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Deshler Land Company: Transcripts - MS 1064

Deshler Land Company - Miscellaneous Correspondence

William Carter to John G. Deshler [6], 12 Nov 1870 [Box 1, Folder 8]

Defiance, Nov 12, 1870
John G. Deshler Esqr.
Columbus, O.

My Dear Sir,

You will see from the items sent you from Chicago that the prospects of our Baltimore, Rittsburg & Chicago Rail Road are assuming prominence. And although your proposition to aid the enterprise is a liberal one we hope there is still a margin upon which we may draw for your good will and active energies to push the matter to a speedy and successful issue.

It occurs to us that in an undertaking of this magnitude the building of 440 miles of Road from Rittsburg to Chicago at an expenditure of not less than twelve millions. Most of which must come from the B & O Road influence, and which they are expected to control when built, that the location of the road must be determined and with its details by the authorities of that company, and the surveys made by engineers in whom they have confidence. We of course do not wish to have any act undone on our part to meet their expectations and as no impediment is in the way of an our line from near I know to the southern bend of Lake Michigan (unless at the crossing of Rivers). We see no necessity of preliminary surveys in anticipation of the actions of the B & O Company.

We desire therefore through you to place ourselves in communication with Mr. Garnett & officers of the B & O Road with a view to have them indicate what is expected to carry out their proposed line & with the least delay.

It has occurred to us that it is best to organize from state line to state line through Ohio and that before this is done the B & O authorities should indicate the termine[terminus] at least at the east line of Ohio.

We had thought that your relations with Mr. Garnett & the B & O Road were such that we would be able to obtain through you the information desired at the earliest period. Mr. Garnett might deem it best to communicate them.

We also desire that your name be used as one of the incorporators.

We offer you these suggestions and have to your larger experience in Rail Road and business matters such modification & additions in any communication you may address to Mr. Garnett as you may think best.

Sir we hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Very Respectfully yours
Wm. Carter

F.E. Crosby to David W. Deshler [34], 8 Apr 1873 [Box 1, Folder 36]

New Lyme, Ashtabula Co., Ohio
April 8, 1873
D.W. Deshler Esq.
Columbus, O.

Dr. Sir,

Is Sec. 19 in Ritchfield [Richfield] township, Henry Co., Ohio, for sale. If so at what price pr acre.

If the land is not for sale will you sell the Cottonwood and White Ash timber that is on said Sec. 19.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am yours Repectly,
F.E. Crosby,
New Lyme,
Ashtabula Co., Ohio

Lee & Weaver to Daniel McLaren [22], 20 Jan 1873 [Box 1, Folder 24]

Toledo, O., Jan 20th 1873

Mr. D. McLaren, Pres D & M RR

Sir, I was requested by J.B. Monroe the D & M Agt. at Toledo to write to you in regards to a Stave & Heading Factory that we think of Building at Deshler or Belmore. I was told by a man at Deshler Mr. S.D. Stearns that your Co. wanted a factory built there by others, you did not want one there now. If we build one we want a good deal of timber Elm, Red Oak, Cottonwood and Basswood, Soft Maple, black Ash we dont want any timber that would be good for car or building timber can use some Sycamore but dont need any White or Bur Oak or hickory we are in the Flour Brl. Stave trade we cant get timber here Enough to run but little the Belmore Folks offer us a donation to come there we want to know if you are willing and if you will do anything for us if we build we will build a good one and pay cost for timber please let us hear from you by return Mail

Yours Truly
Lee & Weaver

George T. Craig to J.H. Weller [156], 25 Mar 1875 [Box 2, Folder 32]

Ottawa, Ohio
March 25th 1875
Mr. J.H. Weller
Assistant Supt. D. & M. R.R.

Dear Sir,

I take the liberty of writing a few lines to you for the purpose of obtaing a little information concerning a Hotel in the town of Deshler on D. & M. and B. & O. R.R.ds.

My Hotel in Ottawa (the Ottawa House) was burned down last Oct. and I am desirous of starting up some where again, and there has been several of my friends directing me to go to Deshler. I went to the place and I find they need a Hotel there very badly, and I think if I could get Lot there and put up a good Hotel it certainly would pay. The one on the corner is for sale but it would have to be enlarged by putting up an addition larger than the present one and at his price I think it to high.

If I could get a Lot on the other side of B. & O. near where the new Depot is talked of would suit me much better.

I have a very valuable Lot here where my Hotel burned which I would have to sell before going into any contract. I write that this may be talked of if nothing is already done you can think of this please, and if you think worth while, please write me at Ottawa. Reference - the People of Ottawa.

With these few lines I am Respy Yours & c.
Geo. T. Craig

Resp. frd. to L. Williams by Gen. Supt. I wish there could be a Good Hotel started at Deshler present one not very good.


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