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NW Ohio History: Law & Government - 1900

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As the county seat of Wood County, Bowling Green was an ideal centralized location for the legal trade. Probate needs, civil cases, and criminal law were all practiced by the men described below. Some specialized in assisting clients with transfers of real estate and the writing of deeds and wills. As today, many were active in party politics, sometimes running for local and state office. Among them were some of Bowling Green's strongest boosters.


 Baldwin & Harrington, Attorneys

As civilization progresses the intricacies of the written law have so increased that it now requires a long course ofBaldwin Stationery
thorough training to render one an able interpreter of the various phrases of modern jurisprudence. It was but a few years back that when one possessed a smattering of Blackstone and Kent, had a copy of the statutes of the state and was the possessor of a glib tongue, he could appear before a judge and make his argument with as much confidence as one learned in the profession now-a-days.

Among the most popular and influential of the prominent attorneys of northwestern Ohio, must be mentioned the intelligent and capable gentlemen whose names head this article. Mr. F. A. Baldwin who has been practicing here for the past 23 years, was joined by Mr. N. R. Harrington ten years ago, and they are recognized as leaders in the profession. They have offices over the Exchange Bank, practice in all the courts of the country and enjoy an important clientage because they have proven themselves competent and prompt in all matters placed in their hands. They are both gentlemen of many fine traits of character, have won the respect and confidence of all who know them, and some years ago Mr. Baldwin was the able prosecuting attorney of Wood County.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Fries & Painter, Attorneys

Mr. E. M. Fries is a graduate of the Cincinnati Law School, and Mr. C. R. Painter of the law department of the Ohio State University, and with offices in the First National bank building they have been practicing under the above style for the past year and a half. They are both gentlemen of marked ability, and practicing in all the courts, they enjoy a clientage of large and lucrative proportions.

Messrs. Fries & Painter are no exception to the career of all successful lawyers, whose fame increases with their patronage, and besides being abundantly successful in their profession, Mr. Fries has recently been appointed referee in bankruptcy, and Mr. Painter is one of the representatives of Wood county in the state legislature. They are gentlemen of culture and high attainments and command the admiration and esteem of all who know them.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 James & Beverstock, Attorneys

Of all the learned professions that of the lawyer is one of the most necessary and highly appreciated. Of lawyers there may be said to be two classes, to-wit: Those who subsist by their practice, and those who exist by their practice. Of the honorable bar of Northwestern Ohio we know of none to whom we can more readily and conscientiously refer our readers than the subjects of this sketch, Messrs. B. F. James, Edward Beverstock and L. F. Donahey. They are known to be able, reliable and capable attorneys, of whom a client may expect sound and safe legal counsel, and they have built up a clientage which is as large as any in Northern Ohio, and extends into adjoining states.

They occupy four rooms in the Spitzer block, Toledo, and the entire second floor of the First National bank building, Bowling Green, Ohio; have an extensive knowledge of law and affairs generally, practice in the State and Federal Courts, care for the interests of clients with zeal and integrity, and are among the most respected and highly honored men in this section of Ohio. They are all residents of Bowling Green and own their own homes here.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Datus R. Jones, Attorney

Among the successful lawyers of Bowling Green THE DEMOCRAT takes pleasure in commending to the people Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones is the oldest son of Orson Jones, now deceased, who was one of the pioneer business men of Milton township. He received an excellent literary education, after which he entered the office of Dodge & Canary where he diligently fitted himself for his profession. After being admitted to the bar he completed his legal education in the law school of Ann Arbor, Mich., where he graduated with honors. He has now been in active practice nearly eight years and has been uniformly successful, and by a straightforward method of dealing with his clients, has built up a reputation for reliability that places him in the front rank of Wood county's legal lights.

As a speaker and orator, Mr. Jones is always in demand, and never fails to present a scholarly address that delights and instructs his hearers.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Guy C. Nearing, Attorney at Law

Of the honorable bar of Wood county no member is held in higher esteem that Judge Guy C. Nearing. He has been practicing here since 1876; served for six years as judge of the probate court of Wood county, and all his acts have been distinguished for intelligent, honorable and fair methods. He is one of the most able members of the bar of northwestern Ohio, and always attends to the cases of clients with such zeal and ability as to have won a financial success, and the confidence of the public.

In public and social affairs Judge Nearing always takes an active part, and no worthy object that will tend to promote the material or moral welfare of the community, fails to have his support. His office is at No. 33 Court street, and he is kept busy attending to the affairs of the people, by all of whom he enjoys the fullest confidence and respect.

 J. A. Shatzel, Attorney

Mr. J. E. Shatzel is among the best equipped and most up-to-date lawyers in the state of Ohio. He has a well equipped office in the Von Kanel block, and devoting his time to the practice of law exclusively, he has met with unbounded success in the five years since being admitted to the bar. He practices in all the courts, makes a specialty of collections and conveyances, and subserves the interests of his clients with such goodShatzel Stationery

results that his fame has become more than local, and many important cases from afar are placed in his hands.

Mr. Shatzel is prominent in all circles of the city and is an active member of the Wood County Republican Club.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Legal Services

 Frank W. Dunn, Abstracts & Conveyances

Ability and enterprise are characteristics that have distinguished Mr. Dunn in all of his dealings, and which have made him successful. In the Exchange Bank building he has nicely furnished offices, and for the past 10 years he has carried on an extensive business in furnishing abstracts of title and conveyances. For many years Mr. Dunn was connected with the offices in the court house, and the experience gained there has given him a wide and accurate knowledge of affairs in his line.

Mr. Dunn is most prompt and courteous in attending to the wants of patrons, and has been found so trustworthy and reliable that he has built up a large and lucrative clientage, and gained the confidence and esteem of the community generally.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Robert Dunn, Attorney, Abstracter

One of the most popular and successful men engaged in the practice of law in Wood county is Mr. Robert Dunn, who has a nicely appointed office on Court street. Mr. Dunn has been in the practice here for the past 20 years, and is so well versed in all the city, state and federal laws, that he is enabled to serve his clients with ability and intelligence. Besides the general practice of law before all the tribunals of the country Mr. Dunn also makes a specialty of furnishing conveyances and abstracts of title.

Mr. Dunn served as county recorder for seven years, and discharged the duties of this important office to the general satisfaction of the people. He takes rank as one of the leading legal lights of this section of Ohio and his standing as a worthy and popular citizen is of the highest.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 S. Saltonstall, Attorney & Notary

Mr. Satterlee Saltonstall was admitted to the bar in June '94, and has been practicing here with remarkable success for the past year. His office in the Von Kanel block is supplied with a fine library, and making a specialty of partnership and corporation law, and personal injury cases, he has made a record of which any man may be proud. He has performed his duties with zeal, integrity and unflinching loyalty, and in many important cases he has always been equal to the occasion. His entire career has been one of ably performed and worthy deeds, he is a director of the Wood County Republican Club, and he enjoys the respect and good will of the people.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 C. R. Nearing, Justice of the Peace

None but a man of high attainments, marked ability, good judgment and high personal character could hold the confidence and esteem of so exacting and substantial a community as Bowling Green. This is the record of Justice of the Peace Nearing, and it is one of which he may well be proud. Located at No. 33 Court street, he tried civil, criminal and business suits, in such an impartial and fair manner, without fear or favor, as to have won the confidence and respect of all the people. He does notary work, and all his fees are regulated by fair and liberal dealing.

Justice Nearing, who is a son of Ex-probate Judge Nearing, is a man of unquestionable integrity and ability, and the popularity and esteem in which he is held by the people of Wood county are well merited.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900