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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - September 18-28, 1943

September 18, 1943

Sep 18, 1943
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweetheart,

Yesterday we were inspected by a high ranking [--nedical] general and Col. and in the evening gave a dinner in their honor which I attended - it was quite an affair we had brandy - big 14 oz steaks, cake and chocolate ice cream - something that we rarely see over here - They took over our villa and we moved to the hospital for the nite. These men are very close friends of our Col and it was like old home week we all enjoyed ourselves a lot. Yesterday I presented a paper on [secondary? sealing?] closures of war wounds at our clinical conference which is held twice weekly. Our work still continues to be very interesting and it will to ---- untold value to me when I return home. I could write for hours about some of my experiences here but you wouldn't be interested in shop talks. Enjoyed the letter Bill wrote talking about the camping trip and also your note about the box and its contents and am quite surprised that they all got through in such good condition. I thought that you might --nk on the trench coat and that Don could use it for the severe winter weather. Have him use anything that I have sent home including the shoes. I hope I get some mail - am neglected lately according to the others. Love Roddy

September 19, 1943

52nd Sta. Hospital

Dearest Mary,
Was glad to hear that Bill and his friend could spend the weekend with you - his presence always peps up the children and is a general all around time. I have been some what concerned about Susan's eyes and I would like for you to watch that she doesn't use them very much outside of school activities.

We at the villa are starting a little course in French tomorrow nite - we have been fortunate to find a French lady who has taught in one of the universities in Paris who will act as our instructor. Chaplain McGonigle the new Catholic chaplain and I went to the native Medina one nite last week and made the rounds visiting the silver smith section where rings and bracelets are made and then to find out more about Susan's saddle but somehow I cant get a better price than $90oo which does not seem stable enough to warrant that ----. There are many changes being made in our group and for the most part as far the better but as will have to get rid of more of the banana nosed Indians before it will work well. Capt Carney the new dental surgeon is a nice Joe. With Love DF Rodawig better known as Roddy.

September 24, 1943

52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Mary

Am glad that you are feeling better and was able to celebrate Joe and [Phi-s] anniversary Any how I wished that I could be with you - I get so lonesome at times for your companionship and realize we have always been so close and have shared our successes and failures together. Now take good care of yourself for the war will soon be over and I can return to home where I belong and feel that I am needed.

Some of the fellows went partridge hunting yesterday there are literally thousands of them and the country could easily be called a hunters paradise - then too the wild boar hunting season will soon open, which will give all of us a little change which is badly needed - we have been here so long that we almost feel like natives. I think of you constantly and I am sure that I love and respect you more than ever before. Devotedly Roddy.

September 28, 1943

52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Mary This fall weather really gets in my blood - as usual I think about a nice weekend in Minneapolis at a football game with you - what could be nicer - we will just have to keep this in reserve for next year - For I will be home this time next year - you know! Last evening we had quite a discussion at the house about what the post war world will be like and the trials that we all will have to get all the men rehabilitated it will be a tremendous job - We all agreed that you at home are making far more sacrifices than we are over here and that you have certainly done your part to win this war. Our life here is so empty and from morning till nite our only thought is with you at home - I don't believe that you really understand how much I love you and the children - we cant be sure that we can offer the kids much in the way of worldly supports after this is all over but we can teach them to be resourceful, and respect us regardless of what we can give them we have done a good job! Devotedly Roddy.

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