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Deshler Land Company: Transcripts - MS 1064

Deshler Land Company - Correspondence - Stephen S. L'Hommedieu

William Porter to Stephen S. L'Hommedieu [12], 17 July 1872 [Box 1, Folder 12]

Deshler, July 17, 1872

Mr. L'Homedieu

Sir, I Rote to you last Week Concerning a Well and havnt Received No answer as yet and We are hard up for Water at this Place the Company agrees to furnish the Water if We furnish the hole and Wall it With Brick or Stone 20 or 22 feet Deep Now What is to Be Done answer and I have Been to See that land Belonging to Toledo man in Section 8 & 9 Jaction [Jackson] Wood County if I have anny knoledge of land I Call it hard it is low and Wet laing half mile from the Heading of the Parah and Brush Creek Runs angling throu it if you Can find it for it Spreads all over and thare is an imprued Roat allong one Side laid Witch Will Cost Probly half the Prise of the land in tax uder the Serkemstances I think Nothing in it But Do as you like and youse your own Judgement. I Wold like to have you to Come up yes and Some thing Else I am giting them ties out on the Choping Whare Shell i Hall them on the Switch for Repair or hal them on main track.

Have Nothing to Do With My teams and Want to go at them. What little Wood I have is hold So answer By Dispatch Soon as this Comes to hand. I Should have Been thare But am Sick Not able to Be out of Bed none then half the time So it is impossible I have filled the Bill and Run Some of them Over you out to See the Corn Growing Whare all them Biglogs laid and See the Plase once more and See how Difernt it looks Worth four thousand Dollars to Day then Six months ago. Please Come up Soon as Possble Dont Delay to long yours With Respect.

Wm. Porter

Silas D. Stearns to Stephen S. L'Hommedieu [3], 30 Aug 1872 [Box 1, Folder 5]

I gave Clapon an order on Stearns for $200, Aug 31, '72 in favor of Wm. Porter - for amount Paid

Deshler, Ohio, Aug 30 - 72
S.S. L'Homedieu esqr.

Dear Sir, yours of Recent date came duly to hand and in answer would say that I have stoped the cutting of whoop timber at present and will send acct of what is cut soon. I dont think there has been any timber wasted, but I am of your opinion, that is best to confine the cutting of whoop to land near station.

Our B & O R.R. seems to progress slowly, have not heard much for some time concerning it. I have not drawn any money from my Toledo contract as yet, but will send order to you on R.R. Co. at Lima for the next month, soon as may be necessary for you to draw. Have not heard whether you drew any from last month please to send me a recpt.

I have considerable riding to do on R.R. and if you can do it just as well as not I wish you would procure me a free pass over this end of the R.R. from Dayton to Toledo. I am alone, and expect to remain here, for two or three years, if every thing goes satisfactory. and I expect to start a small store here, and can attend to the freight office here just as well as not.

Let me hear from you
S.D. Stearns

Stephen S. L'Hommedieu, Cincinnati, OH, to Silas D. Stearns [10] [Box 1, Folder 12]

Cinti, Nov 20, '72
Mr. S.D. Stearns
Deshler, O.

Dear Sir,

I was made informed to learn from two sources, that you were taking timber from the 20 acres received are each 80 acres, in open violation of your contract with we as Agent for the owners of land in Henry County, O. at and near Deshler Station.

This is the second time there has been occasion to complain; and if you do not at once desist, proceedings will be taken to cancel the contract.

Respect'y Yours
S.S. L'Hommedieu
Agt. for the Owners

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