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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig Correspondence - September 3-9, 1944

September 3, 1944

Sept 3 1944
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweetheart

We saw Bette Davis in "Mr Skeffington" last evening and enjoyed it very much. Have you seen it? If not make a special effort to see it. Her acting was very superb and once again it truly evaluates the worth while things of life. It seemed a little off color for her not wanting to keep her daughter when they were divorced.

At the apartment the other evening we got into quite a discussion about the relative merits of living in New York versus the middle west. It ended like most arguments with nothing settled. I am sure that whenever you are doing well financially, have friends and the comforts of life is the place that you personally will be happy. I am sure that we are both fortunate in liking the same things and are completely satisfied with our surroundings. I have boxed up a lot of clothing - odds and ands that I never wear and have sent it home today. There is just too much to look after and when moving around you are very apt to loose it. You certainly accumulate a lot of stuff after a long stretch over seas. I love you dear Roddy

September 6, 1944

Sept 6, 44.
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweetheart

I had the experience of going to a venereal disease hospital this morning to watch the new treatment of syphilis with the penicillin drug. New cases are admitted and after [dark] field examinations and blood tests are placed on the drug for 8 days. The results have been unbelievably good. The Doctor in charge has seen over 40,000 cases while in the army and conducted us through the clinic, pointing out the different types of lesions. it is too bad that more G.I.s cant see these things, it would make an indelible impression on their minds and feelings go a long way to improve the sexual hygiene in the Army.

Dave [Lewans] promotion to a Major went in today and I sincerely hope that it will be acted upon formally. Also Major [Bandercuts] to a Lt Col. (He took Hugh's place)

Your letter of the 19th arrived telling about a pleasant visit you had with Josephine and the kids. It is nice to have guests like them around for they certainly are no bother and you have so much in common to discuss. Did you buy some new clothes at the Poole Sale? You know I will want you plenty [fancy] when I get home - V-mail and air mail comes through about the same. I love you Roddy

September 7, 1944

Sept 7 44
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Sweet

You certainly hit the jack pot of bargains at the Poole sale this year. The plaid suit sounds especially attractive but I have never known you to wear green. It must be plenty smart or you wouldn't have bought it. I just wouldn't get too excited about the war mug from time to time you have probably noticed how they build you all up for a few days and then gently let the bottom fall out. We know that for Germany to continue would be suicide for the entire country. and they will not allow the German war lords to carry on for the sake of this own personal safety.

There is just a touch of fall atmosphere around here the days are a little cooler and the nites are chilly. They tell us that September is usually a warm month and then the rains begin and how I hate that type of weather. In case you dont already know - I love you dearly Your Devoted Husband Roddy.

September 8, 1944

Sept 8 1944
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Wife

The War Dept has issued information about demobilization of soldiers after the European war is over and the way I read it - it was most fair in every way. Prints will be given for length of time in the army, over seas service, decorations and family dependents up to 3. With such a large organization many injustices will be done but the over all plan seems to be very good. Our leaders eventually have given it a lot of thought.

The point is we are not accustomed to the sacrifices that are necessary to insure victory. The British are much better in this regard - they take it as a matter of fact it will be necessary to be away from home for 5 or 6 years. I have met many with a full 5 years over seas service - can you imagine that! Thank God we dont have any thing like that to look forward too. News is sadly lacking except a few little personal feuds that is [sic] bound to come up in an organization once in a while - I am not involved! As a whole we got along mighty fine. I love you Roddy

September 9, 1944

Sept 9. 44
52nd Station Hospital

Dearest Wife

It was very considerate of Mrs Smillie calling from Cherokee to see if she could take back any special message to Helen. I am certainly happy that Dick has had such a nice stay home with his family and perhaps with the turn of events it will not be necessary for him to be away at all. He is needed at home.

Kathryn Cornell and Brian Aherne are playing the "Barretts of Wimpole Street" for a few days. The seating is very limited and of course everyone cannot go. The Red Cross allotted several tickets to each organization and I happened to be a lucky one. And will attend the show tonite. Edward Robinson in the movie "Mr Winkle goes to war" is excellent. I want you to see it.

I will look more for the miniature cup and saucers - would you like a nice Cameo? I have spent a lot of time looking but haven't found one that suited me - I wanted it for a family heirloom. The gloves and linen have been mailed and should be there before too long - Do you want more of the gloves - there are other patterns - What size do you wear? Thank you for the pictures Sweetheart.

Love you Roddy

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