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Donald F. Rodawig Papers: Transcripts - MS 1048

Donald F. Rodawig - Diary, January - May 1944

Diary - 1944

January 1944

Visited Salerno and the area where we made our initial landings. Huge quantities of war material filed up in dumps - planes, guns, tanks, trucks etc. Soldiers graves all along the roads marked with white crosses some day they will be collected. A German cemetery - town of [Ballo-paglin] entirely in ruins, hundreds around the mil road depot waiting in food lines

Railroads and all communications completely destroyed. Landing area about 15 miles long - perfectly flat but in the distance 5 miles mountain raise up and form these prints of vantage the Germans slaughtered thousands of our men. Huge convoy seen in Naples harbor. Visited 32nd field hospital near the airfield where fortresses take off in bombing raids on the front. Col. Gutter Lexington Ky in command. Talked to some boys in the 36th Division only 19 men left in some companies. originally 200 men - have taken a terrible [lacing]

1-3-43 [sic--1/3/44]
Went to see Maj Groffrey 23rd Gen (Buffalo NY Group). [-------] men about my knee will have to go before a board and probably will be L.I. - Wouldn't mind this but hate to go home without a promotion Col tells me he is putting mine in again in a few days Parsons and Carney has been sent through requested by Col Churchill - Surgical consultant for Natousa. He is Surgical Chief Mass Gen Hospital Our first air raid, the sky was lighted up for miles around by the tracer bullets - it gives you a peculiar feeling but somehow there is no fear attached to it -

Jan 13 44 -
Our hospital is officially opened for troops in this area.

February 1944

Feb 14 44 -
An avalanche of B.C. descended upon us and we are now working day and nite. with freshly wounded cases I have 150 cases under my direct control. Having a lot of trouble with my knee will have it operated as soon as a replacement is available

March 1944

March 3 - 44.
Maj Lewery Capt Millian of the 2nd Aux group assigned to the hospital am now acquainting them with the cases and will then leave for the hospital

March 6 1944.
Entered 23rd Gen Hosp for operation a patient in Ward 22, with enlisted personnel - A grand bunch of boys - Stanley Rataln a lad of 19 had his right leg blown away. and Sgt John Walkins has [with it] hard [hand?]

March 9 -
Promoted to Major effective Feb 29 1944.

March 26 44 -
Biggest air raid since being in Naples - Flak ack-ack and rockets remonds one of a 4th of July - [----] of motors can be distinctly heard. Damage was quite heavy. Flac were dropped in the harbor area to light up targets. Mt Vesuvius on the war path a most beautiful site at nite.

March 28 44 -
Hugh leaves for 114 Station Hospital at Famyville H.A.

May 1944

May 1 -
back to duty at the 52nd Station Hospital

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