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NW Ohio History: Clothing Stores - 1900

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In order to attract new residents and businesses, Bowling Green boosters needed to assure potential newcomers that they would not be out of touch with the latest trends in fashion. The merchants featured here were the "upscale" retailers catering to a more exclusive clientele. Department and variety stores were beginning to feature ready-to-wear clothing at inexpensive prices, but home sewing was still a fact of life for many people. The specialized sewing skills needed for men's tailoring or women's hats (millinery) kept several merchants in business.


 Frank A. Conant, Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers

There are no articles of wearing apparel of more importance than boots, shoes and rubbers, and the great advances that have been made towards cheapening their production have placed them within the reach of the rich and poor alike. An establishment devoted to this line of commerce that has gained a wide spread popularity is that of Frank A. Conant. Mr. Conant has been in business here for the past five years, and in consequence of the high character of the goods handled and square dealings with patrons, he has won a foremost position among contemporaries. His assortment of footwear is one of the largest in northwestern Ohio, is unsurpassed in style, quality and workmanship, and consists of everything in the way of fine and medium grades of boots and shoes for men and boys, everything that is new, stylish and reasonable for ladies and children, and all that is best in rubbers, felts and overs for everybody.

Mr. Conant is one of the most progressive and substantial business men of Bowling Green, is thoroughly experienced in his line, having for six years had charge of a Tanner's Shoe Store, and he enjoys a large trade because he quotes remarkably low prices and is always honest in his transactions. He is public spirited and a leader among men, and is esteemed and honored by every resident of Wood county.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

  The Shoe Shop, W. H. Tuttle, Prop.

Mr. Tuttle is not a cobbler, but a man who is thoroughly up in the line of shoe making and repairing. He has recently opened at No. 15 1/2 North Main street, and all his work is done in a neat and satisfactory manner. By his method of soling and heeling, the shoe is restored to its original shape and usefulness. There are no lumps, pegs or nails left to torment the feet, and he uses only the best hemlock tanned leather. Prices low, work up-to-date and satisfaction guaranteed, and Mr. Tuttle is fast winning the confidence and esteem of the public.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Millinery (Women's Clothing and Hats)

 S. M. Culver & Co., Stylish Millinery

This exclusive millinery store, on North Main street attracts the general attention of the ladies of this community. And justly, too, for it is one of the leading stores of its kind in northwester Ohio. It is supplied with every convenience for displaying the stock of goods, and here is shown the latest and most correct styles in bonnets, hats, Parisian novelties, exquisite trimmings, flowers, feathers and mourning goods. Not only is the stock superb but the attention accorded customers is in every way all that could be desired.

In fact this establishment may justly be styled the "Bon Marche" of Bowling Green, and since its founding 36 years ago it has gained a place in public favor and patronage achieved by but a few. The stock which is exquisite, chic and charming is bought in the leading fashion centers of the country, and they are now in the east selecting goods for their spring opening, which will occur in about a month.

Mrs. S. M. Culver and Miss S. A. Terry are practically experienced in this line, have proven themselves capable of handling a fastidious trade, and their success is attested by the large and select patronage enjoyed.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Mrs. E. A. Ott, Leading Fashionable Millinery

When stock, resources and prices are considered, it is no matter of surprise that Mrs. E. A. Ott gets a big trade in millinery, and that in the 20 years of its history the House has developed into one of the leading institutions of its kind in Northern Ohio.

The store at No. 10 North Prospect street is handsomely appointed and conveniently arranged, and here is displayed a most valuable and stylish stock of hats, bonnets, trimmings, feathers, mourning goods and novelties. Mrs. Ott has gained a reputation for reliability and up-to-dateness of goods that extends all over Wood county, and her prices are also known to be fair and liberal.

About March 1st Mrs. Ott will go to New York to buy goods, and her spring and Easter display will be one of the most handsome ever known in this section.

