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Miller Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 656

Miller Family Correspondence: From Jacob Shirley

November 17, 1862

Jake Shirley

New Albany Hospital No 1 Nov 17

Dear Friend

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I sit down to write to you I have not hearn from you for sum time I can tell you I like to hear from my old school mates

I am now nursing in the Hospital I think I sal stay here all winter if nothing happens I can not tell you any thing about the Regiment for I have not hearn from them since I left I have written 3 times to them I think they ar in Tennissee by this time I hearn that the Army was moving that way I can tell you the boys have had a hard time since they left Lewisville, Ky.[Louisville] it has been it very bold nites and they have bad no tents with them we left our Tents back to Lewisville, Ky. but they say that they have sent the Tents to them.

We had a hard march when we marched from Mumfreesboro [Murfreesboro] to Lewisville [Louisville] 225 mile we had flour and we use to draw about a quart for three Days and we use to mix it up and then we would put in the ashes and burrey it up with coles and bake it sum times we would get a Stove and beat it and bake it on that it was about hard anuf [enough] to kill an ox I use to Eat mine while it was hot and then it was bettr

The sick and wonded [wounded] are getting along fine I have got but 4 men that is very sick in my ward Thare has a great many died since I have been here I think the wouded will be abel to go to their Regiments in 2 or 3 weeks we had sum hard cases sum had their eyes shot our sum had their armes shot so that they had to take them off I tell you thare will be a great many cripples after this war is over I hope that I can reach home with out loosing any of my limes [limbs] I would rather loos [lose] my life than an arm or a leg

William thare is not much news to write so I will leave to quit write soon
From you old friend
Jacob Shirley


Mr. William Miller

postmarked Port Clinton May 11

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