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Deshler Land Company: Transcripts - MS 1064

Deshler Land Company - Correspondence to William Beckett

Perry C. Baldwin to William Beckett [50] 25 Sep 1873 [Box 1, Folder 52]

Maumee City, O.
Sep 25th 1873
William Beckett Esq.

Dear Sir,

Please make deed to the lots for Presbyterian Ch. at Deshler to, Rev. Henry M. MacCracken and P.C. Baldwin to hold in trust for the coming Presbyterian church of Deshler.

Lots No 138 & 139. Corner of Maple St. & Keyser Avenue.

Please fill out and send to me at your convenience, and I will have it recorded at Napoleon at once.

Address, Perry C. Baldwin, Maumee City, Lucas Co. O.

Sincirly Yours
P.C. Baldwin

Perry C. Baldwin to William Beckett 30 Oct 1873 [Box 1, Folder 52]

Maumee City, O.
Oct 30th 1873

My Dear Sir,

I am sorry for the trouble and delay my careless manner or writing has caused. In view of the fact that we have no organization at Deshler yet - I and the word "Coming" Presbyterian Church - and I hope it will come on in due time with the coming (let us hope) wealth and population of the future City of Deshler. Let the deed be made, if you please, to Rev. Henry M. MacCracken of Toledo and Rev. Perry C. Baldwin of Maumee City to hold in trust for the First Presbyterian Church of Deshler, Henry County, Ohio.

Very Truly P.C. Baldwin

P.S. you have No of Lot - 138 and 139 all right.

John Hamler to William Beckett [77], 26 Oct 1874 [Box 1, Folder 79]

Box 69, Deshler, Henry Co., Ohio, October the 26th 1874
William Beckett, Esq.

Dear Sir,

the note Left for me at Deshler By Mr. L'Hommedu and your Self is Received and Contents noted and is all Right i was talking With Some of the Baltimore men they think the Ditch ought to be Cut as it would be agnate Benefit to their Road Bed in A Whet Season i will Also write to Mr. Deshler A Bout it i think he will Consent to let it go A head Also, and after the Ditch is Cut I will tak a man and go over the Line of the Said Ditch and take A man with me and Look the work over and then make them A tender on it for What we think is Just and Right for the work as the B.O. R.R. has Considerable land on the line of the ditch i will get one of their Engineers and see if the work is done according to the Specifications of the Work as their was A grate deal of ditching taken off their hands half done or Completted. i Received A Letter from Mr. Short A Bout the E 1/2 S.W. 1/4 Sec 1 pleasant township he said i Should Ask 25 per Acre But do not think Can git that as they Bought W 1/2 of same 1/4 for 20 per Acre. Mr. Short Said take Less if i Could not get the 25 But i will get all i can for it. i will go and see it this Week.

Also yours very truly John Hamler

Silas D. Stearns to William Beckett [Box 1, Folder 72]

Deshler, O., Dec 7, 1874
Wm. Beckett esqr.
Hamilton, Ohio

Dear Sir, our engineer is here making an addition to the plat of the town and I did not know but your folks would like to add some on the south side, above the Reservoir and if you do It could be added without so much expense, as to make a separate addition and you could sell quite a no. of lots over there.

My wife died on tuesday morning 17th after you was here and the babe has been given up twice but is now getting along, and I think will get well. This leaves me in bad shape - and have not been able to get along as well with those buildings as I should under other circumstances.

Hoping to hear from you soon I remain yours

S.D. Stearns

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