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Deshler Land Company: Transcripts - MS 1064

Deshler Land Company - Correspondence to Frederick H. Short from Stephen S. L'Hommedieu

Stephen S. L'Hommedieu to Frederick H. Short [14], 17 July 1872 [Box 1, Folder 16]

Cinti, July 20, '72
F.H. Short, Treas. Ass.

Dear Sir,

I returned this evening from Deshler, having been accompanied by Wm. Becket. A very great improvement has been made since I was last there. It does not look so "out of doors" now. More than 100 acres are well fenced, and in soon partly. Porter has done exceedingly well, and has since then fulfilled his contract. I have instructed Clason to measure the land, by counting the parcels on two sides, exclusive of the 30 acres net to the Station, and to report the same to you, for settlement with Porter. He is entitled to payment in full at $10 per acre for clearing and fencing each 100 acres and you must pay him 75 per cent on any surplus he has cleared over the 100 acres.

I have also told him to accept the proposition of digging and walling a well 22 feet deep. The R.R. Company having few water below that if found necessary.

I also gave Mr. Porter a voucher for $12.50, for "Station Preaching" at the Station once in two weeks at $25 per one $1 per sermon "Poor pay - poor preach."

Messrs. Stearns & Dubbs are receiving logs, at the rate of 10,000 feet lumber per day. They are now filling a large order for the City of Toledo, and on the 15th of next month they will get their estimate, and be prepared to settle in full with you. They have expended some $1000 or $1200 on the Mill but you are only to allow them $300 in rent on that account. They have not sunk a well, and therefore the $50 received in the contract should not yet be allowed them.

Messrs. Stearns & Dubbs purchansee section 27, adjoining our land on the south, sometime last winter. It is of excellent quality, and heavily timbered, having muck Oak and some black walnut. Nothing has been cut from the land except a few black walnut trees. The title is clean. Dubbs offers us his undivided half at $12 per acre and says we can divide with Stearns and retain the half adjoining ours. If we desire can a rail voucher of his deferred payment on the purchase. Dubbs says he is not able to carry all his purchases. His partner estimates his half at 15 to 20 $ per acre. If you have the money, I think it would be well to purchase their land for the Associates. The timber will pay for the land which will be worth $25 per acre after it is cleared & in cullivation. Consult Mr. Deshler. Send him this letter. The D. & M. R.R. runs across the south-east corner of sec. 27

Yours Truly
S.S. L'Hommedieu

I see but little prospect of Mr. Deshler even making up his account for receipts and expenditures. He says we cannot have any thing by his neglect and loss of papers. That you have the means of knowing every dollar which he has received for Wood and Lumber, but that he has not for expenses paid by him.

I wish you would make up, from your Railroad Books a statement for all wood and lumber purchased and received at Portage, Alma and Deshler Stations, for the C.H. & D. and obtain from the Freight Dept. the number of Car Loads of Lumber shipped from there since we purchased, and the character of lumber. Each Car may be estimated at 5,500 feet. In this way you may make an approximation to what we may still owe Deshler, on account of purchase

Yours, S.S. L'H

Stephen S. L'Hommedieu, Cincinnati, OH, to Frederick H. Short [17], 27 Nov 1872 [Box 1, Folder 19]

Cinti, Nov 27, '72
F.H. Short Esq.

Dear Sir,

I have your note of yesterday. Am glad to see that friend Deshler is getting over his bad humor - consequent on his taking the greelyphobia.

I go east tonight, and expect to return on or about the 7th prox. Notify Wm. Becket, and McLaren that I wish them to meet me at Deshler on Thursday the 19th Dec - to found a City.

Would like to have you go along with us.

Yours Truly
S.S. L'Hommedieu

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