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NW Ohio History: Medical Professions - 1900

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Thanks to huge strides taken in research throughout the 19th century, medicine was becoming a more scientific and reliable practice. Dentists emphasized the health benefits of good teeth as well as the high quality of their cosmetic procedures. The medical profession was not yet as stringently regulated as it was soon to become, and homeopaths hung up their shingles with "regular" physicians. Just as today, druggists carried not only medicines but also a full line of "sundries" and toiletries. Their soda fountains often touted the health benefits of soft drinks and other concoctions, but mostly they served as a popular spots for refreshment.


 H. W. LeGalley, Dentist

There is no profession more necessary to the good appearance and well being or mortal than that of the dentist. As much care should be given the teeth as any part of the human structure. Very few people seem to be aware of the detrimental results arising from defective teeth, which often produce neuralgia, diminished eye sight, defective hearing, paralysis, dyspepsia and even insanity. To keep the teeth in good order a visit should be paid to an experienced dentist at least once a year if not oftener, and to no other gentleman in the profession can we more willingly recommend our readers than Dr. H. W. LeGalley who has handsomely furnished and thoroughly equipped offices in the Sargent block.

Dr. LeGalley has had the benefit of an experience gained under most competent preceptors, holds a college certificate and authority from the State Board of Dental Examiners. He makes a specialty of all the most difficult operations of saving the natural teeth and is proficient in all the latest methods of gold and porcelain crowns and continuous gum work. His ability to accomplish honest artistic work is the result of faithful and persistent labor, and the residents of Wood county are to be congratulated on having such a learned and wholly reliable dentist as Dr. LeGalley in their midst.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 C. M. Taber, Dentist

A prominent and successful exponent of the difficult science of dental surgery is D. C. M. Taber who is deservedly numbered among the leading practitioners in this section, and his popularity is attested by a large and constantly increasing patronage. Dr. Taber has had the benefit of years of experience under his father and other able practitioners and has been located her for about eight years.

His office and surgery on South Main street, opposite the Hotel Millikin, are easy of access, and his operating room and laboratory are equipped with the best instruments and appliances. He extracts teeth, fills teeth with gold or silver, treats the mouth and gums, makes artificial teeth, crown and bridge work, and guarantees perfect satisfaction in every instance.

Dr. Taber is thoroughly conversant with all the details of his profession, and is a courteous and able gentleman who is deservedly popular with all classes.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 L. L. Yonker, Dentist

New theories are constantly being advanced in all the branches of science, and it takes an up-to-date man to keep pace with the information regarding them. The services of such men are more and more in demand by the public, and in Dr. Yonker the citizens of Wood county find one who is posted in all details of treating the teeth. Dr. Yonker who is a native of Bowling Green and has been practicing here since 1886, is a graduate of the dental department of the Vanderbuilt University at Nashville, and also of the Haskell Post Graduate College of Prosthetic Dentistry of Chicago. His office in the City Hall block is fully equipped with all the necessary appliances for the most thorough work in his profession, and he makes a specialty of every branch of modern dentistry. He has won an enviable reputation and patronage, and by many strong characteristics has gained the confidence of his fellowmen and is regarded as one of the foremost men in his profession.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900


 J. D. Bolles, Drugs, Wallpaper, Paints, Etc.

If to a full line of drugs, which are constantly kept fresh, are added the skill of a first-class pharmacist and the elements of reliability, then can there be said to be an excellent drug store. Such is the establishment of Mr. J. D. Bolles, where these qualifications are recognized by the leading physicians and by the public in their needs in the drug line.

Bolles Stationery

Besides a full line of drugs, Mr. Bolles also keeps on hand a complete stock of drug sundries, toilet articles, books, stationery, wall paper, window shades, paints and oils. He is especially prepared to meet all demands in these lines, and since beginning here in 1876 he has developed a trade and a reputation that may well be envied. The store at No. 5 South Main street, is equipped with fine fixtures, and is arranged in an attractive and inviting manner.

Mr. Bolles has demonstrated his worth, has served as county commissioner, city councilman and in other positions of trust, and doing a nice business he always gives his patrons the advantage of a well selected stock, expert knowledge, and reliable representations.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Palace Pharmacy, E. O. Sargent, Prop.

