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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - May 1-14, 1944

May 1, 1944

52nd Station Hospital

My Dearest Mary

I returned to the 52nd Station Hospital this afternoon and have been quite busily engaged getting squared around at the apartment. Just as I entered the hospital met three officers from the 61st Station Hospital and had a nice visit with them - Col German and Bob Cannon are fine and they all seem to like the Gillfillian boy real well. Have wanted to go over there for a short visit which may be arranged since they are not too busy here at the moment. Have stopped over at the finance office and sent $100oo home today - That makes $350oo on our new project. Will change the allotment today so it may be 2 or 3 months before the additional $100oo per month will come through but when the paper work gets caught up you will receive it all in a lump sum - Of course this will not effect the money sent today. I received wonderful care at the general hospital and am so happy that the work has been successful. I want to write your birthday letter tomorrow and hope that it will arrive May 13. Devotedly Roddy

May 2, 1944

52nd Station Hospital

My Dearest Wife

I would like it very much if this letter would arrive on your birthday. It doesn't hardly seem right that we have had to be separated all these months and nothing would please me more than to deliver to you my personal greetings but since this is impossible may I just wish you the best of everything during the coming year and certainly by your next birthday we can be together again - We have always heard the expression that "Life begins at 40" and I am sure that it will for us. You have been so brave throughout this whole affair and I realize that there are not many wives who would be willing to make the sacrifices that you have been compelled to make and I just hope that I can compensate your efforts in many small ways in the future to justify all this sacrifice. I would like to send you flowers or a message but this is only a superficial gesture to how I really feel - so let it stand - My best wishes until a later date!! I have increased your allotment to $350oo so it will probably take 2 months to get caught up with you and the back payment will begin in May 1st on Devotedly Roddy

May 9, 1944

52nd Station Hospital

My Dearest Wife

Dot Mahannets brother came over to visit with me today and we certainly had a nice visit - we were busy and would have spent more time with him - he sends his love to Dot and family - Four of the brothers are in service now and one more will soon be in. He likes the 61st real well and is having a very active eye? service. He has only been over since last March a year ago and had been formerly attached to a field hospital.

A new order came out from headquarters requiring all men to have a two inch or less haircut - Your dear husbands hair at that length cannot be controlled so he has a true "Hitler" number. We call them "Umberto" hair cuts as that is the way that the Italian prince wears his. All the fellows at the house have had the "job" done and tonite we are talking about some snap shots so you can get a first hand look at us. We will probably go into sun tans quite soon as the weather now is warm and sunshine.

I think you are very wise in not going to the cottage until later in May since the weather out home has not settled as yet and you would not enjoy it in the least. La Doux's have certainly been nice to you and it would be nice if they could get the lots next to ours and we could be neighbors. He must be making a lot of money - I wish that you could be with me tonite dearest. Devotedly Roddy.

May 13, 1944

52nd Station Hospital


I hope that we can settle down to a more even distribution of work for the days just aren't long enough to get everything done that is needed. At the present time I am the only general surgeon in the group so all abdominal cases require my presence which means that I am on call 24 hrs. a day. We received a new operating surgeon today Capt Bonnemeier from Chicago but he had been in the field all the time and will require a little time to get adjusted. There is so many new developments in war surgery and traumatic work that it will take some time to explain things. We don't know how long Col Parsons will be gone but will be mighty happy to have him come back for I like to spend more time with the patients The casualties arrive in our hospital some 1-4 days after original injuries and there is so much to do for them blood transfusions, skin grafts, bone plating, closure of colostomy wounds etc etc but I love it. I don't imagine I will see this much stuff again in my life time but I have tried to take advantage of it all. Your Devoted Husband. Roddy.

May 14, 1944

52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweetheart

Today is Mothers Day and may I again pay tribute to you for all the fine things that you have done for the children and me. Received letter of May 1,2,3,4th from you and Don also a letter from Hattie and Metta Hoskins.

You certainly have the right idea about a complete change in the staff of our hospital upon my return of course I have known for sometime that many were not loyal to me but have felt that a change would be hard to make in view of scarcity of good nurses. What ever you heard in the basement might have been a little distorted so dont fret too much about this!! I have told you that I have turned over a new leaf and that I expect to spend the rest of my days making you happy for you are the one who has made my life as successful as it has been and I feel that you are just one in 6 million. We do have so much to be thankful for - It makes me sick to hear that Don wants to enlist in the Coast Guard and am sure that you will handle this problem in a very effective way during my absence. Just sit tight and we will think this out in a satisfactory manner. All my Love. Roddy

May 14, 1944

52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Mary II.

Today Col Parsons has been assigned on temporary duty in a forward area and I have been made chief of the Surgical Service and will have a tremendous responsibility since he is taking with him a full surgical team and this will leave us quite short of personnel but we will all just have to dig in a little harder for there is plenty to do now.

Its great to hear about Nancy winning first in the music contest. Don is lucky to have such a nice girl. I will call Dr Annenberg for he is in this general area. Ralph Logan is in this group. I shall be in a position to get some fine work now

I am glad that the girls are making such fine progress with theirmusic lessons and of course your must keep up your efforts with Bill for like Don he will appreciate it when he gets a little older.

I know just how busy you were on May day with all the baskets to donate and deliver, it seems too bad that the kids are growing up and will soon be out of the age for events like these. Sweetheart I love you and miss your companionship so much. Your Husband Roddy.

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