthday and he is feeling pretty low, the children have all written to him and have sent a nice bath set with a nice box of "Texas Pecanchos" but as you know there is nothing that can keep you from getting homesick occasionally. His family does a good job of letter writing especially describing minute details about there [sic] family activities, his wife writes daily and each of the children about once a week. Nan the 14 year old girl wrote her father that she had decided to study medicine and asked him to refer her to some of the medical books for study.

I received a nice letter from Bill today and enjoyed its contents very much, he is a great boy and is about the best in the family about letter writing.

Saturday I bought $10,000 worth of government insurance which costs me $8.10 per month which will be deducted from my check each month. It is a good buy and with the events that are coming up I thought I would like to have this added protection for you. It is term insurance that can be converted into any policy at the end of 5 years.

We went to the Theatre #1 last evening after the tea hop and saw "Major and Minor" a very good show ad one you would enjoy seeing.

Lt Ben Fishman is leaving Monday for Washington D.C. to take a course in tropical medicine. He had a lot of "pull" in Washington to get this thing through. Power to him just another "one" gone.

I had to take another physical examination to get the insurance and was very happy to find myself in good physical condition. My blood pressure was normal and the heart was OK so I guess Army life has done a lot for me all ready.

Hughs family called him from Ogena Texas last evening and he feels a lot better after knowing the family is all right. Have you written to "Fae" as yet? I think you should for undoubtedly we will always be quite close to this family.

Will write again tomorrow as things develop

All my Love

[October] 20, 1942

The Commodore
"New York's Best Located Hotel"
42nd Street * Right at Grand Central Terminal * New York City

Dearest Family:-

Was very much surprised to find a letter in Monday's mail from both Don and Sue, with Bill's note, I know they are so busy with all there [sic] activities, but any rate it was nice to hear from them and to know that I have 4 children out in Iowa - meow.

I have been able to get Lucille Sharp a grand position at the station hospital as a stenographer. She will be employed by civil service at a salary of $1440 per annum. As you probably know by now I talked to her yesterday noon and she is leaving Spencer tonite and will arrive in New York Thursday morning.

I was so glad that Bill could come up and spend the week end with you - he is such a grand fellow and so considerate to you in every way. I know his presence helped you spend a nice week end.

We went on a long road march yesterday with full field pack under real war conditions - We walked through a restricted area when the guns were firing and it really was under true battle conditions.

Hugh and I plan to go to N.Y.C. at 4 PM today to see the show "Stripped for Action" We feel that we should see as many good shows as possible for we probably wont see any for quite a long time.

I plan to write a check on the Clinic today to pay for the typing of my case histories which I feel should not come out of our personal funds.

I miss you a lot and think of you constantly.

All my Love

October 26, 1942

Hotel New Yorker
Thirty Fourth Street at Eight Avenue, New York

Dearest Family:-

I certainly enjoyed hearing your voices over the telephone yesterday. We were just sitting down to a nice meal when the thought came to me that you would all be home so I placed the call and with the exception of the interruption it was a wonderful feeling to hear the family once again.

Was so sorry to hear about Dad and if I had awaited until this morning I would have been all the more confused for I received a letter from you written on the back of Sandra's letter telling me about Dad's temperature but none of the details obviously you must have written a detailed letter previously which as yet I have not received. Perhaps the detailed letter was not sent via air mail and the note on the back of Sandra's letter was sent via air mail and the second letter arrived here first - Any way it is very confusing and the fact that I talked to you yesterday gave me some advanced information.

I surely hope he is better and in the event there is any change please let me know at once. I am writing to him today.

I received a check for $133.73 which I am enclosing, this represents the travel allowance that I applied for in August and as a result the trip was not too expensive and I know the boys got a big kick out of it. You probably can use this, getting settled in your new apartment. How did you manage the financial deal with Phil? how did you pay for the piano? Please answer this!

I received the money bag and thanks a lot, you never can tell it might come in mighty handy especially if we get dumped out in the middle of the Atlantic.

I received a card today from John and Sis Eby who as you know was transferred to the Paratroopers at Ft Benning Ga.

Please acknowledge receipt of the check so I won't wonder whether the letter got through.

I know you think I am the berries but too [sic] be happy in this man's army he must know as many details about home life as possible - little things are important.

I love you all and tell Sandra I really thought her letter was cute - You may send along any letters from the rest of the family you receive.

All my love

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