Purity in drugs and medical compounds is a specialty on which the Palace Pharmacy has built upon a reputation. The stock carried at No. 8 South Main street is full and complete and consists of drugs, chemicals, patent medicines, druggist's sundries and toilet articles. The compounding of prescriptions and family recipes is a feature in which this house takes pains to excel, and this department is most carefully looked after by two registered pharmacists.

None but strictly pure and fresh drugs are ever permitted in stock, and accuracy and purity are guaranteed while charges are moderate. This is one of the most handsomely furnished and appointed stores in Bowling Green, and throughout all departments it is most liberally and substantially patronized.

The business was established five years ago by Mr. E. O. Sargent, who is a man of many strong characteristics, and is prominently identified with the professional, business and social interests of the city.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Rogers Brothers, Drugs & Sundries

Both as regards enterprise and energy, as well as the most careful attention to the progress of the science and the care bestowed upon all pharmaceutical preparations produced, this house holds a representative position and retains an ever widening and superior class of patronage. To be abreast of the times in the advancement of the profession has ever been the aim of Roger Bros. and since succeeding their father, who founded the establishment 35 years ago, they have met with most gratifying success. Every one connected with the establishment at No. 17 North Main street is painstaking and efficient, and it is but just to express the conviction that no more conscientious and capable representatives of this responsible calling can readily be found.

Besides their large stock of drugs and patent medicines they also carry choice lines of perfumes, toilet articles and sundries, and their soda fountain, which is operated simmer and winter, is a favorite with those who appreciate delicious flavors and the best mixed syrups. The firm, composed of Messrs. Geo. E. and Clayton Rogers, is one of the most substantial and prosperous in Bowling Green, and both gentlemen are prominent in K. of P. and I.O.O.F. circles, and are highly regarded by our citizens.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Starn & Russell, Drugs, Wallpaper, Paints

The above well appointed pharmacy is a business house of long established reputation, and has been conducted under

Starn Stationery

the present style since January 1, 1900, though both these gentlemen were connected with the old firm. The prominent location at Main and Wooster street, makes it one of the leading stores of the vicinity, and its custom is drawn from all classes of people.

The store is most handsomely appointed while the stock is replete in drugs, chemicals, fancy and toilet articles, wall paper, paints, oils, and the like, which are sold at popular prices. The prescription department is well equipped, and the utmost care is exercised in every case, while only strictly pure drugs are used.

Messrs. J. G. Starn and C. H. Russell are among our most highly esteemed citizens, and have built up a patronage of well deserved proportions.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900


 F. D. Halleck, Physician and Surgeon

The medical practitioner of to-day needs to be an up-to-date man who keeps pace with all the new developments in the science. The people require and demand the most modern ability and in Dr. F. D. Halleck they have found a man who stands in the front of the rank of modern medical practice.

Dr. Halleck, who has recently removed here from Portage, Ohio, and opened handsome and well arranged offices at Main and Wooster streets, us a graduate of the Ohio Medical University and is well and favorably known to the people of Wood county. In the practice of his profession he has been eminently successful and he has built up a patronage that is well the envy of all, while as a public spirited man the community does not contain any more worthy or prominent.

By strong characteristics Dr. Halleck has gained the esteem and confidence of his fellowmen, and he is highly regarded in his profession and in his private life.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Joseph C. Lincoln, Physician and Surgeon

One of the foremost men of the medical profession in Northwestern Ohio is Dr. Joseph C. Lincoln, who has been practicing here since 1872. Dr. Lincoln is a graduate of the Lawrence University of Appleton, Wis., and the Rush Medical College, of Chicago, and by hard study, rare judgment and sterling qualifications, has risen to a place in his profession and in the regard of his fellowmen that but a few achieve. He is thorough, careful and kind in all that he does, and his name is a household word through Wood county, and honored wherever known.

Besides his medical practice Dr. Lincoln has also found time to take part in the general financial, business, and social affairs of the city. He is prominent in political circles and has held many important offices; is a member of the Board of Pension Examiners, the G. A. R., A. F. & M., Royal Arcanum, and I. O. O. F., the drug firm of J. C. Lincoln & Son, and several other business enterprises.

Dr. Lincoln's great success is due entirely to his own effort and he has the unbounded respect and confidence of all who know him.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 W. L. Mathers, Physician and Surgeon

Bowling Green is represented in the medical profession by men who have forged their way to the front until they stand in the lead with the best in the country. They are intelligent, conscientious and learned and reflect in a great degree the general worth of the community. A leader among these gentlemen is Dr. W. L. Mathers, who has been located here for nearly five years, and has well furnished and convenient offices in the Reed & Merry block.

