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Deshler Land Company: Transcripts - MS 1064

Deshler Land Company - Correspondence to Frederick H. Short from Silas D. Stearns, 1872-January 1873

Silas D. Stearns to Frederick H. Short [4], 19 Sept 1872 [Box 1, Folder 6]

Deshler, O., Sept 14 '72
F.H. Short
Cin - Ohio

Sir, yours of the 15 came duly to hand and in answer would say, that I dont think the whole amt. in your vouch is due the Deshler & Co. at this, as was not to pay for the logs till sold. I have shiped nearly 200,000 feet to Toledo, that is being used to plank a street, of which I have the contract, and I wont get me pay till about the 1st of Nov 1872 when I will draw some $6,000 at one time, then your logs will have to be paid for. I am buying some 50 to 75,000 feet that I have to pay for when delived and it is all that I can doo at this time.

I payed Aug 19$220.52
" " Sept 5 to Porter120.00
I will pay out of this340.52
Month to Porter on your order100.00

This I think without close figuring will pay for all lumber shiped. I have about 100,000 feet stuck up at the mill, which of course is not sold. Hoping this is satifactory I sign and send you the voucher, and ask you to send money to Weston per express. I wish you would take up Mr. Dubbs pass over the R.R. and send me pass over this end of the Road, as my 1,000 mile ticket is dead punched t o death. I think that the amt. of travel I bring over the R. and the amt. of shiping I do the Co. can afd. to do this.

Yours Respectfully
S.D. Stearns
Stearns & Dubbs

P.S. I have considerable 8, 9, 14, 16 & 18 foot logs would like to get a bill for some would make nice square timber 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 or 18 x 18


Silas D. Stearns, Deshler, OH, to Frederick H. Short [15], 20 Nov 1872 [Box 1, Folder 17]

Deshler, O., Nov 20 - 72
F.H. Short Esq.
Cin O.

Dear Sir, yours of the 19 1872 came to hand to day, and in answer would say I have never rec your letter containing the order on O.F. Moore, as yet and I dont think you men ought to be too particular with me in regard to being so very promt in paying for timber and rent. You allowed me $300 for repair on mill and I can show you rec for over one thousand. I am not grumbling, and finding no fault with you men but it is rather tuff for me.

I rec to day two letters from Mr. S.S. L'Homedieu complaining about me cutting timber on the reserve my men cut a very few trees owing to a mistake, or misunderstanding of the line, but was not done intentionally, and of course cannot be helped now. Some one in order to get me a way from here, (____) trying to make Capital out of every little thing. I should like to see you men all up here, and make some arrangement about laying out our town.

I will send you 400.00 this week

Yours Respectfully
S.D. Stearns

Silas D. Stearns, Deshler, OH, to Frederick H. Short [20], 31 Dec 1872 [Box 1, Folder 22]

Deshler, O., Dec 23 - 72
F.H. Short esqr.
Cincinnati, O.

Sir, I sent you a 1/4 of the largest Deer that has ever been killed at this place Both Saddles weighing 76lbs. So you can say that you had the hon of enjoying a roast of the Largest Deer that has ever been killed at Deshler. Hoping these you rec. all right and that you enjoyed it as a Christmas present. I remain
Yours Respectfully
S.D. Stearns

P.S. I have not sent you any money yet and cannot for several days yet. I wanted to commence the year all clear - but will have to rest say a short time yet, as I cant collect any money now. I have money coming for lumber shiped in May but it seems that parties are slow getting it around

P.S. I sent the other saddle to S.S. L'Homedieu

P.S. I sent my pass in for renewal the coming year. Mr. L'Homedieu promises to give me pass from Dayton to Toledo, please to asst in this.


Silas D. Stearns, Deshler, OH, to Frederick H. Short [23], 24 Jan 1873 [Box 1, Folder 24]

Deshler, O., Jan 24 - 73
F.H. Short esqr.
Sec. & T., D & M, C.H.D. RR
Cin., O.

Sir, yours of the 3rd of June came duly, and an answer would say that in regard to the pass, that I think you ought to send it as promised as I consented to not cut any oak on Co. Lands, without further leave - and in the first place the Co. was to firnish two passes - and I think that this request is nothing more than what is right. Another thing I shiped a large quanty of lumber to Toledo, and up quite a no[number] of cars, there was considerable excess in freight and M[r]. J.B. Monroe assured two or three times to take off a part of it claiming that it was wrong as the cars were from the F. & P.M. RR and were 3,000 lb heaver than they had estimated when they come to weigh them. This matter he has failed to attend to as yet, which takes from $50 to $100 out of my pocket.

It is not very often that I should want to use a pass South of Deshler, farther than Lima, but from Lima to Toledo I would like to have it - please attend to it at once - collect what is coming to me from R.R. and place to my as on acct - and oblige.

I and Father have examined your plat of Deshler and have concluded to adapt it on measuring. I find that the St. South of the Hotel will run across the reservoys[reservoirs] some 50 feet everything else come is as well as could be expected - and I think it will make a very nice plat.

I have some prospect of a stave factory being started here - what will your men give toward the enterprise? It is the best thing that could be started at this place to work up the worthless timber such as Elm, Sycamore, Red Oak, Cotton Wood & c. Hoping to hear from you soon I remain as ever

S.D. Stearns

Silas D. Stearns, Deshler, OH, to Frederick H. Short [24], 29 Jan 1873 [Box 1, Folder 26]

Deshler, O., Jan 29 - 73
F.H. Short esq.

Dear Sir,

We arrived at Deshler this morning at about Six o Clock and after Looking over the ground Mr. Lee rather picked upon the piece of ground South of the Creek and S.E. of the water house - explained on map.

They have concluded to come here and Locate, if we will do about as well as thy agreed to do at the other place which will be about $1500. I will raise $300 and the Land Co. will have to raise the balance. I told you I would place myself on the same footing with the Land Co. and pay an equal share with them. I expect to raise by small contributions some but dont know how much. I think that this will be a good investment for us all just at this time. I think no doubt but such an institution would eventually come here without any aid from us, but to get it here now, just as we are starting things there prior to your land an lot sale, & c. I think it will be a good investment. It will give an impetus to business here induce good men to come here (scalawags we have plenty now) and locate, and help to open up the Country.

These men are experienced in the business, come well recommended and I think are just such men as we want here.

The amt required can all be paid in ground and timber the bolts are worth delivered 3.25 for Red Oak and 2.80 for Elm. It is worth about 1.25 to make them and about 75ct to $1.25 to deliver, depending upon the distance to hall.

You can let them have bolts at so much per cord for the Timber or I think they will take so much and allow you so much per acre - or lumber it off - they will be here the first of the week, to learn more about it, and to decide more fully what to do and in the mean time they want you to let me know how this selection of site will suit. They have selected it on acct of those roads coming in at that point and on acct of it being near the reservoy[reservoir] as they would like to get water from there, till some time in the summer when the ground would be suficently dry to dig for water when they will either dig a well or a reservoy[reservoir] of their own - let me know by return mail, or soon as possible and oblige.

Send my pass too.

S.D. Stearns

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