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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - August 27-31, 1944

August 27, 1944

Aug 27 1944
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Don.

I must say that you had a grand dinner at the Silver Lake Club. I think it would be nice to take mother and the children out for dinner more often. It does relief the mounting of household duties so much.

When you speak of an 82 golf game, I cant quite conceive that you really are that good. Are you sure that you have counted all the strokes. I guess I will just have to admit that you are getting good. How do you like being a farmer? Of course you know how well I like to do chores - I will give you a hand when I get home.

I certainly hope that you have a good year in school Don - now really put out get good grades and put on steam on the basketball floor. I am mighty proud of your record so keep up the good work. From every corner I hear fine reports about my family and that is something to be mighty proud about. With Love Dad.

August 27, 1944

Aug 27 1944
52nd Station Hospital


I thought I would pass out when your letter of Aug 14 arrived today telling me about the Slaybaugh reunion that was held at the Rodawig cottage. I caught my breath from this and a little later in the letter you mention Abbie and Neal still being around. I know for sure that we must build a hotel to take care of all our friends. Along with your duties with our own family I can see that you cant be the least busy!? It was good of Dad to take over the children and Maxine until 1:00 PM - that gave you a little time to get caught up with your own work. I just returned from the dental clinic where I lost an upper left molar tooth. When I get home I am going to drink a gallon of milk a day for we are noticeably low in the vitamins with our diets. I hope our cow Cynthia remains fresh. I too am planning quite a vacation with you when this is all over - Or shall I say will need a vacation I love you sweet! Every thing continues to look up. Devotedly Roddy.

August 28, 1944

Aug 28 1944
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Mary,

Received your letter of Aug 15 today. My mail has been much better of late and for the moment am well out of the doldrums that struck me a few weeks ago. With the war news and a steady contact with my family at home why wouldn't I be feeling on top of the world? It certainly is swell to have a boy friend to take you around and is thoughtful enough to divide his time between his mother and girl friend.

There is much talk here about our establishing an officers club some where close to the hospital where you can stop in for a few high balls, a sandwich or a cold drink. Most of the hospitals already have one functioning and it has offered a much needed diversion. We are stuck in the slum district and our surroundings are any thing but pleasant - This with the necessary confinement of our work has not been a good morale factor. The Col has been most generous is giving us holidays to the beach etc. and has now started a second trip as long as it will last. There is only one sure cure for our restlessness, I know you know the answer All My Love Roddy

August 29, 1944

Aug 29 1944
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweetheart

I had written Dr Martin and Dr Fettes a letter some time ago and today received a letter from Dr Swalhom telling me of Dr Fettes death June 6th. Then I remembered that you had mentioned this in a letter written in June - I felt a little embarrassed.

I went to the medical center swimming pool this morning for a nice swim. It has swerved a very good purpose being accessible to patients and officers at specified times. It is a grand spot - the pool is regulation size and is equipped with standard diving boards for tournament swims. I think I have mentioned this being a fair grounds built in commemoration of the Italian's Ethiopian Campaign in 1935.

I had a recent letter from Hugh, he is most unhappy, since his job now doesn't even keep him busy 1 hour a day. It seems a shame that older men like him cant be brought back to the States if a suitable assignment is not available here - Just think next Monday is labor Day and the kids will be back in school. Keep your fingers crossed honey! Love Roddy.

August 30, 1944

Aug 30 1944.

Honey -

Enclosed find some more shots of our Rome trip. I am so happy that the other pictures came through in fine shape. It will be fun to look these over in later years.

We are not so busy of late, which means that we are not having so many casualties at the front. To be sure there will be more and more units move closer up to give more effective service. Our status is not clearly known but naturally there are many rumors a float. We will be glad to get away from our present location, as I have told you before, our hospital is located in a very poor section of town. We can look out the back window and see a large active market. The farmers haul in their produce in donkey carts and bargain for the best price possible. There are some mighty fine musk mellons and water mellons available now. We often times stop on our way home and pick one up to eat before going to bed.

Can you keep up with the progress of our armies? I cant - I took a bet today on when the war will be over - I wont tell you the date -

All my Love Roddy

August 31, 1944

Aug 31, 44
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweet Heart

This has been an extremely warm day, the sun usually comes out bright early in the day and by 10 it is sweltering hot and remains so until sun down. Then it comes off and you can sleep beneath blankets. Our apartment is on the 5th floor over looking a very busy street. All nite long traffic is very heavy and somehow you just have to get used to the noise - but you know me - I still can lay down any where, any time and fall asleep - that's because I haven't any thing on my conscience!!

In all we have had it mighty good over here a lot of surgery, good food, an adequate living quarters So I have no room to gripe: You have gotten along so well at home with the family and finances. I truly believe that the good lord is looking out for us during these trying hours. It will be such a relief to get back home to you - I know you realize how hard this separation has been on both of us - We will truly appreciate each other to the fullest extent now Devotedly


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