Dr. Mathers, who is a graduate of the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, has given much time and study of modern practice, and stands pre-eminently with the best in the country. In the years that he has been located here he has won a proud reputation for his success in treating all cases under his care, has gained the good will and confidence of the people of Wood county among whom his practice is extensive.

As a citizen, none stand higher for he has always been public spirited and progressive, and is a member of its board of city school examiners. It is such men as he that give character and standing to a community, and Dr. Mathers is honored and esteemed by all who know him.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 J. C. Snyder, Physician and Surgeon

"The air, manner, tone; the conversation, the something that interests, the something to be proud of," some one has said, are the attributes of the physician made to be loved, and these qualities have distinguished Dr. J. C. Snyder during his 17 years practice, nine years of which have been in Bowling Green.

Dr. Snyder's skill and manner in handling all cases placed in his hands have won the universal endorsement of the public, and he has performed wonderful operations in Wood county, among which were five cases of removal of goiter and several cases of oviariotomy, and all of which were successful, as will be testified to by the patients themselves who can be seen right here at home any day.

J. C. Snyder, MD

He is a graduate of the Ann Arbor university, served as an intern in the Buffalo Medical College, took a postgraduate course in the Rush Medical College of Chicago, and was a student of the famous Dr. Nicholas Senn, of Chicago.

Dr. Snyder is located in the Opera House block; his practice is one of the largest in this part of the state, and he is a worthy citizen whose standing in the community is of the highest.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 C. H. Spencer, Physician and Surgeon

Now-a-days it takes an up-to-date man to keep pace with the many new developments in all branches of science, and the people of Wood county have found that Dr. C. H. Spencer fills all such requirements in an eminent degree. He is a graduate of the famous Chicago Homeopathic medical college in the class of '97, and since locating here last October has proven himself so capable and progressive as to have built up a practices that extends throughout the surrounding country.

Dr. Spencer's strong personal characteristics have gained for him the confidence and esteem of the entire people, and he is forging ahead with such intelligence and energy as to assure him permanent success.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 W. S. Trichler, Physician and Surgeon

In the medical profession, as in all other walks of like, some men success in forging a way ahead of their fellows, and gaining honors and laurels the envy of all. Such is the result of the laws of progression and fitness-the reward for merit. Such rewards have crowned the efforts of Dr. W. S. Trichler, who has been practicing since 1896, and is recognized as one of the foremost professional men of northwestern Ohio.

Dr. Trichler is a native of Wood county, and since graduating from the Toledo Medical College he has, by dint of hard study, energy and rare personal qualifications forged his way to the front. His practice extends all over this section of the country, and besides, Dr. Trichler has been chosen to serve as county coroner and infirmary physician.

Dr. Trichler has inviting and convenient offices on Main street, opposite the Hotel Millikin, and is actively connected with the leading and worthy circles of the town.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 J. H. Whitehead, Physician and Surgeon

It has often been claimed that the doctor is a greater boon to humanity, both physically and morally, than the preacher, and while

Whitehead Stationery

we do not wish to enter into a discussion as to their relative merits, we do wish to tell our readers of the success Dr. J. J. Whitehead has achieved in establishing himself in the foremost rank of his profession.

As a graduate of the Cleveland Medical College and the Chicago Medical College, he has been practicing since 1874, and since 1882 in Bowling Green, with office over Slauson's music store. He has been so successful in the treatment of all cases placed in his charge that his reputation and practice has a wide range throughout this part of Ohio.

As a citizen Dr. Whitehead has always been public spirited and reliable, and in both professional and social circles he exercises an influence that tends to build up the physical and moral being of the community.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900


 S. W. Bailey, Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist

Able minds have devoted themselves to the field, of scientific research that the horse may receive all the benefits of man's wisdom. Schools now educate them in the manifold operations of veterinary surgery and dentistry, and they perform their duties with the utmost care.

Dr. S. W. Bailey is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College of Toronto, Canada, and in the ten years that he has been located here we have heard many tributes in his praise as a conscientious and successful practitioner. His office is at No. 34 North Main street, and he treats all diseases of horses, cattle and domestic animals. Dr. Bailey's practice extends all over the surrounding county, and he has gained for himself an enviable reputation as standing in the front rank of his profession.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900