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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - June - August 1943

June 16, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart

the war news sounds very good and of course we are all delighted for it means that we are just that much closer to the ultimate victory and then we can all return to our homes and families. Medical men particularly do not make very good soldiers for our jobs [sic] is to save lives rather than destroy them. Some [sic] many interesting and famous personages have been in North Africa recently & it would be so intersting to write about them but censorship rules limit this--Another good break may be coming to us in the very near future--we may be enlarged which would allow for some promotions and the Col. has told me that I am first on the list--my work is exceedingly intersting and very much worthwhile but somehow I would be very contented to be back home with my family--I love you all dearest.

Devotedly, Ronny

June 19, 1943

6/19/43 52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweetheart

Was I ever thrilled to get all your recent letters and pictures of my girls and Bill. Susan certainly looks darling with her new red coat and fancy hair do. Sandi has certainly grown and is as sweet as ever, and my sweetheart looks younger every day - I cant see how with all this work you are doing. Bill is really growing. I notice that he stands head and shoulders over Billy and Freddy Dawkins. I surely appreciate the Kodak pictures for it is hard to visualize the changes that the children are going through - I do appreciate all the letters from home, they surely help Am glad to know that every one is working at the farm and I know that you will all be very happy out there - at least you wont be bored for something to do. Received a nice letter from Bill Bennett, Hattie Elster, Mrs. Geo Good Rockwell City who wants me to investigate there [sic] son who is missing in action. War news is very good and we will all be glad when it is over. All my love Dearest Roddy.

June 26, 1943

6/26/43 52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Don,

This is a great day for you - congratulations on your 16th birthday - you have so many interesting things to look forward too - you should be mighty happy. I am proud of the fact that you are assuming a lot of responsibility and as I have told you so many times before I am depending on you to fulfill the job as senior male member of our household and I know that you wont let me down. I think it is a grand idea that you have decided to stay home this summer and help mother for she surely needs you at a time like this. I saw a very interesting site here yesterday - a ranking Sultan paraded through the streets - a powerful figure controlling some 6 million Arab subjects - Many wonderful Arabian horses the like of which I have never seen. Will write more details in my letter to mother. Good luck fellow - write often Lots of Love to you Dad.

August 12, 1943

Aug 12, 1943

Dearest Honey.

Received two swell letters from you today and Don's actions have upset me a great deal. I know he is a good boy but it will take a lot of time and patience to train him out of these bad habits. I feel frightfully wretched leaving you with all the responsibility that I have and as you know everything at home hinges upon your decisions and I only wish that I were there to help you. Its true that we all have to make sacrifices now but yours is way out of proportion to anyone else dearest. I want you to know that I love and adore you beyond words and that your efforts are appreciated to the fullest extent. God will I be glad when the thing is over, the separation and the constant feeling that I have left you alone with all the responsibility really plays quite heavy on my conscience at times - I have left the hospital today feeling just fine and will go to a clinical conference at a neighboring hospital tomorrow. Please be brave dearest and what ever you decide upon you know will be just the way that I would have done. This won't last forever - then we will have some real pleasure all my love dearest Roddy

August 15, 1943

Aug 15, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart

I have had a very enjoyable weekend at a medical meeting given by another hospital. We left Friday nite and arrived there during the nite so we would be there for the early morning lectures. The group of doctors giving the talks for the most part were from Washington University St. Louis Missouri and they were excellent covering in scope battle casualties and their treatment. We were given a bed in tents set up especially for visiting officers. One thing peculiar about this place is that in former days it was a spa resort hotel and people came there from all over for the curative value of the water - it comes from the mountainside at 180 degrees and is piped into the hotel and of course it is ideal for fever therapy and the treatment of arthritis and incidentally it makes a nice shower bath! The building is heated during winter months by piping the water through radiators. This hospital group also reviewed the E flag for the most efficient hospital for the month - also good conduct medals are awarded to its soldiers - so all in all it was quite a gala day. Received letter from Sue and Bill today and certainly enjoyed every minute reading them - Will write more tomorrow - All My Love Roddy

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