Mrs. Ott is found to be a woman of culture and refinement, and her every effort is directed towards the maintaining of her reputation as a leader in Stylish headwear.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Mrs. D. E. Prosser, Fine Millinery

In these modern times the ladies vie with each other in the matter of elegant and tasty decorations and strive to reach the acme of perfection in all that pertains to the beautifying of women. A woman is never well dressed if the head ornament be deficient, and so the people of Bowling Green and vicinity are expressly interested in the opportunities presented by the establishment of Mrs. D. E. Prosser on South Main street for satisfying their desires and tastes in millinery. The store which was opened six years ago, is handsomely appointed and here is carried a stock of the latest designs in hats and bonnets, Parisian novelties and a large assortment of trimmings. The beauty of the stock and the fairness of prices has made this house a popular institution and a large business is done throughout the city and Wood county. Mrs. Prosser is one of Bowling Green's most estimable and popular women and a milliner of recognized ability. She keeps in touch with the leading fashion centers of the country and her display is one of the most handsome in this section of the state.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Mrs. E. N. Stevens, Millinery

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever," and that woman should be made more beautiful by the style, shape and fit of the head-dress is one of the great demands of the age. Many people are striving with this aim in view, and here in Bowling Green, Mrs. E. N. Stevens has nicely appointed parlors at 23 North Main street, where she supplies a large and fashionable trade with all that is latest and best in Millinery. Mrs. Stevens is one of the most expert milliners in this neighborhood, and by making a careful study of all the latest creations she is able to offer her patrons a selection that is acknowledged to be one of the best in Northwestern Ohio. This season she will be better prepared than ever before to cater to a critical trade, and those who appreciate the artistic in millinery will call upon her. Mrs. Stevens is an efficient manager, is in every way competent to care for the growing trade which she enjoys, and her success is pronounced and well merited.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Tailors (Men's Clothing and Hats)

 Michael Greiner, High Grade Tailoring

Very little can be said about Mr. Michael Greiner as a merchant tailor of high repute, that is not already known to the major portion of our citizens. An experience of several years in working for others, and about two years in furnishing the male portion of our society with up-to-date garments has given this gentleman's thorough knowledge of what is required in his line of trades. And that he is prepared to meet all demands made upon him no one will dispute after examining the carefully selected samples exhibited by him one door north Exchange Bank, upstairs.

In the line of tailoring, cleaning and repairing Mr. Greiner is an expert, and has built up a patronage which includes many of the leading and influential men of this section. The large trade enjoyed has been drawn to him because of the fact that he can always be depended upon; because he gives entire satisfaction, and because his charges are always as low as consistent with first class service.

Mr. Greiner is straightforward in all transactions, is a worthy citizen and stands high in his large circle of acquaintances.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Bob Hull, Leading Merchant Tailor

There is no longer any question as to the propriety of employing a competent merchant tailor, for clothing made for nobody in particular fits nobody in particular. Among the popular establishments of Northwestern Ohio is that of Mr. Bob Hull on North Main street, up stairs, which was started seven years ago.

Mr. Hull is found a pleasant, reliable gentleman to do business with, and you are assured of perfect fitting and well made garments if your order is given to him. The stock of goods carried embraces imported and domestic woolens, cashmeres and cheviots, which are constantly being replenished and kept up to the highest standard of styles.

Mr. Hull is an expert tailor and cutter, and his facilities for desirable goods, neat fits and low prices are unsurpassed in this part of the state. He is an energetic and pushing business man who possesses all the essentials of success, and is esteemed by all his fellowmen.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 H. Neiman, Merchant Tailor

Dress as a means toward social and business success should be well looked after and if you go to Mr. H. Neiman at No. 18 South Main street, upstairs, to have your clothing made you will find that the services of an artistic tailor and draper are not so expensive in the end as those of "ready made" concerns.

Mr. Neiman has been conducting this place with an annually increasing trade and influence for a number of years, and his assortment of samples to select from embraces all the latest novelties in worsted, cheviots, tweeds, meltons, etc. while his prices are exceedingly low. His spring samples are just in and all are invited to inspect them.

Mr. Neiman also does dyeing, cleaning and repairing, and all garment turned out are unsurpassed in good points. He is also a worthy and substantial citizen and is held in high regard by all who have witnessed his growing and merited success.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 White, the Tailor

The tailor's art requires special talent and capacity, and for this reason the leading tailors are comparatively few in number. Prominent among the leaders is Mr. Geo. J. White, a gentleman of vast practical experience. He is the oldest established merchant tailor in Bowling Green, his trade has assumed large proportions and the unrivaled skill and taste displayed binds customers to him permanently. Samples of the choicest of imported and domestic goods are on hand from two of the largest houses in Chicago, to select from, and all garments turned out are marvels of perfection in fit, style and finish. Mr. White is found a pleasant gentleman to do business with, and you are invited to call on him, up stairs, next to Roger's drug store, when you want a stylish and well constructed garment made. Mr. White formerly carried clothing stock also, and he is an honorable and popular gentleman, who presents a strong claim to public favor and patronage.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

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