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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - January 1943

Undated [after January 14, 1943]

My Dearest Wife

Arrived the Jan 13th Beacon today with the writing of my recent letters and from the past events I agree with you that perhaps a little publicity occasionally might be worth while. Who impressed with all the newspaper clippings Don sent me about the basketball games. It gives me the most peculiar feeling to see Don Rodawig written up in chatter contacts - My how I hope that I can see him play by next year. Our perspective in life is so damn narrow over here - only our ..can keep us from going nutz! We were invited out to Hugh's sisters ...for a grand dinner last evening and it was so good it has the...touch that food needs. While there I received a call from Gerit Duncan who has been having trouble with an ankle that I treated in civilian life - I have an appointment with him tomorrow. He tells me that Art Dare and a Holmes boy is in this area and I will try to contact them. I have your prompt and recent letters keep them coming my dearest, they help me so much.

All my love dearest Robby

January 17, 1943

Jan 17, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart,

Received Bill's letter of the 31st telling of his trip to Atlantic - it was sure nice that he could go - From all reports the Jeck family must be quite an addition to Spirit Lake and am glad that Bill and Bob are such good friends. We received our first patients today and again we will be back in full swing. Capt. Joe Mallo joined our unit today after 20 months of field work. I knew him at Camp Grant Ill and is so happy to get into a hospital group. Capt. Carney received his promotion to a Major today and we are all so happy for him + it so happened that this marked his 17th anniversary as a Capt so the recognition was quite timely. We all hope that Maj Parsons, Lt. Col's comes through soon, they were sent through at the same time. Col Wells is still in the hospital, I had hoped to pay him a visit today but somehow I didn't get around to it. Hugh is being kept on in the capacity of Chief of the Medical service. I rather think that some pressure was put on where it counts - He is feeling much better know about the whole affair - As I have said before books could be written and the story never told but thank goodness it can't last forever. I have had some x-rays taken of my knee and will just have to get it taken care of pretty soon, would like to have it done in the States but after Rowena's report I wouldn't hardly dare to come home for it would only add fuel to the fire - It surely is great to be in the lime light again!!! Love you, Roddy

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